David James Kelly to Rewrite DAREDEVIL Script

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As you can see from the image above, Daredevil is pissed at being left out of all The Avengers coverage.  Luckily we have a little bit of news on that front.  In a recent interview with Tom Rothman, 2oth Century Fox’s CEO, Steve gleaned some info about the David Slade-directed reboot of Daredevil, notably:

“It’s in development; we’re working on the script.”

Not much to go on, but at least we now know who is working on the script. Deadline reports that David James Kelly is doing a rewrite for the script, one that appears to be based on Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s classic 1986 “Born Again” arc, spanning issues #227-233.  The story centers on the Kingpin discovering Daredevil’s true identity which results in the hero’s life turning upside-down.  While I’m fully expecting some sort of hero origin story to be worked in, I’m curious: who do you think should play Daredevil this time around?

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  • mattvsberry

    I don’t think it would ever happen, but dream casting would be Michael Fassbender, with Ryan Gosling as a close second..

  • nelson

    michael c hall has always been dare devil to me

    great actor
    can play the dark anti hero a seen in Dexter

    • RidDlEr

      WIN! Dexter rules, and C Hall would be a great Daredevil. (Though, I’m not %100 sure we need a new Daredevil film at all.)

  • vxx

    +10000 on Michael C. Hall. Dude was born to play Matt Murdock in a Born Again adaptation.

  • JR

    Yea i like that David Slade is directing it. That seems like a perfect fit. Hes really underrated

  • Brambo

    Anybody but Ben Affleck.

    • tarek

      Ha ha ha! I like you sense of humor Dave. But why Brambo ? Does it mean something special for you ? ^^ I prefer tarek.

  • Tony Ferris

    I like Michael Fassbender. But he’s Magneto, so that might be an issue.

    Michael C. Hall would certainly work for me though.

  • ron

    Michael C. Hall is an excellent choice!!!

  • patl

    ellen page obv.

    • Tony Ferris

      Ha HA! Go Boltie! … or, yeah, Kitty Pryde…

  • Bruce

    Guy Pearce

  • mike.a

    I would say Michael C. Hall but the question is who would play the kingpin? Who’s big enough to play his part?

    • Tony Ferris

      Maybe get Mark Ruffalo back in his Hulk Mo-Cap suit…?

      • Dan

        How about John Goodman

  • Sure

    Matt Damon

  • mike.a

    With marvel and dc cranking out movies like crazy I wonder etc is image’s problem. I know spawn sucked but Damn don’t give up. If spawn was done right Batman and daredevil would have some serious competition with the movies

  • Dan

    Ether Michael C. Hall or Ryan Gosling.

  • dogg

    Taylor Lautner! With a cutout on his costume to show his abs.

    • tarek

      Poor Lautner. He really believes that he is an actor ?

  • NinjinSteve

    Who the hell is David James Kelly!?

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