THE DARK KNIGHT RISES: Bane’s Weapon Revealed!

     June 28, 2012


Ever since the second trailer for The Dark Knight Rises hit, fans were left wondering what insidious weapon Bane (Tom Hardy) used to level the Gotham Rogues stadium.  In a newly released image from the movie, Wayne Enterprises itself gives us the answer.  Just yesterday we brought you some viral marketing tidbits for The Dark Knight Rises that not only gave us some insight into the absence of Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) from his business responsibilities, but also clued us into a mysterious R&D project that had been shut down.  This new image seems to jive nicely with that information.

The Dark Knight Rises also stars Anne Hathaway, Gary Oldman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Marion Cotillard. Christopher Nolan’s epic trilogy conclusion opens July 20th in IMAX.  Hit the jump to check out the weapon.

First up, here’s the image of Bane’s weapon that’s been circulating for a while:


Because of its effects on the Gotham Rogues field, people assumed it was some sort of Tesla-fied earthquake machine.  Once we consider that the viral letters between Lucius Fox (Freeman) and Wayne concerned a certain energy initiative, the following image makes more sense (via CBM):


A fusion reactor, based on the principles that govern nuclear fusion in the sun for example, is a current area of exploratory research as a source of energy.  You’ll remember that Doc Ock (Alfred Molina) in Spider-Man 2 built a similarly functioning device which almost tore Manhattan (and more) apart.  That didn’t end too well for him, but I doubt Bane has Dr. Octavius’s conscience.

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  • your dark knight ends

    I am learning way too much about this movie, i hope I’m wrong in my assumption about this film and that it can still surprise me then again this is all my fault.

  • Cpt. Hindsight

    Didn’t they show this months ago? It was laying in the road and another pic with it being picked up by The Bat.

  • Cause Im Batman

    Am I the only one who’s going to miss the midnight showing, or am I just being a baby, coming back from Costa Rica at that point and seeing it Sun…

    • will

      I’d advise u to STAY AWAY from the Internet for those two days as much as possible, or you’ll be spoiler’d to death like so many poor souls were with Prometheus.

  • Tim

    Yeah, wooooo let’s spoil the movie for ourselves even more, wooo, oh yeahhhh, woooooo.

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  • Joe

    Seriously, Wayne Enterprises has some slack security.

    First they lost the 47-B 1-ME Microwave Emitter in Batman Begins and now this, the CC-1313 Fusion Reactor!?

    Can’t they afford some security guards and cameras for cryin out loud???

    • Shaun

      Joe, in Batman Begins Wayne Enterprises was being run by Rutger Hauer’s character (whose name escapes me at the moment) and Bruce was just returning to Gotham. I’m guessing security, and a lot of other sensible precautions, weren’t a high priority for Hauer’s character. Besides, the League of Shadows are probably very good at getting what they want.

      Actually, I’ve never been able to determine it, but I’ve always wondered if Hauer’s character knew about the “stolen” microwave emitter all along? He was sure quick to fire Lucius Fox when Lucius asked about it.

      In the new movie, let’s wait and see what happens. Bruce may well be out of commission, and I think it’s likely that Bane is connected to League of Shadows himself.

      • Joe

        Super valid points! I’m so looking forward to this movie. Waited for an eternity already… :(
        I already know its gonna be great!

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  • terry

    I done seen the whole damn movie now.
    I’m starting too feel this mofo is going to bomb.
    First they bring in corny a** Cat Woman played by corny a** Hathaway and now we learn Bane, a mad man, has a er, bomb… A mad man with a bomb? O……K…..
    Done to death.

    • Shaun

      Terry, that’s ridiculous… So you know exactly what’s going to happen, beat for beat, for the entire movie?

      And honestly… You think this will bomb? For chrissakes, it’ll probably make it’s budget back opening weekend alone. Even if it doesn’t quite reach the numbers TDK did, there’s no way this will be considered a ‘bomb.”

      Also, while I’ve been skeptical about Catwoman too, how about reserving judgment on all of this until you actually see the movie?

  • A

    Well, if he has a fusion generator why bother fucking around with anyone. You can just move off to the middle of some desert and live there forever on free energy, make your own food N wouldn’t NEED anyone. Thats why they really dont want us to ever have free energy. We wouldn’t need money anymore

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