Daniel Sunjata, Diego Klattenhoff, and Burn Gorman Join THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

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With production looming closer, director Christopher Nolan has added a trio of actors to The Dark Knight Rises. Daniel Sunjata (TV’s Rescue Me), Diego Klattenhoff (Lucky Number Slevin), and Burn Gorman (Layer Cake) are all looking to join a cast that now includes Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Juno Temple and recent addition Josh Pence, who will take on the role of young Ra’s al Ghul.

Variety reports that Sunjata is in talks to play “a courageous special forces operative” and Klattenhoff is being offered the part of “a rookie cop who is looking to make a difference.” No word on who Gorman will play other than the fact that he’s being eyed for a supporting role in the film. Marion Cotillard was previously “in discussions” for a role in the film, but the report claims she’s now officially part of the cast. Hit the jump for more.

Christopher Nolan image Batman The Dark KnightWhile the cast of The Dark Knight Rises seems like it’s growing every day, Nolan fleshed out nearly every supporting role in The Dark Knight and Batman Begins with fairly well-known/recognizable actors, so don’t be alarmed by the amount of casting news being reported for the film (this is Batman after all, so expect many more stories to come). Nolan directs from a script that he co-wrote with his brother, Jonathan, and is producing the film alongside Emma Thomas and Charles Roven. The Dark Knight Rises starts shooting in Pittsburgh this summer for a July 20th, 2012 release date.

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  • Bastardo

    With cop characters added, I think one of the subplots will be the fuzz vs. Batman. The third unknown likely involved with cops or League of Shadows. I predict it’s first half will be the Dark Knight against Gotham City pigs, the League of Shadows come in (with Bane and Talia at the lead). Batman and Cops join forces to fight the league. Though that leaves Catwoman and JGL out. Maybe Joseph will be a lead police-figure? Hurm.

    Sounds like alot of characters and subplots to deal with, but it’ll probably push 3 hours as TDK came close to, I think Nolan can handle it. Sounds epic, but by being such a “tie previous films together for epic conclusion” type of deal, I wonder if it’s Oscar chances are down. I’ve heard people say that it has a chance at the Academy but wonder if it’d be too odd a spot in the franchise to nominate it, I mean at least Rings had two flicks I’m advance to score noms, making the way for a win. Hurm.

  • Migz13

    Wow. This flick is so hyped up even the secondary characters get spotlight! Anyway, as any bat-fan, can’t wait for 2012 for this one:D

  • jazz flute

    I overheard someone saying that burton and keaton are ‘rebooting’ their Batman series once Nolan’s finished this… probably BS, but how cool would that be??

    • Dirty Bird

      I loved both the Burton movies, but that would be as cool as Joel Schumacher rebooting a Chris O’Donnell Robin movie

    • battleangel

      If an immediate reboot has to happen, I would love to see Keaton back in the franchise – I thought he was an extremely cool take on the Wayne character – I think an older Bruce Wayne would be a great character. Batman doesn’t need to be young (neither does Superman, good lord did they pass on an opportunity by not tooling up a treatment for Jon Hamm)…

      • Wilson

        keaton and burton… i really hope that’s true.

    • Yahzee Skellington

      I always thought that Burton could bring back Keaton and use The Dark Knight Returns as a basis for a final film in his “trilogy.” Also Batman Returns always leave me wanting more, and Batman Forever and Batman & Robin were never worthy sequels

  • jazz flute

    that’s the plan, apparently (again, could be BS but maybe not) – keaton coming back as an old, grizzled Bats. I reckon that’s the only way you can possibly top what Nolan’s done

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