DAREDEVIL TV Series Casts Scott Glenn as Stick, Matt Murdock’s Mentor

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I’ll most definitely be checking out Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix show (even though my excitement may have dimmed a bit in the wake of writer Drew Goddard’s departure).  The last we’d heard on the casting front was that Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood) would be signing up for the role of Karen Page.  Now we’ve got confirmed news that Scott Glenn (The Silence of the Lambs, The Right Stuff) will also be joining the series as Stick, Matt Murdock’s mentor.  I can definitely see this working, Glenn has a terse reserve that allows him to be commanding without being broad.

Charlie Cox (Boardwalk Empire) will star as Murdock/Daredevil, along with Elden Henson (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay) as Murdock’s best friend and legal partner Foggy Nelson, Vincent D’Onofrio as the crime lord Kingpin, and Rosario Dawson, who has an unknown ‘critical’ role on the show. Hit the jump for more on Scott Glenn playing Stick.  Daredevil will premiere on Netflix next year.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Director Susanne Bier Talk A SECOND CHANCE, Making the Scene Feel Authentic, Importance of Finding the Right Costume, and More

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One of the many films to premiere at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival was director Susanne Bier’s thriller A Second Chance.  The film was written by frequent Bier collaborator Anders Thomas Jensen and stars Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Ulrich Thomsen, Maria Bonnevie, Nikolaj Lie Kaas and Lykke May Andersen.  Without giving too much away, A Second Chance asks how far you’d be willing to go when confronted with the unthinkable, and when tragedy blurs the line between just and unjust.  While I’d love to go into more detail about the story, I’m not sure what the filmmakers want revealed, so I’ll just say I really enjoyed the film and it’s something worth checking out when the film gets released.

Shortly after the TIFF world premiere, I sat down with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and director Susanne Bier.  They talked about wanting to work together for awhile, how they made the dialogue and situations feel real and authentic, the way they like to work, the importance of finding the right costume, and more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Not a Joke: I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER Remake on the Way

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Trends come and go in Hollywood, but one of the most striking in my memory is the self-aware horror movie boom of the mid to late 1990s.  This was, of course, due to the massive success of Wes Craven’s excellent Scream in 1996, and spurred teen-centric, reference-heavy films like Urban Legend, Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, and of course I Know What You Did Last Summer (also written by Scream scribe Kevin Williamson).  These weren’t good movies per se, but they had their B movie-level charms.  Now Hollywood is keen on resurrecting one such property, and they’ve settled on an I Know What You Did Last Summer remake for some reason.  Sony Pictures has already hired Oculus writer/director Mike Flanagan to write and produce the slasher redo and alongside Fast & Furious producer Neal Moritz.  More after the jump.

Leslie Mann Is Audrey Griswold in VACATION; Billy Bob Thornton Joins OUR BRAND IS CRISIS; Ben Foster Enlists for FINEST HOURS

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We’ve got a trio of intriguing casting stories to share this afternoon.  Briefly:

  • Leslie Mann will play the grown-up version of Audrey Griswold in the upcoming Vacation reboot.
  • Billy Bob Thornton is in talks to join Sandra Bullock in director David Gordon Green’s (Prince Avalanche) political drama Our Brand Is Crisis.
  • Ben Foster is the latest actor to join the cast of Disney’s coast guard drama The Finest Hours.

Hit the jump for more on the aforementioned castings.

Atlanta Readers: Win Passes to See THE EQUALIZER

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Now that the summer movie season has cooled off and we’ve pushed past the Labor Day doldrums, we’re now headed into the fall with plenty of exciting movies to put on your radar, so our screenings invites are heating back up.  We’re kicking it off with The Equalizer, which has Denzel Washington being a badass, a formula that audiences tend to love.  In the film, Washington plays an ex-CIA agent who comes out of retirement to save a young woman (Chloë Grace Moretz) from the Russian mob.  The movie tested so well that Sony is already developing a sequel.

I’m pleased to announce we’re giving away 20 admit-two passes to the Atlanta screening of The Equalizer.  Hit the jump to find out how you can see the movie early and for free.  The film also stars Bill Pullman and Melissa LeoThe Equalizer opens September 26th.

EFFIE GRAY Trailer: Emma Thompson Returns to British Period Dramas in Grim Fashion

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The first Effie Gray trailer for director Richard Laxton’s (Burton and Taylor) significantly delayed period drama has arrived.  Written by Emma Thompson, the film is a biopic of Effie Gray (played by Dakota Fanning) that centers on her doomed marriage to art critic John Ruskin (Greg Wise) in 1840s London.  Despite her beauty, Ruskin didn’t consummate the marriage and the devastate Gray eventually fell in love with Ruskin’s protégé, painter John Everett Milias (Tom Sturridge).  Thompson won an Oscar for starring in 1992’s Howards End and another for writing 1995’s Sense and Sensibility, and she returns to the “British Period Drama” genre with Effie Gray.  The film looks to be considerably grim and feels slightly reminiscent of the drab and dull Therese, but there is certainly a strong pedigree behind it, so here’s hoping it’s worth the wait.

Watch the Effie Gray trailer after the jump.  The film also stars Robbie Coltrane, Claudia Cardinale, James Fox, Julie Walters, Derek Jacobi, and David Suchet.  While a U.S. release date is still pending, the pic is slated to open in the UK on October 10th.

YOU’RE NEXT and THE GUEST Filmmakers Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett to Remake I SAW THE DEVIL

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I’ve long been fond of director Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett‘s collaborations (A Horrible Way to Die, V/H/S/, and You’re Next among them) and I think you guys will have a total fucking blast with The Guest.  So I’m definitely excited (and a little surprised) to learn that they will be tackling a remake of Kim Jee-Woon‘s modern masterpiece I Saw the Devil.  Though the original South Korean film was just released in 2010, I’m confident that Wingard and Barrett have what it takes to make an English language version of the story feel fresh and relevant.

In additional good news Keith Calder and Jessica Calder, who shepherded the duo’s last two features, will return to produce the film alongside Dredd producers Adi Shankar and Spencer Silna. If you’re at all a fan of serial killer films, you’ll want to check this out.  Hit the jump for more on the I Saw the Devil remake. 


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A brand new The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies banner has been released, detailing the epic scope of the final film in director Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy.  This banner reminds of the one that was released for An Unexpected Journey before the adaptation was turned into a trilogy, which gave us a look at how this series would have been structured as a diptych.  Judging by this massive banner for Five Armies, Jackson plans on going out with a bang in his final foray into Middle-earth, but I’ll always wonder if this adaptation might’ve been more compelling if the director had stuck to two films.  Forget the extended edition Blu-rays, I’d love to see an abridged version that cuts the trilogy into two movies.

Anyway, hit the jump to take a look at the ginormous The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies banner.  The film stars Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage, Evangeline Lilly, Orlando Bloom, Luke Evans, Lee Pace, Hugo Weaving, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Cate BlanchettThe Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies storms into theaters in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D on December 17th.

First BY THE SEA Images Reveal Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as a Married Couple

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Newlyweds Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are revealed as a not-so-happily-married couple onscreen in the very first By the Sea images from their new film.  Jolie wrote, produces, and is directing the feature, which takes place in 1970s France and revolves around a marriage that’s collapsing on itself.  Jolie plays a former dancer and Pitt plays an American writer, and the story finds the disenchanted couple growing closer together in a quiet seaside town as they meet its inhabitants and begin sharing stories.  Cinematographer Christian Berger (The White Ribbon) is shooting the film using mostly natural light, and the supporting cast includes Niels Arestrup (War Horse) and Richard Bohringer (The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover).

Check out the first By the Sea images after the jump, along with an explanation from Jolie as to why she chose to set the film in the 1970s.  The pic is currently in production in Malta and will be released by Universal Pictures sometime next year.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Deleted Scene Detailed by Director James Gunn

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This is just kind of a fun story that serves as a nice part of the ongoing victory lap for director James Gunn‘s summer smash Guardians of the Galaxy.  Earlier in the year box-office pundits were predicting the film could range from a middling performance to an outright disastrous one.  It’s nice to see quality win out (not only is it my favorite Marvel movie, it’s one of my favorite films of the year) in a big way, since the movie is now the only film released in the calendar year to cross the $300 Million mark domestically.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, it’s obviously holding on quite strongly and should still definitely be in a theater near you.  If you have seen it, hit the jump for details on a Guardians of the Galaxy deleted scene.  Gunn recently outlined a fun sequence that had to be cut for time.

David Fincher Says He Cast Ben Affleck in GONE GIRL for His Experience with Public Scrutiny; Talks Walking a Satirical Line

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Director David Fincher’s Gone Girl is my most anticipated film from the rest of 2014.  I like Gillian Flynn’s book well enough, but it seems to be a fantastic foundation on which Fincher could build something truly special.  As the film’s October 3rd release date looms closer, we’ve started hearing rumblings about what Fincher’s adaptation entails, including more than a few mentions of the word “satire”. The filmmaker recently took part in an interview for the film in which he was candid about his tonal aspirations and why he cast Ben Affleck in the lead role.

Specifically, Fincher admits that Affleck’s experience of being under public scrutiny was an invaluable resource for playing the character of Nick Dunne—a man who becomes the prime suspect in his wife’s disappearance—and also discusses how the crux of the film is about “the idea of our collective narcissism as it relates to coupling.”  Read on after the jump.

First Look at DreamWorks Animation’s B.O.O.: BUREAU OF OTHERWORLDLY OPERATIONS

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I’ve got a soft spot for cute, pet-like animated characters so when news first broke that DreamWorks Animation was making a movie about a ghost who needs to attend ghost school in order to become a better scarer, I was hooked.  However, that was a few years ago and since, the narrative and title of Boo U has changed.

Now we’ve got B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations on the way and it tells the story of a pair of ghosts who go to work for the B.O.O., an organization dedicated to protecting humans from evil spirits.  The scenario still sounds fun and also has Seth RogenMelissa McCarthyRashida JonesOctavia Spencer, Matt Bomer and Bill Murray leading the voice cast, but the very first look at the characters just surfaced and it’s not really what I was hoping for.  Hit the jump to check it out.  B.O.O. is scheduled for a June 5, 2015 release.

Corey Stoll and Adam Driver Talk THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU, Winning the Actor’s Lottery, and When Was the Last Time Driver Sang “Please Mr. Kennedy”?

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Opening this weekend after premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival is director Shawn Levy’s (Real Steel) adaptation of the Jonathan Tropper novel This Is Where I Leave You.   Featuring a fantastic ensemble cast made up of Jason BatemanTina FeyAdam Driver, Corey StollJane FondaRose Byrne,Kathryn HahnConnie BrittonBen SchwartzTimothy OlyphantAaron LazarDebra MonkAbigail Spencer, and Dax Shepard, the story revolves around a dysfunctional family that is forced to come together and sit Shiva when their father dies, opening old wounds and reigniting passions that have long-since been repressed.  Loaded with great performances and a very funny script, I definitely recommend seeing the film this weekend.  For more on This is Where I Leave You, read Adam’s review or watch the trailer.

Last week at TIFF, I landed an exclusive video interview with co-stars Corey Stoll and Adam Driver.  They talked about why they wanted to be involved in the film, getting to work with such a great ensemble cast, how they like to prepare for a role, what it’s like winning the actor’s lottery (they’re both involved in a ton of exciting future projects like Ant-Man and Star Wars), and I asked Driver when was the last time he sang “Please Mr. Kennedy” from Inside Llewyn Davis.  Hit the jump for what they had to say.

Ben Affleck on Batman’s Anger Issues in BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE

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Most of the Avengers know how to have some fun and the Guardians of the Galaxy certainly enjoy their fair share of messing around, but Batman’s a different story.  Bruce Wayne makes an effort to be cordial and dishes out the occasional smile, but Batman is all business all the time, so between that, his demeanor and his growl, he can come across as a pretty angry guy.

While discussing playing the Caped Crusader in Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ben Affleck spoke to Batman’s anger issues and connected them to his own.  Hit the jump to find out how Affleck relates to Batman’s rage.  Batman v Superman hits theaters on March 25, 2016 and also stars Henry CavillGal GadotJesse EisenbergAmy AdamsLaurence FishburneJason MomoaHolly HunterScoot McNairy and Jeremy Irons.

The Rebellion Takes Flight in Full-Length THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY – PART 1 Trailer

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Lionsgate has released the full-length The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 trailer for the first half of director Francis Lawrence’s conclusion to the Hunger Games franchise.  The film finds Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) at the forefront of the rebellion in District 13 while Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) and Johanna (Jena Malone) are held captive in the Capitol.  Francis Lawrence surprised the hell out of me with Catching Fire, which I thought was hands-down the best “tentpole” film of last year, and so I have high hopes for his adaptation of Mockingjay (the weakest book of the trilogy).  What strikes me most about this trailer is that the film appears to be in the vein of an action pic, whereas Catching Fire was more of a thriller and the first film was essentially a survival movie.  District 13 isn’t exactly a cinematic location and there’s a lot of bunker-set scenes in the book, so I’m very curious to see what changes have been made in the feature film adaptation.  The pic looks rather epic in scope, and I imagine Mockingjay – Part 1 will be the most intense and largest scale entry in the franchise yet.  Hold on to your butts.

Hit the jump to watch the Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 trailer.  The film also stars Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Julianne Moore, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Elizabeth Banks, Natalie Dormer, Sam Claflin, and Donald SutherlandThe Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 opens in theaters on November 21st.

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