Marvel and Fox Not Swapping the Rights for DAREDEVIL in Exchange for Galactus and Silver Surfer?

     August 7, 2012


Yesterday, we reported on the interesting possibility of Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox possibly trading comic book characters for the benefit of both studios.  In short, Fox’s rights to Daredevil are set to expire on October 10th unless the movie goes into production before then (which is highly unlikely to happen).  Marvel would extend Fox’s rights to the character, if Fox allowed Marvel to use Galactus and Silver Surfer from the Fantastic Four universe.  It would be a neat trade, and hopefully open the door for Marvel being able to use some of the characters they licensed off before the studio could develop movies independently.

However, Deadline is now reporting that this trade is far from a reality.  Hit the jump for more.

According to Deadline, sources are “strenuously” denying the possibility of such a trade.   Deadline adds that such a trade wouldn’t make much sense from Fox’s side since “Fantastic Four is a big priority and the studio would be crazy to give away a cornerstone villain it could use now or down the line. Especially when the studio is very lukewarm about rebooting Daredevil.”  The only talks currently happening are for Marvel to co-finance Daredevil, and I’m not sure what the benefit for that would be from Marvel’s side if they don’t get to use the character independently after Fox’s reboot.

Galactus and Silver Surfer are definitely a big giveaway, and Fox has never signaled any intention to cross Daredevil into the Fantastic Four universe.  If Daredevil lapses into the Marvel stable of characters, so be it.  I’ll just be happy if both franchises use their characters well.  With director Josh Trank (Chronicle) and screenwriter Jeremy Slater attached to Fantastic Four, and Joe Carnahan (The Grey) circling Daredevil, both movies could be terrific.


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  • Jeff

    Not buying it. The execs are not fools. They only leak information when there is something to gain and right now Fox is in ‘lose mode.’ The fact that they are denying such a specific story reeks of desperation out of fear that they may lose characters they rather keep.

  • Norris

    So if Marvel were to re-obtain the rights to Daredevil where would he even fit into their current universe? I don’t see him as being a part of the Avengers on screen (even though I’m sure it’s happened at some point in the comics) so maybe just his own stand alone film in time with references to SHIELD and a shot or two of Stark tower in the background? I wish Marvel had Spideys rights because Daredevil would be a perfect character to interact with Spiderman, I believe they work together a fair amount in the comics.

    • SP1234

      I would imagine that it could possibly be set in the Amazing Spider-Man universe. That certainly wouldn’t be out of the question.

  • dadsgasdgasdg

    Fuckan crap. It was wishful thinking, but how can you purssue 2 more avengers movies without having Reed ‘genius’ Richards feature in some capacity, not to mention that Galactus is one of the main ingredients for a story line that will feature Thanos. I still reckon that this is a deal that will be worked out……well at least in time for a third avengers’ outing.

  • Ramone

    It’s too bad because I’d MUCH rather see F4 return to Marvel and be folded in with the Avengers, et al. Not sure why Sony, Fox, and Misney couldn’t all play nice anyhow-it wold help all of their bottom lines if they collaborated to make it a unified universe.

  • Ash Talon

    With all due respect to Josh Trank (still haven’t watched Chronicle), I don’t want to see a Fox-produced FF film. I really want those rights to revert back to Marvel.

    It looks like the Daredevil rights will revert back to Marvel. Hopefully, they develop DD as a TV series. Lawyer shows are always popular. Mix in the superhero by night angle. Develop season-long stories involving Kingpin or the Hand. Some smaller villain arc (1 or 2 episodes). Supporting characters like Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, and Ben Urich. It has the makings of a really cool TV show. Seems better suited to it than a feature film. And they could use its (hopeful) success to launch other Marvel street-level characters as other TV properties. Characters like Luke Cage and Iron Fist (Heroes for Hire, anyone?) might work better on the small screen as well.

    Marvel has a lot of TV potential with some of their street-level characters. Unfortunately, Jeph Loeb is in charge or their TV division, and he’s not really up to the job.

    • C_Rad

      Couldn’t agree more. Hopefully this is part of what Joss Whedon is helping create and eventually have it all tie into “The Marvel Universe.”

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  • A Drake

    Does this mean at some point in time Fantastic 4′s lease is gonna revert back to Marvel? Or do Fox completely own the rights to it?

  • A Drake

    Does this mean at some point in time Fantastic 4\’s lease is gonna revert back to Marvel? Or do Fox completely own the rights to it?

    • Bonobo

      I believe all of Marvel’s outsourced IP rights revert back to them if the studios that hold them now don’t make use them within a set amount of time, but that count-down (a few years) get’s reset with every new installment in a particular franchise.

      This is one of the main reasons we have a spiderman reboot only 5 years after the third installment in the previous franchise.

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