Danny McBride Is a HENCH for Warner Bros.

     May 28, 2009

headline.jpgI think it is so great that a studio is now developing a film with Danny McBride in mind for the lead.  The guy has made it and he deserves to after kicking so much ass with “The Foot Fist Way”, “Pineapple Express”, and “Eastbound and Down”.  So now Warner Bros. is adapting the graphic novel “Hench” as a star vehicle for McBride.  According to Variety, McBride would play a football player who suffers a career-ending injury and needs a job. He signs on as henchman to a successful villain.  That’s not bad.  Not a whole lot competes to a guy going back to his old high school and working as a substitute PE teacher but henchman to a villain could be a great fit for McBride who is just a master of angry idiotic bravado.  McBride will also co-write the script with Shawn Harwell.

McBride will soon be back in theatres with “Land of the Lost” and he’s currently working on David Gordon Green’s “Your Highness” and then he’ll be jumping into the highly-anticipated second season of “Eastbound and Down”.

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