David James Kelly to Rewrite DAREDEVIL Script

     April 27, 2012


As you can see from the image above, Daredevil is pissed at being left out of all The Avengers coverage.  Luckily we have a little bit of news on that front.  In a recent interview with Tom Rothman, 2oth Century Fox’s CEO, Steve gleaned some info about the David Slade-directed reboot of Daredevil, notably:

“It’s in development; we’re working on the script.”

Not much to go on, but at least we now know who is working on the script. Deadline reports that David James Kelly is doing a rewrite for the script, one that appears to be based on Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s classic 1986 “Born Again” arc, spanning issues #227-233.  The story centers on the Kingpin discovering Daredevil’s true identity which results in the hero’s life turning upside-down.  While I’m fully expecting some sort of hero origin story to be worked in, I’m curious: who do you think should play Daredevil this time around?

  • mattvsberry

    I don’t think it would ever happen, but dream casting would be Michael Fassbender, with Ryan Gosling as a close second..

  • nelson

    michael c hall has always been dare devil to me

    great actor
    can play the dark anti hero a seen in Dexter

    • RidDlEr

      WIN! Dexter rules, and C Hall would be a great Daredevil. (Though, I’m not %100 sure we need a new Daredevil film at all.)

  • vxx

    +10000 on Michael C. Hall. Dude was born to play Matt Murdock in a Born Again adaptation.

  • JR

    Yea i like that David Slade is directing it. That seems like a perfect fit. Hes really underrated

  • Brambo

    Anybody but Ben Affleck.

    • tarek

      Ha ha ha! I like you sense of humor Dave. But why Brambo ? Does it mean something special for you ? ^^ I prefer tarek.

  • Tony Ferris

    I like Michael Fassbender. But he’s Magneto, so that might be an issue.

    Michael C. Hall would certainly work for me though.

  • ron

    Michael C. Hall is an excellent choice!!!

  • patl

    ellen page obv.

    • Tony Ferris

      Ha HA! Go Boltie! … or, yeah, Kitty Pryde…

  • Bruce

    Guy Pearce

  • mike.a

    I would say Michael C. Hall but the question is who would play the kingpin? Who’s big enough to play his part?

    • Tony Ferris

      Maybe get Mark Ruffalo back in his Hulk Mo-Cap suit…?

      • Dan

        How about John Goodman

  • Sure

    Matt Damon

  • mike.a

    With marvel and dc cranking out movies like crazy I wonder etc is image’s problem. I know spawn sucked but Damn don’t give up. If spawn was done right Batman and daredevil would have some serious competition with the movies

  • Dan

    Ether Michael C. Hall or Ryan Gosling.

  • dogg

    Taylor Lautner! With a cutout on his costume to show his abs.

    • tarek

      Poor Lautner. He really believes that he is an actor ?

  • NinjinSteve

    Who the hell is David James Kelly!?

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