Joe Carnahan Says His DAREDEVIL Pitch “Went Up in Smoke” [Updated]

     August 14, 2012


Last week, we reported the exciting news that Fox was looking at director Joe Carnahan (The Grey) to reboot Daredevil.  The studio needs to get a reboot of the Man without Fear into production by October 10th or else the rights for the character will revert to Marvel Studios.  There was even word that Fox, in order to hold onto the rights a little longer, was willing to make a trade with Marvel.  This report was later denied, and we learned that Fox was still lukewarm on rebooting Daredevil.  Carnahan was still involved, but now that may have changed as well.

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I’m a big fan of Carnahan’s movies, and I was excited to hear his name attached to a reboot of Daredevil.  However, he tweeted some disappointing news earlier today:

Think my idea for a certain retro, red-suited, Serpico-styled superhero went up in smoke today kids.

We shall see. Time is NOT on anyone’s side.

It’s doubtful Carnahan is still attached after saying that the studio wasn’t interested in his pitch, which is unfortunate because I bet Carnahan would bring a fresh take for the character.  Daredevil needs a push in order to be more than the Marvel Universe’s version of Batman.  Honestly, what is Daredevil’s superpower?  He’s blind, but he can see.  He’s also got batons, which are easily one of the weirdest weapons a hero has ever wielded.

With less than two months to go until Daredevil would have to go into production, it’s looking highly unlikely that Fox will hold on to the rights.



  • alex quinn

    Good! this superhero sucks anyway, and come on!! a baton as a weapon? then the dude is blind but can actually seE? another thing, the ben affleck pic was so horrible i dont think it will ever erase from people’s memory when they replace it with this new version, if ever.

    • Tey

      That is what makes him special. He isn’t rich like Batman! proves that with determination and WITHOUT FEAR! one can achieve anything.

    • Chad

      What an inane comment. Thanks for just quoting passages of the article… it’s pretty obvious you have no clue who the real Daredevil is form the comics.

      And thanks for the empty insight about erasing the previous film form people’s memory… Batman & Robin was infinitely worse than Daredevil, and people seemed to embrace Nolan’s films just fine. So… nice try, but fail.

      • alex quinn

        don’t get your panties in a bunch son, i just think this superhero is extremely LAME! and don’t ever mention nolan to anything that has to do with daredevil, the two are beyond comparison.

      • Ben Affleck

        The only thing lame is your comment Alex. Daredevil is a great Superhero. Alas fuck*d by myself and by the talenteless Mark Steven Johnson.

        Great news. I need to erase my memory ASAP of the mess I did.

      • alex quinn is an idiot

        he wasn’t comparing christopher nolan to daredevil… genius. he was comparing daredevil to batman and robin.

  • Sean

    There’s many great layers to Daredevil, and he’s much more than Marvel’s Batman knock-off (that’s Moon Knight, anyway). Several DD story-lines could serve as pre-written screenplays with pre-drawn storyboards! A great Daredevil movie is just waiting to happen, and if Fox misses out, it’s their loss.

  • Jason

    First, the only Marvel character that’s like Batman is Moon Knight. Second, Daredevil is blind but sees with sonar much like a bat or dolphin. Batman is the uber-mesch — he’s smart, travelled the world to learn from the best in the world, has tons of cash and gadgets to kick ass in Gotham. Daredevil is smart too, not as rich, has great fighting skills taught to him by Stick, uses sonar and billy club / grapple rope to fight crime. Daredevil would make a great film with someone who has vision and I don’t think Carnahan has it. Maybe if it was Carnahan when he first hit the scene but not today. Wasn’t impressed with his last few films and am dreading his take on the DEATH WISH franchise. I hope Marvel does get Daredevil back so they can do a proper film. Always thought Guy Pierce would have made a great Matt Murdock.


    “Daredevil needs a push in order to be more than the Marvel Universe’s version of Batman.”

    Worst characterization ever. What do those two have in common other than dead parents (like 90% of comic characters), and a hobby that involves punching bad guys (again, like 90% of comic characters)?

  • ccraw13

    I am pretty sure that IRONMAN is Marvel’s knockoff of Batman.

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  • Sean B

    If they just took Frank Miller’s “Man Without Fear” and adapted that, they would have the perfect DD movie. No idea why it’s so complicated. He’s a fascinating character because unlike Batman , he isn’t a pure vigilante, he’s also a lawyer. So by day he upholds the law, but by night he administers a different kind of justice. Plus his history, and day to day problems are a lot more in line with every day problems we all have. He’s not super rich like Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne, so we can all relate.

  • Rich

    I don’t think the implication that Daredevil is Marvel’s Batman at all. I read it to say that Marvel does not currently have a dark, gritty, realistic movie franchise in the way that DC does with Batman. From other reports I have read, that was kind of what Marvel were looking for and Daredevil could easily fit in to that.

  • That one guy that posted something

    “The studio needs to get a reboot of the Man without Fear into theaters by October 10th or else the rights for the character will revert to Marvel Studios”

    Um….wow that’s a short time span to make a movie! They have less than two months! They better finish that movie really quick! I’m sure it would be a great product [end sarcasm]
    Check that again…..maybe you meant that they need to get the movie into PRODUCTION…not the theater.

  • Phil Beta

    Daredevil’s superpower is his ability to barely predict anything nearby him before it happens by using his enhanced senses. And people here got startled by one of Matt’s posts. Too bad!

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  • Lucas

    Carnahan says: we shall see, time is not on everyone’s side. Is he implying that the studio might still greenlight him because they don’t have that much time (and alternatives?) left? And what does Serpico-styled mean? That his relation to the police would play a big part? But is it still linked to the born again storyline? If not, it might not be that interesting. Even though the first daredevil movie was acceptable, please don’t let the next one just be that again. It needs to be great.

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