January 3, 2013


Warner Home Entertainment has released the first clip from the animated film, The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2.  Based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller, the story continues with Superman (Mark Valley) being tasked to take down an elderly but still resourceful Batman (Peter Weller).  I saw this clip at New York Comic-Con, and it shows off how Batman can still beat the crap out of everyone even though he’s old.  I like how the commander in the group, Commissioner Ellen Yindel, says that shouldn’t matter even though Batman has taken out half her guys by that point.

Hit the jump to check out the clip.   The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 hits Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD, On Demand, and Digital Download on January 29th.


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  • HCK

    Wow… Remember when animation was actually good? Seems like the hand-drawn stuff has been in serious decline for quite a while now. This looks no better (quality wise) than the cartoons I used to watch after school in the 80s.
    So sad that geeks seem to love to settle for mediocrity.

    • DREDD

      Yes its ugly, but for a reason. Pick up a copy of The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel and look at the artwork in it, you will find that this drawing style is mimicking the drawing style of its book. It is over stylized and ugly too, but this cartoon is faithful to its source material visually. A great tribute to a classic and important book that changed comics and Batman from something kids read into an adult serious medium.

      Personally, I’m hoping they do HUSH next as Jim Lee’s artwork in those books was gorgeous to start with.

      • Afilmguy

        I’m not so sure about that. The visual style in the graphic novel is vastly more artistically complimentary than what’s shown here. The animation here doesn’t differ much from the what’s used in many of today’s cartoons and animated films (released straight to DVD/Blu-Ray). The panels of the Dark Knight Returns have a clear style to them that pairs with its writing, themes, action, and situations fitting to the colors used to flesh out some of the harder material in the story. Color filtering here in this animation isn’t different and doesn’t really take as much artistic consideration. I get what you’re seeing, but if the graphic novel portrays a style that is fitting to its themes, then that needs to be mirrored and translated onto a filmic presentation that adopts the style but utilizes it to be fitting to cinema. The lighting is decent, but much of everything else might seem off-balance. But, then again, this is only speculation and will have to wait for the actual release.

  • Lance

    The artwork matches the tone of the story. Honestly, I think it may be the best animated adaption of DC’s stuff Warners has ever made.

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  • Cheap

    They have really made a cheap cookie cutter dc animated video. So bland and flat, nothing like the artwork of Frank Miller. They are not doing this on purpose, they are making a cheap DVD to keep the hacks that make this crap employed. No other reason.
    It’s sad, because this is the story that should have been done with all the bells an whistles, big budget, fluid animation, or even better – live action. This one deserved the sin city treatment.
    The Bruce Timm style is so blown.

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