45 Behind-the-Scenes Photos of the Brutal Bane and Batman Fight from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

     November 21, 2012


It takes a lot of hard work to break the Bat.  While I had issues with the plot, The Dark Knight Rises excelled when it came to crafting its action scenes.  One of the most memorable was Bane’s painful beatdown of Batman in the Gotham sewers.  Even though the scene didn’t rely on high-tech martial arts, it still required a significant amount of fight choreography, and 45 images have been released showing what went into Bane punching the Dark Knight into oblivion.

Hit the jump to check out the images.  The sequence will also be part of the special features on the upcoming Blu-ray/DVD of The Dark Knight Rises, which hits stores on December 4th.

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  • Tom

    What issues did you have with the plot?

    • tom

      be fair, the script was a bit all over the place and the plot holes were huge. Not as bad as the previous outing though

  • Brett

    Epic fight. I’m surprised Goldberg didn’t do his standard Nolan trilogy trolling.

  • Caleb The Awesome

    2nd to last picture: Batman Tebowing?

  • TotesMcGotes

    I also had a few problems with the plot (I would discard the whole plot twist and the character around it,so unecessary and made Bane a worse villain) but epic moments like this fight,and superb acting made the movie still great in my book.

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  • Clay

    This scene still gives me the shivers. Seeing it in its 70mm IMAX glory was a remarkable experience.

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  • moviefan

    I really liked this film, but my only problem with it was the fact that Bruce’s desire to move on was just rushed to me: no evolution, no arc, just….. he’s depressed in the beginning, becomes Batman, then moves on….

    I got no sense of catharsis, no great realization from Bruce.

    Surely I can’t be the only one?

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  • Migzter13

    The thing about this movie is that it got overanalyzed too much.
    People sometimes forget to see and enjoy it for what it is.

    • And that’s da tooth

      You barely have to analyze it to realize how much it sucks. It’s evident to most people with a functioning brain.

  • Patuniverse.com

    Here The Dark Knight Rises haters come sounding STUPID as usual. People who say that movie was bad, terrible, the worst, etc. are borderline retarded. A few plotholes… WOW. Most of these DUMMIES should know that every movie ever made has plotholes/weaknesses… no movie is perfect.

    Some plotholes here and there makes the movie FLAWED but not terrible. They must’ve legalized mary jane in other places besides Colorado because a lot of these geeks are smoking that good shit. It’s one thing to not like a movie and have your own opinion but people are overdoing it. The general consensus is that the movie was an awesome movie, but flawed in certain areas which obviously takes away from it being a true classic. Fans and critics alike for the most part accepted this movie as being rated a B-/B+.

    These haters are just contrarians and want to get a “Rise” out of people because no one outside of the internet gives them enough attention lol. Look, the movie went over a lot of peoples heads, yeah, it had it’s weaknesses, but the themes were too much for the average moviegoer who are normally entertained by tons of explosions, bright colors, and subpar plots/scripts. The movie wasn’t as terrible as some of you think… seriously, GET OVER YOURSELVES and go watch Batman & Robin if you think this one was so bad. At least Batman & Robin showed a lot of Batman… that’s what y’all wanted right??? LOL

    • Alan

      Apparently, Goldberg isn’t secure in the review he wrote. He’s got to bitch about it in news pieces, too.

  • EVM

    If you’re done,I’m sure Chris Nolan would appreciate you wiping your saliva off of his cock.

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  • uncle wally

    Great angles for a comic book fight scene. The set photographer should have been the DOP.

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