EVIL DEAD Director Fede Alvarez to Helm DANTE’S INFERNO Video Game Adaptation

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Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez is going straight to hell.  Deadline reports that Alvarez is in talks to direct an adaptation of the Electronic Arts video game Dante’s Inferno for Universal Pictures.  Based on Inferno, the first canticle of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, the game finds Dante reimagined as a Templar knight and follows him as he journeys through the nine circles of Hell in order to reclaim the soul of his beloved Beatrice from Lucifer.  The game debuted in 2010 to mediocre reviews, but clearly Universal sees potential.  Bruce McKenna (The Pacific) wrote the initial draft of the script, with Jay Basu penning the most recent draft.

Alvarez was hand-picked by producer Sam Raimi to helm the Evil Dead remake based on the strength of his 2009 short Panic Attack!, and his redo of the horror classic was met with a fairly positive response.  In addition to Dante’s Inferno, Alvarez is also attached to write and direct the sci-fi pic Machina.  No word on which one will be his next project.  Watch a trailer for the game after the jump.


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  • HeyZeusKreesto

    I’m kind of surprised there’s no mention of the animates movie. If the live action version is anything like that, we could be getting some epic demonic brawls.

    • Grayden

      If they do it right and aren’t afraid to go to some dark places with it, yeah, it could be pretty really cool.


    Oh Hell yeah. Dante’s Inferno is an awesome game. The structure and controls may be lifted from God of War and lack the quality graphics of that series, but the story, level design and art direction is dope.

    Evil Dead was an awesome movie. I really hope Alvarez chooses to do this as his next project, maybe it will persuade Visceral Games to finally make the Purgatorio sequel that’s teased at the end of Inferno.

  • cetrata

    Fede Alvarez is gonna screw this up like he did with evil dead. He thought what stood out in the original evil dead film was the few bloody moments so the evil dead remake was filled with blood and blood, sacrificing character, logic, wit all for the sake of gore. I have no idea why critics liked this? I thought it was a travesty in the otherwise fantastic evil dead series.


      How is the remake any less illogical or witty than the original? In the original the group is trapped and can’t leave and so is the group in the remake. Raimi and Co. have said it before that their motto when making the original film was “the gorier the better” because that’s what they learned watching horror movies at the drive-in theatre. Campell Tapert and Raimi have all weighed in on the remake (as well as produced it) and gave it their blessing. You really think it’s a travesty?

      • cetrata

        Just because the creators gave it their blessing doesn’t mean I have to. There actually was wit and at least one likeable character with Ash. Even the supporting characters were better than the cast in this. Yes there were gory moments in the original but that did not get in the way of the story but complimented it. Also, they blatantly disregard the evil dead rules that a possessed one could only be cured by death in 3 ways. Mia revived in the most laughable way possible of being able to come back PERFECTLY FINE despite the abuse she got. That’s why I think its a travesty.

      • RiddleThemThis

        I quite enjoyed the character of the school teacher in the remake.

      • cetrata

        What about the rest of the film?

      • RiddleThemThis

        I thought it was entertaining, I was never scared while watching the film, though I hardly ever am with movies. I do prefer the originals, #2 being my favorite, but I thought this was a decent remake.

      • Jason Richards

        I didn’t find the remake to be bad at all. I quite enjoyed it along with the entire theater.

    • YeahSoHey

      Critics didn’t like it THAT much, pretty shitty 62% that it didn’t even deserve. ED remake was a freaky 40% movie. The blood and hype got people excited.

    • YeahSoHey

      Critics didn’t like it THAT much, pretty shitty 62% that it didn’t even deserve. ED remake was a freaky 40% movie. The blood and hype got people excited.

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