Christopher Nolan Will Not Rework Bane’s Incomprehensible Voice in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

     December 20, 2011

Tom Hardy Bane THE DARK KNIGHT RISES image slice

Yesterday, Batman fans were falling over themselves to praise the new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.  There was plenty to like, but there was some agreement that the weakest aspect was trying to make out what Bane (Tom Hardy) was saying.  The same complaint was lodged against the six-minute prologue, but it didn’t seem like it would be a big deal to fix the problem.  Presumably, Christopher Nolan would hear the outcry, rework the ADR for Bane’s voice, and everyone would be happy.  Unfortunately, THR is reporting that Nolan is pretty okay with the current sound mix.  Sources at Warner Bros. say that the studio would like for Nolan to clarify the villain’s dialogue, but Nolan is using his independence “to alter the sound slightly, not to rework it completely.”  Nolan voiced a similar opinion following the premiere of the six-minute prologue when he told THR “that it was OK for a moviegoer not to understand what was said at times, as long as the overall idea was conveyed.”

It may be okay, but it’s also irritating and unintentionally comic.  Hit the jump for more.  The Dark Knight Rises opens July 20, 2012.

Regarding Nolan’s decision not to rework Bane’s voice, a high-level studio exec tells THR:

“Chris wants the audience to catch up and participate rather than push everything at them. He doesn’t dumb things down,” says one high-level exec, declining to be named. “You’ve got to pedal faster to keep up.”

Yeah, this isn’t Inception.  If some guy with a rag stuffed in his mouth tried to start talking to you, you wouldn’t think, “This man is brilliant.  I must keep up with his muffled, incomprehensible speech otherwise he’ll think I’m stupid.”  And if the point is to just to convey the overall idea, then why even have Bane speak at all?  It’s going to be funny and strange if he can speak to characters who understand him while the audience is scratching their heads and hoping for some closed-captioning.



    U mad Matt? Its not that big of a deal. I remember when I saw True Grit I had some trouble understanding Rooster Cogburn. It made me more interested in the film, and I didnt lose focus at all when he talked. I agree with the execs, they shouldnt change it at all.

    • Flyersfan20

      I agree about Rooster Cogburn. There were times when I couldn’t quite make out what he said, but it didn’t ruin the movie for me because I might have missed a word here and there. Like you said, they shouldn’t change it all.

      • 90ina30

        just have Batman say one time….


    • duh wut

      I understood Bane clearly. He said, “I like gum more then molasses, but I really like pie.”

      • duh wut

        No wait!!! it was, “In Warrior I kicked asses, only to be put here in disguise.”

      • heidl

        no what he really said, was i once was a superhero like you, but then i took an arrow to the knee

    • BANE

      It does not matter if you understand us…all that matters is the plan…

    • charles

      i dont know about the prologue……..but Bane’s voice in the 2nd trailer is easy to understand…….i dont have any problem if Nolan keeps Bane’s voice just as in the trailer

    • Steve

      There’s a difference between pandering to the audience and making incomprehensible artwork. I absolutely loved the prologue, but, despite paying very close attention, could not make out anything of Bane’s dialogue. Nolan needs to recognize that certain people will find Bane very hard to understand and remember that he’s making a film for a diverse audience.
      After reading a script of the scene online, the prologue made sense to me. I don’t want to need to do that for the entire movie.

    • Daniel

      I saw the preview. It’s not “a word here and there”… it’s like a constant “Mmph ummmph mm-fmm-mmph mmmumph” from bane the entire time he talks. You can pick out maybe a sentence or two when there’s no other noise at all, but other than that, it’s ridiculously hard to understand him. His lines in the trailer sound perfect in comparison… it’s not the same voice as the preview at all.

      Nolan needs to realize that it’s not a matter of not being quick-minded enough to catch up… it’s seriously like saying you’re stupid if you can’t hear someone whispering with their hand over their mouth while a bomb’s going off. You just. can’t. understand it.

    • Toby Buckets

      Open your ears dudes. Reminds me of when some documentary filmmakers put subtitles under people with Scottish or English accents. People who can’t understand Bane have a poor ear for the language. “When Gotham is ashes… You have my permission to die.”

      • Jason Burns

        Thanks for googling the script and rewriting it here.

    • Jamie

      Bane looks like some Jersey Shore reject. Bale is 6 feet tall. Hrdy is barely 5’10. You guys are stupid as fuck.

    • Simon

      Interesting…I saw the film last night, and looking at the comments below.. despite what I loved and disliked about the film, my biggest gripe is that some lines were completely clear from Bane, when shouting…. most others, utterly incomprehensible…
      It wasn’t a question of trying to keep up, I’m from England, and don’t need subtitles on shows, or to understand people from anywhere in the British Isles, or from America either..
      Tom Hardy was perfect as Bane… but most people when walking out the cinema said they couldn’t understand a single word… such a shame….

  • collidersucksdick

    Yeah, Collider. Good call. You’re totally right. Bane’s voice is definitely INCOMPREHENSIBLE!!!! Especially in the trailer, oh my god, so hard to hear what he’s saying. You’re a piling-on asshole hellbent on souring the excitement for this movie.
    There are two fuzzy lines in the prologue and Chris Nolan is TWEAKING them, which is all they need, but thanks for the totally misrepresentative headline you whining bitch.

    • Mrs Goldbergs boner

      WELL SAID MY FRIEND. Matt Goldberg is more a Self-Loathing Jew than Ten Larry David’s Plus Two! ;)

  • Sugreev2001

    I did have trouble when I first saw the trailer,but then I turned up the volume and watched it again,understood every word clearly.This wont obviously be a problem in theaters.

  • Tim

    Yeah, I agree with YOYOYOYOYO (dope name bt dubs) …and honestly i didn’t mind that much like he is wearing a mask if i heard everything he said clearly i would be confused, “how is he doing that”…like V, in V for Vendetta.

  • Matt

    Nolan knows what he is doing. If it is better to leave it as it is then that is how it should be. I hope he does not compromise the film for a few people who are not able to understand.

    I may be wrong but it seems like this has been mainly an issue with the American screenings of the prologue.

  • salezy

    actully english is not my first language and i understood every word so you yanks are crazy :D

    • Santa Clause

      what is up with all these dang foreigners that swear we can’t understand him just cause we’re American. When that plane is blowing up in the prologue, you can’t understand a damn thing bane is saying. People need to understand it doesn’t make you smarter just because you can hear what a fictional character is saying

      • Pete

        You must admit American’s do seem to have issues with non American / different accents…In Australia we always see American TV putting up subtitles when someone is talking with an English or Australian accent, lol.

      • salezy

        you really should read first,nobody said we were smarter,i said i think you’re making something out of nothing,and i didnt see the prologue(dont wanna see the bootleg version)

    • habsfan86

      Ive watched the prologue in imax and bootleg. To be fair it was difficult to hear half of what bane said when i was in imax,and the bootleg copy was very easy to understand. personally i love the voice and like howyou may not be able to understand everything bane says. besides none of us know the storyline and perhaps this very issue about banes voice ties into thestoryline, ike you have to get close to him to hear what he says,close enough that he can grab you and break you in half if he not saying thats it,but cmon ppl just wait till the movie comes out then badmouth the voice if need be
      BTW im canadian, so does that make me an idiot who should get a life,or does that just apply to americans? some ppl and their internet insults,make me shake my head

  • salezy


  • Eoin

    This is the most annoying and overblown story I’ve seen on the internet the last while. I can’t believe people are complaining about this. I’ve only seen the prologue in a crappy bootleg, with crappy sound and I perfectly understood everything Bane said first time around. I just can’t fathom how people are having a problem understanding it.

  • mrbatmatt

    Maybe people need to restock their Q-tip supply cus I had no trouble understanding Bane and I’m nearly deaf in my left ear!

  • Jackson

    I had no problem understanding Bane. The voice is unique and awesome, glad Nolan is standing his ground.

  • Jamesy

    Seriously?! Still on this? It’s not that big a deal man, most people i’ve spoken to understood Bane clearly and it seems to be its mostly American audiences that can’t understand? No offence but its true, LISTEN!! if you cant make out a word perfectly here or there so what, you will still get the idea and will probally make more of the movie, even some of Batmans dialogue in the past movies some words you couldn’t make out clearly? And i agree with the V for Vendetta and Rooster Cogburn comments, maybe not the clearest of accents and might have been muffled in some ways but again you could still get the idea and knew what was going on…It’s probally intentional to make you perhaps realise how damaged Bane actually is or how reliant he is on his mask/how much he is suffering.

  • Sod Biscuits

    it sounds like Seth MacFarlene from Hell Boy 2, awful besides unclear

    • M&M

      That’s exactly what I thought!

  • bill

    Nolan has a history of having characters that audiences claimed had poor or unintelligible voices; Batman (Dark Knight), Saito (inception).

    I didn’t understand Bane in the bootleg trailer but when they actual trailer was released it was very clear what he was saying.

  • Sayid

    I agree with others, Matt. Calling the voice “incomprehensible” is over-blowing it. I understood Bane in the trailer just fine. Maybe Bane is just harder to understand in the prologue’s noisy setting. Maybe some people need to clean their ears. :)

  • Scotts

    I’m not a HUGE batman fan or one that followed from the comics, so dont assr*pe me and force me to read comics, but when the prisoners are chanting and Bruce asks “what does that mean”, and the other guy says “he rises” who rises?! Obviously isn’t Batman if the prisoners are chanting it, seems they are chanting for Bane but why the “he rises”? Bane rises from what…?

    • Kevin

      Seriously? Are you trolling or something?! No one says “he rises”. He says “Rise”. How about you just wait and watch the movie until you get frustrated about being lost in a trailer.

      • Scotts

        Wow man don’t bite my head off, and no no troll here, genuinely thought “the guy/Alfred” said “he rises” but now that you mentioned its just “rises” it makes more sense. And yeh i thought it was an American also but that could just be down to the sheer shitness of my headphones.

    • Jim

      it isn`t “some guy” who says “rise”, it`s Alfred…watch closely

      • Franktank

        It isn’t Alfred, the guy says it in an American accent, Alfred is English.

  • emppu

    You must be deaf or something if you don’t understand what Bane says in the trailer. I understood what he said, and I’m from Finland and my listening comprehension isn’t so great.

  • Spock Jenkins

    The problem is not so much the muffled aspect of Bane’s voice, but that he sounds like a very drunk old english school master.

    I can only say the choice of accent is…bizarre…

    • Jamesy

      And the Jokers accent wasn’t bizzare?!

      • Spock Jenkins

        Absolutely, but it worked for the character the Joker is. It was a perfect marriage of character aesthetics/psychology.

        I’m not saying Bane isn’t, just on initial viewing it’s rather jarring – and in an unintentionally funny way.

        I may see it in the movie and love it.

  • Scurvy

    When I first saw the trailer on my phone, I could not understand a word. I was glad I wasn’t alone at first as other people commented they had issues.

    I rewatched the trailer on my computer with proper speakers and had zero issues understanding him.

  • John

    The prologue complaints I get, but if you can’t understand Bane’s ONE LINE in the trailer then I’m sorry: you’re hearing is crap.

  • Jim

    I live in Sweden and i´m 15 years old. The first time i watched the trailer i understood Exactly Everything that he said. I cannot understand how people that has English as their Main language can not understand him?! Just pay attention to the movie as you should be doing when watching something as awesome as this and you will have no freakin problem with the Dialouge

  • Alex

    Yes his voice is somewhat tricky to understand. But, the character wears a mask, and he obviously has some sort of hideous deformity. It makes sense that he wouldn’t sound completely normal. I’d say you should be less sarcastic Matt, but why would you ever stop now?

    • Spock Jenkins

      Um, unlike Two Face in the last film who had burnt and exposed vocal cords but had a perfectly clear ( and thus unrealistic ) voice ?

      Nolan can’t use that excuse for Bane.

      • sense 11

        R you the director because Nolan is and if he wants Bane to sound like that, that’s his call and I’m sure he has a good reason.

        Sorry your ears cant understand english.

  • Oliver

    I had no trouble understanding him. Not only that but I liked the voice far more than I was expecting to – its so textural. I’d been expecting something raspy/wheezy because of his ‘condition’; something like voldermort’s voice perhaps. But I much prefer this, it’s alien and it grates in the best possible way. I think once you hear him talk for a while you’ll ‘tune in’ so to speak…

  • sense 11

    Good, I love his voice, keep it the way it is

  • patrick

    Oh no! This guys voice is hard to understand! You are a whiny fan-boy who somehow got the power to make the headline instead of comment and whine in the talkbacks, like you sound like you’re doing constantly.

  • Austheboss

    I’ve seen both the trailer and the prologue in theaters and I can tell you that Bane’s voice in the prologue is completely not understandable. The loud noise of the plane and gunshots and everything else going on made it nearly impossible to understand him. The trailer is different but if I can’t understand him through the whole movie then I will be very upset. I want to know exactly what is going on, not have to make guesses about the story. I expect this movie to be an Oscar contender and it won’t meet my or the academy’s expectations if this isn’t changed.

  • Fiz

    Saw the IMAX prologue as well, and it really was hard to hear half the stuff Bane said given all the background noise in the scene. If Nolan is using his “independence to ‘alter the sound slightly’” that’s great. It doesn’t have to be completely redone, but I’m sure some slight tweaks will help.

  • Spock Jenkins

    Sense 11, thank you for your response. You make an interesting point about my ability to understand English, a point that would be better served had you the ability to execute a sentence with correct spelling/grammar/punctuation.

    Be that as it may, I am confident TDKR will be nothing short of an exhilarating and satisfying conclusion to Nolan’s Batman saga.

    Bane’s vocal issue is something that divides people currently, but within the context of the whole movie, I am hoping we will understand and appreciate the characterisation of Bane, and come to learn why he is the way he is.

    • sense 11

      Well english is not my first language but i do understand when people speak it. I’m sure people had the same complaint the first time they saw The Godfather and Brando wasn’t even wearing a mask. Just saying

  • Mr.Rich316

    What a load of arrogant bullshit. Bane sounds like ass.
    WB should re-dub it a week before release themselves. Just re-do Hardy’s
    dialogue once Nolan is out of the way. Screw him, he’s done with Batman,and he’ll never do another franchise that isn’t his own creation.(and he’s earned that by what TDK made alone.) I’m not a Nolan hater,but to say basically yeah it’d not perfect but f it is just lazy or arrogant, and I don’t believe he’s lazy.

  • broski

    Matt’s right, he’s really difficult to understand and it had an impact on my enjoyment of the prologue, which is why I’m worried for this movie if Nolan doesn’t plan on doing anything to fix it. Everyone I know who’s seen the prologue (including my parents) all said the same thing…he just sounds goofy rather than intimidating, you can’t understand half of the words coming out of his mouth and the accent makes him sound like a cheesy mad scientist.

    And as expected, people who have Nolan’s cock far up their ass think the voice sounds awesome and apparently understood everything he said perfectly.

    • sense 11

      Sure whatever you say

      • broski

        Yes, whatever I say indeed :)

  • habsfan86

    This movie Is a failure 7 months before its release. Thats not what i personally believe,but its seems most fanboys expect the perfect film. Its actually ridiculous how many complaints there are over a prologue and a trailer. Wait until you see the movie ,before you cast it as a complete failure.
    Or keep bitching about how you think the movie should be,its not like WB handed you the keys to the house
    BTW banes voice is badass IMO, I think im one of the few that like how you cant understand half the words. That way when you go back to rewatch it, chances are youll pick up something new with every new viewing. Call me crazy but thats what i enjoy about all my fave films, even if its to understand what the main antagonist is saying.

    • Mr.Rich316

      I won’t be going back to watch it just to hear more garbled dialogue. That’s the problem WB is going to have. If people(casual fans) think they won’t be able to understand the main villain’s voice then they will skip it in the theaters and wait for dvd. If the dialogue is hard to understand then repeat audience attendance will drop. Sure hardcore fans will be ok with whatever Nolan gives them and say its the best ever,but the real proof will be the box office numbers the second and third weeks of its release. That being said I think the studio will fix it ahead of time. I don’t think its too much to ask to be able to understand the words coming out of the main villains mouth(mask),especially when ticket prices are $10-$15 each.

      • habsfan86

        Rich,you have a point about the real proof showing up 2-3 weeks after the release. I do have tpo ask where you live cuz where i live its standard $15 a ticket and up lol(and no i dont really want to know where you live)
        I guess my complaint is how much bashing the voice is getting before anyone has seen the movie. I mean no one knows why he has the mask on(lots of speculation). regards to bane’s size, remember we didnt get a glimpse of 2face before the movie,then when you finally see 2face you were amazed and happily surprised what they did with that. I believe near the end of the movie bane will inject venom and get ultra big,possibly thats what they needed the doctor for in the prologue,just a hunch

  • Benjamin


    I’m German and even I understood Bane in that new trailer perfectly. Get a life!

  • Michael Horne

    There is, of course, nothing wrong with your villain being ‘goofy’ in some way. Look at the Joker – some of his mannerisms were ridiculous (like the lip smacking) but it made his outbursts of violence even more startling when they occurred. In a way, Nolan is right – just like with Shakespeare, you don’t need to understand every word to get the feeling behind it. On the other hand Matt makes a good point – this ain’t Inception, this is a comic book adaptation.

    I liked the trailer, and it served it’s purpose… well, it’s purpose as according to Christopher Nolan: Reveal a lot and reveal nothing at the same time. So, mission accomplished in that respect.

  • Quentin

    I’ve seen the prologue. And to be honest, it didn’t bother me at all. I actually kinda liked it, adds even more darkness to the character. Also, if u miss a word here and there.. Its not that bad, the context is pretty clear imo..

  • Sccitylhh

    His voice is perfectly understandable in the trailer. And what was said with that perfectly understandable voice made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. Leave it.

  • Whatever

    Hey, I like Nolan as much as the next guy, but if people can’t figure out what Bane is saying, the filmakers should fix it. Otherwise, its just going to be frustrating for people trying to figure it out.

    Oh, and the realism argument is bs because in real life, when Bane talked, the other bad guys would ask him to repeat himself.


    Well, aint seen it to compare. But if theres any issue at all it should be addressed in some way. Digital clean up sounds fine.

    I cant see Nolan getting James Earl Jones in to go over this actors lines.

  • DontFeedBaboons

    It was very difficult to understand Bane’s voice in the prologue, but I thought the quality of his voice in the trailer was just right. Not too hard, but not too easy to understand.

  • Mrs.Goldbergs Loose Box

    I didn’t see the prologue, so I can’t comment on that. However, I can understand Bane’s ONE line perfectly. It seems to me that people who aren’t able to see the actor’s lips sync up with the dialogue aren’t aware just how bad their hearing is in the first place.

  • siennamari

    Some die hard Nolan fans on here. Don’t get me wrong, Nolan could (almost) do no wrong with me, but I have to admit, even in the IMAX version of the prologue I could barely understand him during the action sequence. For me, I wanted to analyze every single word of that thing! With it being inaudible in parts, I felt like I was missing out on something, even though I did get the general idea of what was happening.

  • AlbertRuncorn

    Matt, when the movie comes out and you nerdgasm over how good it is, I hope you offer a concession that you were wrong about this point.

  • wacko3205


    There was no I-Max screening near me here in Hick Ville USA…so I had to see a crappy half screened hand cam from an I-phone & I loved the shit outta it!!!

    Granted the first bit of banter I couldnt grasp the full thing…but when I saw a better showing on Youtube…I could hear it fine. The man’s got an appropriately gravely distorted voice I am assuming from his injuries.

    I actually like it.

    Sounds kinda scarey…but what blows me away is this: why is everyone pissing & moaning about this when what we got the first go round with Bane was basically “Bane smash!!!”

    Now…I’m a Nolan fan & I’m a Batz fan…but I admit I was taken aback at first by it…but the idea of what he’s done…I’m up for it.

    Guess we’ll just hafta wait & see.

  • Ryan

    Understood him just fine – not concerned about it.

  • wacko3205


    There was no I-Max screening near me here in Hick Ville USA…so I had to see a crappy half screened hand cam from an I-phone & I loved the shit outta it!!!

    Granted the first bit of banter I couldnt grasp the full thing…but when I saw a better showing on Youtube…I could hear it fine. The man’s got an appropriately gravely distorted voice I am assuming from his injuries.

    I actually like it.

    Sounds kinda scarey…but what blows me away is this: why is everyone pissing & moaning about this when what we got the first go round with Bane was basically “Bane smash!!!”

    I’m shocked that people are having an issue understanding him in the trailer…the prologue YES because on top of the mask/mouthpiece he’s wearing a hood to hide his face & the plane engines are making an asspot load of noise…but the trailer?


    Best lines were “Crashing this plaaaaaaaaane.” & “When Gotham is in ashes…you have my permisison to die.”

    Larger than life.
    Just like the ex-wife.

    Now…I’m a Nolan fan & I’m a Batz fan…but I admit I was taken aback at first by it…but the idea of what he’s done…I’m up for it.

    Guess we’ll just hafta wait & see.

  • Corey

    When Bane says “the fire rises” to one of his minions who decides to give his life for him in the prologue, that was a great and terrifying moment, and you knew that this guy was respected and loved by his followers. I understood a lot of what Bane was saying, but not all of it. Either way, it was an exhilarating opening sequence and I like his voice. If Nolan kept the voice but polished it up a little bit, not drastically, then I think everything will be just fine and people will be happy.

  • BOF

    I understood Bane clearly. The effect they’ve put on his voice is menacing as hell.

  • Matt

    Nolan cannot win with these people.

    In THE DARK KNIGHT, people complained about Batman’s voice being too much.

    Now he is accused of being too subtle with Bane’s voice in this movie.

  • Bane

    What i actually said in the trailer was “Matt Goldberg is a whiny negative bitch and he should work for AV Club instead. Also, he has a tiny penis.”

  • AlexHeyNa

    Seriously? People need to get over it and stop nit-picking. I had no trouble understanding a single word he said, in the trailer AND in the prologue.

    GET OVER IT. Nolan is a good man for not doing it. He doesn’t want to alter or abstract the great performance Tom Hardy has most likely given, and worked hard on.

    Give it a rest, complainers. If you can’t understand it, and it’s going to impede your ability to enjoy the movie, then don’t see the movie. But it’s really not that hard to understand.

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  • Pablo

    Im mexican, im learning how to speak english and i understood bane’s voice just fine, people have to focus on the movie, go watch the avengers if you want clear dialogue!!!just think of it as the movie The Great Dictator…we all saw the speech at the was all gubberish, but still caught people’s attention do to great acting!!! Same thing here, this movie will be great for those who see it, but for those understand it will be awesome, i will be one who understands it… And i can barely speak english people.

  • Nina

    Well, then, take the F-UCKING wax outta your ears!

  • Jasmine

    I actually understood most of what he said in the prologue. There was one sentence in the entire thing that I couldn’t make out, and that was when he was talking to one of his followers, right before he said “The fire rises”. I understood him perfectly in the actual trailer. I hope that they don’t change his voice that much, I really liked it, and it makes it more…realistic. If someone has a mask that is pumping gas in someones face 24-7 you can not expect to understand everything that the person is saying. But that’s just my opinion. I think that this movie is going to be amazing, and that people will be able to follow the movie, it just will require more focus.

  • Dsimolke

    You guys are all hilarious. Just let the man make the damn movie. We’ll see how it all turns out. I didn’t see the prologue, but he sounds fine in the trailer.

  • Heather

    I understood 75% of the dialogue in the entire prologue when I watched it at home and 90% when I went to see at the cinema. I think people need to chill out. Out the last four movies Christopher Nolan has made did he screw them up? Were they not pretty good or better? I say we respect his decisions because if he hasn’t lead us into ridiculousness yet then I don’t think he will in TDKR. Also, I really dig Bane’s voice. It has an eerie quality to it, but then again that’s just my opinion.

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  • Flux

    Well, half the people can’t understand Bane, and the other half are in their teens, have poor hearing, can’t speak English, and understand him perfectly.

    Go figure.

    Personally, I think Bane sounds like Sean Connery doing Darth Vader.

    I kinda like it.

  • Andres

    Is it just me or is anyone who can’t understand what he is saying is drinking stupid juice? I apologize to the hearing deficient but other then that…

  • Jim

    everyone is fussing about this issue…what about the FLYING TUMBLER at the end????!!!!!! that scene was epic beyond words…nobody excited about that?

  • KiK

    You can understand him perfectly, there is no problem if people would just stop talking or using their phones during the movies and listen.

  • Mike Jones

    Matt, I used to think you were just a toolbag, but I apologize because I realize that I was wrong about you. You’re nothing more than a chump.

  • KC

    I had no problem understanding Bane, so sucks to be those who can’t. Clean out your facking ears!

  • Mr. Shpritzy

    Bane is saying: “Bane not gay, but he love sherrif Bart. Bane wants refridgerator with ice cube dispensor in door. Bane baked cookies but ate them all while still hot and gooey.”

  • Dan J

    Nolan didn’t test it in theaters, I’m sure of it. At the IMAX screen, Bane was completely garbled. At home with headphones, the prologue was crystal clear. Same sound mixing issues happened with TDK.

  • David

    I personally didn’t have any trouble hearing Bane talk in that particular clip. Now throw in explosions and and other things around it, they may want to up his voice in the movie not change it though. I found menacing and really had a great creepiness to it. Plus to everyone who is comparing this to the Joker which was an amazing performance are really ignorant in a way. The Joker thrives on chaos where Bane is brute strength and power. They are 2 total different spectrums of bad guys. I like the way Nolan is wrapping it up. First one you had Scarecrow who was well educated, The Joker was a drifter in sense, and Bane is the high school bully. I am just hoping that Nolan wants to do a different film that he has had trouble getting funding for and WB extends if he makes another Batman film then he can make the other film as well. Like what happened with Michael Bay and Transformers. WB is going to want this revenue giant to keep going. I would love to see Mr. Freeze looking as he did in the video game movie style. That would be the next step a bad guy who is only driven by the love of his wife. Would Batman take a different approach?

  • David

    It’s probably a good thing you can’t understand all if what bane says. Based on the script of the prologue that leaked, some of the dialogue is looking pretty terrible.

  • mako

    Wait for DVD.
    Turn on subtitles.
    Problem solved.

  • Steve Rudzinski

    So he’s going to stick with the hard to understand, silly voice?

    Alrightie. This movie will be harder to take seriously than it should be. Not to mention one of the things people made fun of in Dark Knight (which I didn’t) was Batman’s voice. There may be scenes of dialogue that some people don’t understand at all.

    Seriously, it’s un-nerving that Nolan would hear so many people complain about the voice and he doesn’t care. Honestly, to me, that’s not a good director. That’s a guy that cares about what HE wants more than making a good movie. Don’t get me wrong, what he wants is usually good, but that doesn’t mean it always is.

  • Steve Potter

    I have no idea what you guys are talking about. I haven’t seen the prologue, but he was pretty comprehensible in the trailer: “When Gotham is in ashes, then you have my permission to die.”

  • Ronnie

    “Catch up”? Hilarious. The Bane voice is worse than the Batman one. See them square off:

  • Mike

    Good Lord. Does it really make you guys feel so superior to say that everybody is deaf/stupid except you? Most of you aren’t even commenting on the whole subject with your consistent claims of understanding his “one line” perfectly fine. That’s great, now go see the prologue in a THEATER and tell me every word he says without looking the script up online. I’ve seen both the trailer and the prologue in theaters. The trailer’s “one line” was easy to understand. The prologue, however, was not. Maybe it was all the background noise and gunshots. Maybe it was distortion form 12,000 watts of IMAX sound. I don’t know, but it was very hard to understand his dialogue and that is going to be a PROBLEM for the general, average, run of the mill moviegoer. Keep in mind movies are made and broken based on the average joe, not the drooling fanboys. That seems to be a point most people having nerdgasms over these films can’t seem to grasp. It’s not about what YOU think. It’s about the majority consensus, which is (in this case) that many people have trouble understanding him in the prologue.

    By the way, I speak four languages so I don’t have much trouble with accents and my hearing has checked out consistently above average during testing. Just thought I’d get a few of the deluded idiot responses out of the way…

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  • Brett

    the scene takes place on an airplane. his voice will be just fine. relax.

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  • Barry

    Though I haven’t seen the trailer or the prologue, I feel I must point out that calling something comical in a film based on a Comic seems like a moot point to me. Also, in the comics, Banes lines are usually spelled correctly and it gives the impresssion that he speaks just as well as anyone else, but every now and then, someone points out Bane’s accent.

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  • Mark

    Just seen the clip, most of the speech was fine, there were sections which were a little trickier, but it was from a recording that had been taken in a cinema.

    I think people love to jump to extreme’s it was neither word perfect or impossible to understand.

    There will be tweaks made, which I imagine will be turning down some of the surrounding noise so the voice stands out a little more without changing the voice.

    I recall all this before the dark knight, in the end it was not an issue. This will make a ton of cash voice or no voice. Lets face it you can hardly hear a word in films like transformers due to some of the explosions going on but it does not stop peoples enjoyment.

    I imagine I’ll miss the odd word here or there, but people demanding that the director do it their way are surely missing the point of a director. He has independance because he is successful. Lets face it the voice is no Jarjar binks, that was criminal to the ears, but it was the film itself that turned out to be poor regardless of the voice.

  • Jason

    All this “America” degrading has got to go. Just be happy that we “deaf, dumb Americans” actually make movies the world wants to see.

  • Alex

    You know, Bane’s voice is supposed to be very hard to understand. I have this on good authority from Batman nerds who read the comic books, lol. Nolan is a genius and he’s paying homage to the villain he’s recreating, not just creating.

  • PJ

    I liked the way the voice came across, and I understood Bane just fine for most of his lines, and maybe one or two seemed a bit muffled. On that note, maybe a guy with a mask over his mouth *should* be a little difficult to hear. It would seem strange if he came across loud ‘n’ clear, wouldn’t it? The topic sounds like bandwagoning—people want something to complain about.

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