HBO Orders New Comedy VICE PRINCIPALS from EASTBOUND & DOWN Creators Danny McBride and Jody Hill

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HBO is on a roll as of late when it comes to new comedies.  The network launched the new Mike Judge series Silicon Valley to great success earlier this year, it’s developing a new comedy with Bill Hader, and now the network has ordered a pitch from the creators of Eastbound & Down straight to series.  Deadline reports that HBO has ordered 18 episodes of the new comedy Vice Principals from creators/executive producers Danny McBride and Jody Hill, with those 18 installments poised to be split up into multiple seasons.  McBride and Hill were the brains behind the four-season run of HBO’s unabashedly nutty Eastbound & Down, and they will again steer the ship of Vice Principals with Eastbound alum David Gordon Green also set to executive produce.

As the title suggests, the new comedy will tell the story of a high school and the people that almost run it, the vice principals.  With guys like McBride and Hill at the helm, that’s an incredibly fruitful premise.

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  • stephens

    Is it too much to hope that Danny McBride will play one of the VPs? The first season of Eastbound was incredible and one of the main reasons was watching his interactions with middle school aged children.

  • Christian

    Eastbound and Down became uncomfortably twisted by the end. I didn’t enjoy watching it, nor did I even think its humor was so dark that it was funny.

    I’m not interested in another show from the same team.

    • Norrtron

      What was “uncomfortably twisted” about it?

  • DoremusJessup

    Would love to see a McBride/Andy Daly (Review on Comedy Central) reunion as the VP’s.

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