Danny Boyle to Direct SMASH AND GRAB Adaptation

     October 4, 2013


Director Danny Boyle is heading back into the world of thievery.  After taclking art heists with this year’s Trance, Variety reports that the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire filmmaker has signed on to direct a feature film adaptation of the documentary Smash & Grab: The Story of the Pink Panthers for Pathe and Fox Searchlight.  The documentary revolves around the international jewel trade, specifically focusing on successful diamond thieves.  After seeing the documentary, Boyle apparently became interested in turning it into a narrative feature and approached Fox Searchlight about the project.  No plot details are given and a screenwriter has yet to be attached, but it sounds like this may be the director’s next project.

Boyle took a break from feature filmmaking last year to helm the London Olympics Opening Ceremony, but he has spoken recently about the prospect of finally making a sequel to Trainspotting.  Last we heard, his plan was to reassemble the original cast and have the film in theaters by 2016.  My fingers are very tightly crossed for that to pan out.  Hit the jump to watch the trailer for director Havana Marking’s 2013 documentary Smash & Grab.



    I thought Trance was really bad. Directorial wise it was decent, but the story was fucking horrible. Part of the reason why I like Boyle’s work is it’s diversity, with Trainspotting he made a very Scottish Drug film to add to the legion of drug/crime movies, 28 Days Later he made an independent (seemingly) post-apocalyptic film, despite the third act twist Sushine was a really fresh and dark science fiction film, Slumdog Millionaire was essentially a less violent version of City of God + the game show storyline, but was beautifully made in every facet of it’s production, and 127 Hours is a sick (good) Survivalist, real-life story.

    Trance is arty fucking garbage about a bunch of cunts whining about a painting for two hours. Rosario Dawson as a hypno-therapist? She is forever known to me as Dante’s love Becky, the Ass-To-Mouth advocate from Clerks II.

    Sorry I needed to vent. What I’m trying to say is, a sequel to Trainspotting this many years later, or a movie about thieves stealing diamonds sound pretty lame in my opinion, if he does any kind of sequel, it should be 28 Months Later. And I only say that just because Garland wrote the first two films and the story is technically unfinished, and with the amount of cred they’ve gained in the industry they can easily go all out for a final installment, but if Boyle were to do a different movie I would be happy as well.

    Not to sound like a dick or anything.

  • dungeons and draccus’s

    Sweet. Danny is a true visionary who is not afraid to go out on a limb.

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