Danielle Bisutti Talks Difficulties in Acting Opposite a Puppet, How She’d Prefer Chucky to Kill Her, and More on the Set of CURSE OF CHUCKY,

Danielle Bisutti has turned into somewhat of a scream-queen as of late. The Nickelodeon star (she was a regular on the television program True Jackson, VP) just appeared as a ghastly ghoul in Insidious Chapter 2 and now follows that up as the less-than-likeable Barbara in the newest Child’s Play film: Curse of Chucky.  At times Curse plays more like a dysfunctional family drama than a horror film, Bisutti often at the center of the conflict – browbeating her wheelchair bound sister and emasculating her sluggish husband.  In a drama, Barbara would be the ‘villain’; however when a mysterious five-foot ‘Good Guy’ doll enters the picture – well, let’s just say, Barbara may have met her match.

In the following on-set interview with Bisutti, she discusses her character, how she would prefer Chucky to kill her, the difficulties of acting opposite a puppet and the musical theater production she would most like to co-star in with ol’ Chucky. For the full interview, hit the jump. Of note: there are spoilers in the following interview regarding the fate of Bisutti’s character.  Curse of Chucky hits DVD & Blu-ray October 8th.

Danielle Bisutti:


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