DAREDEVIL Reboot May Land Director Joe Carnahan; Marvel and Fox Swap Comic Book Characters

     August 6, 2012


With the rights to Daredevil set to revert to Marvel on October 10th, 20th Century Fox is anxious to start production on a reboot.  With director David Slade having exited, Fox is now looking at Joe Carnahan (The Grey) to helm.  While solidifying a director is a step in the right direction, the deadline still looms.  Luckily, Fox has been in talks with Marvel for a character swap of sorts, an arrangement that, if both studios agree, could keep the “Frank Miller-esque, hardcore 70s thriller” version of Daredevil at Fox while bringing some big players back to Marvel.  Hit the jump to find out who.

joe-carnahan-daredevilNews of Fox’s interest in Carnahan to helm Daredevil comes via Variety.  No official offer has been extended as of this writing, but their sources say that Carnahan is the man.  The report also mentions a property swap that would allow the blind superhero, Matt Murdock, to take the screen for Fox.  Think of it as a really expensive version of you and your friend exchanging prized comic books:

Marvel: “Okay, you can keep Daredevil a little longer.  But what will you give me in return?”

Fox: “How about…Fantastic Four? You can have Galactus and maybe even the Silver Surfer.”

Basically, Daredevil could stay at Fox past the October 10th deadline in exchange for Marvel’s use of Fantastic Four characters (like Galactus and Silver Surfer) in future films.  Currently, the Surfer is locked up in Fox’s reboot of Fantastic Four with director Josh Trank (Chronicle). The decision lies with Fox as to whether to take Marvel’s offer or to let Daredevil swing off the lot.  Keep an eye out for more as this story develops.

Update: As of the posting of this article, Carnahan himself wrote a cryptic Tweet that said only:



While it may mean less than nothing, I did a search for Daredevil #73 and came up with this quote:

I’m not a pawn — You can’t make me fight against my will!

Matthew Murdock (Earth-616)

And this cover image:


Let’s keep in mind that current reports have yet to confirm an official offer to Carnahan and a simple Tweet doesn’t change that.  However, it’s always fun to speculate on what it could mean.  Maybe Carnahan pulled from this issue to drum up his vision/treatment of the Daredevil script?  Maybe the Zodiac group will appear to challenge the masked vigilante?

Or maybe, now stick with me, there’s more to the Marvel/Fox character swap talks than meets the eye.  Could we actually see a studio crossover that features a cameo from Iron Man and/or Nick Fury at the end of the Daredevil reboot in order to recruit the Man Without Fear into his proper place on the Avengers?! The Zodiac group did appear as antagonists to the Avengers, so perhaps some version of that storyline is in the works.  Or perhaps Carnahan just likes to yank our chain and watch us squirm.  What do you think, fans?



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  • Nomis1700

    :O!!! Please, FF to Marvel!!!!!! That’d rock!

  • DERP

    So wait, would Marvel get just Galactus and Silver Surfer, or the entire FF property?

    • DM725

      Yea that wasn’t very clear. I can’t see Fox relinquishing the entire Fantastic Four property including Galactus and the Silver surfer just so that they can take more time to do a DareDevil movie. That just doesn’t make any sense.

      And then conversely, why would Marvel want Silver Surfer and Galactus if they were not going to get the Fantastic Four back? I mean they could have the Avengers battle Galactus w/ the F4 but I don’t know. This seems sketchy to me.

  • steve

    Joe Carnahan’s The Grey was terribly shot, tight close ups and shaky cam the entire movie. I would hate to see DD get the same treatment. How about taking time to compose a nice shot.

  • Lexavi80

    I would LOVE to see Galactus or the Silver Surfer doing stuff in the Marvel Universe: Phase Two!!!

    Perfect for Guardians of the Galaxy!!

  • Flim Flam

    Sounds good i would love to see studios share characters for thiers films,would love to see spiderman, and x-men as well as fantastic four go back to marvel.Thats beeing said i still want to see a first class sequel,and a x-men 4, and 5 then would love to see the rights go to marvel.

  • Flim Flam

    I also would love to see Namor get his solo film, and Inhumans get thiers solo films as well.

  • Gonse

    Great director! Now get Michael C. Hall and im hapier

    • Weeks

      Here here!

      • Chad

        Don’t you mean “Hear, Hear!”?

      • Weeks

        I guess so. The problem with the internet is you see things spelled wrong so many times that you forget what’s right!

  • Grimcicle

    Just Silver Surfer and Galactus, no doubt. It makes sense since given Marvel’s intentions to take their universe cosmic. Still I’d much rather see a Marvel-produced Daredevil film.

    • jones jones

      I would love to see one DD like a punisher warzone version from Marvel studios.

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  • Ash Talon

    I wonder what Fox’s deal with the Marvel properties really is. I thought they had to have their properties in production by a certain date, hence the October deadline mentioned in the article. There’s no way that either Daredevil or FF will go into production by this October. So why wouldn’t Marvel just wait them out until Fox’s options expire?

    I would really like to know what the deadlines are and what level of production has to be done by them to keep the options going.

  • Mr. j

    FF going back to marvel makes sense, the fit perfectly with the avengers and it would be awesome watching a marvel made FF solo film, then incorporate them to the avengers

  • Goobity


    That’s a birthdate, or something similar. Any relation to Daredevil, based on the DD is coincidental.

    • Grimcicle

      Not just DD; the MM could also mean Matt Murdock. The 73 probably means July 3. July 3, 2014.

      • Goobity

        I get your point, but don’t see it. Why not just post 03-07-14 ? Seems like folks are reading something out of nothing…blind leading the blind, as it were. :)

  • midtermdj

    Smokin’ Aces was lame and the A-Team barely passable losing a ton of money for Fox and he always blames the markeing departments for his failures especially with A-Team.

    Dude you wrote the script and directed….look in the mirror.

    I truly hope they go with someone else. His name around Hollywood isn’t
    Carnaham-n-cheese for nothing.

  • Grimcicle

    Daredevil, July 3 2014?

  • Grimcicle

    It could just be a bizarre coincidence, but Daredevil actually guest starred in Fantastic Four #73, so this could be a subtle way of Joe confirming that Fox will indeed move forward with this deal.

  • sense 11

    Fox please give them all back

  • ozzie

    I did like the storyline of the Daredevil movie … I just thought Ben Afleck was a bit too fluffy for the part … the Daredevil from the comics i read (90′s) was a lot darker as a person. I even liked the leather red suit.

    I don’t know how they can save the Fantastic Four … I don’t think they translate too well to live action.

  • Bob

    I like Daredevil, but Galactus is so important. Adding in Silver Surfer is also great. With Marvel going cosmic having Galactus and Silver Surfer is very important and needed. Also Galactus(and even Surfer) need justice after there awful representation in the FF movies(never understood why some movies like to make their big villain’s big dust balls). Keep Galactus just they way he looks.

  • tom

    They want silver surfer because hes getting his own movie develop.

  • Ridley Crowe

    Joe Carnahan is an excellent director. I’d love to see his version of an R rated Daredevil. No pervert red leather, and a dark fleshed out character and we are good to go.

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  • choicebuds

    Yes, you can’t have a story line that features the great Thanos throughout without having Galactus (and not some shitty purple cloud thing but the proper Galactus) and of course SIlver Surfer with Reed Richards in there somewhere….this would tie in nicely to a future avengers movie and be absolutely EPIC if done right.

  • AvatarIII
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  • gggggg-00000

    make daredevil like the dark knight and batman begins. it has to be grounded and realistic.

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