Check Out the Covers for Target and Best Buy’s Exclusive THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Blu-rays

     October 4, 2012


As we’ve seen with plenty of other highly anticipated home video releases, some retailers will have super special exclusive versions of The Dark Knight Rises when it hits Blu-ray in a few months.  We recently got our first look at the collectible Bat Cowl Blu-ray/DVD combo packaging, and now we’ve got our first look at the covers for Target and Best Buy’s exclusive versions of the disc.  Not only do the covers look different, but both versions will carry different “exclusive” special features that won’t be found on the other home video releases.  In other words, in order to see every last extra for The Dark Knight Rises you’ll likely be purchasing multiple copies.

Hit the jump to get for more details on the special features and to get a look at the covers.  The Dark Knight Rises will be released on Blu-ray/DVD on December 4th.

Target will be selling two different book versions of the film, per SHH, and though we can assume they’ll come filled with official and behind-the-scenes photos, no details on their contents have been released just yet.  On the other hand, Best Buy’s exclusive steelbook edition will come loaded with an exclusive documentary called Reborn, though sadly no details on what the doc entails are known at this time.

We learned previously that all Blu-ray versions of The Dark Knight Rises will include a documentary about the history of the batmobile, a featurette called The Journey of Bruce Wayne, trailers, and art gallerys.  The cornerstone special feature—a 17-featurette in-depth look at the making of the film called Ending the Knight—will only be available on the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack.

Check out the Target and Best Buy covers below, respectively:




  • Chris “Super Fraud” Nolan

    Right-o guvs with me it’s all about money. So I’ll make you buy multiple editions so you could make sense of the nonsensical story I shat onto screens this summer. Enjoy squire!

    • scottishpunk

      Slap yourself.

    • Nwks

      hahah kill yourself, go watch i am number 4

  • Zack

    I just dont know which one i want the most…LIFE IS SO HARD RIGHT NOW

  • Snakebitey

    its too bad this movie wasn’t in 3d. Nolan should learn how to do it cause it would have been amazing if it was in 3d.

    • Bill


    • Yahzee

      Just what the frak is wrong with you?

  • Turd ferguson

    If the target book case has both images on each side i would be very pleased

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  • Ryan Arguzon

    There is a way to solve the problem of there currently being no plans for a “The Dark Knight Rises”–Blu-ray + DVD Combo With Limited Edition Bat-Cowl Display Case that would also include “The Dark Knight Reborn”. “Reborn” is a documentary on the making of “The Dark Knight Trilogy”. It seems that this documentary will only be available with “TDKRises”–Limited Edition Steelbook Best Buy Exclusive.

    Obviously, most all of us true fans would much prefer to own the Bat-Cowl plus “Reborn”, and not have pay for both the Steelbook and the Bat-Cowl just to have the coolest packaging along with the documentary. Also, I am sure that we all want to know what contents will be included in “The Dark Knight Trilogy”–Ultimate Collector’s Edition Set, coming in the fall of 2013, before we decide to buy “TDKR” in December.

    Since these products are manufactured by Warner Bros., please go to their website, bottom of page, “Help – Tell Us What You Think”, take a survey and send them the following letter in the alloted text boxes. You may also go to the WBShop site, to the bottom of the page, find “Customer Service – Contact Us”, and paste the same text into a message and send it to them. Feel free to write your own message, if you can. You may also print the following message and mail it to Warner Home Video, 4000 Warner Blvd., Burbank CA 91522. If enough of us participate, we may get the results that we deserve!

    Dear Warner Bros. Home Video,

    According to the BestBuy website, “The Dark Knight Rises”–Blu-ray + DVD Combo with Limited Edition Bat-Cowl Display Case will NOT include “The Dark Knight Reborn”, which is a documentary on the making of “The Dark Knight Trilogy”. So Far, “Reborn” will only be available with “The Dark Knight Rises”–Best Buy Exclusive Limited Edition Steelbook.

    We the fans of the Trilogy and the loyal followers of you century’s great roster of movies respectfully request that the Bat-Cowl Limited Edition be made to include the coveted “Dark Knight Reborn” Blu-ray Disc. While Steelbook packaging is cool, we many serious collectors will definitely much prefer to have the Bat-Cowl displayed on our shelves. But we do not wish to have to double-dip and buy both the Steelbook and Bat-Cowl, just to have the most prestigious packaging plus the documentary.

    If it is too late in the manufacturing process to have the “Reborn” BDs inserted into the Bat-Cowl boxes, then they may attached to outside of the box within a simple cardboard sleeve or else distributed in limited quantities to the first-coming customers. I am confident that Warner Bros. Home Video can find of a way to resolve this problem.

    Furthermore, please post the product details and box contents list for “The Dark Knight Trilogy”–Ultimate Collector’s Edition Gift Set, which is purported to be released in early 2013, as soon as possible, hopefully before December 4th, which is when “Dark Knight Rises” will be released on Blu-ray and DVD. Doing so will enable us Batfans to decide on whether to acquire “TDKR” in December, or to wait for the Trilogy Ultimate Set.

    If there are some other powers that be that we should instead be contacting in regards to these issues, please forward this message to them or else let us know their names, phone numb#rs and/or e-mail addresses.

    Thank You So Much for hearing us!
    (type your name here)

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  • slappy

    WTF? Both the Target exclusive and the BB steelbook disappeared from both sites!

    • Josh

      Ya it disappeared from targets site but best buys steel book is there now

  • Luke

    Why was it deleted from the target website?! WILL IT BE BACK? if so when will it be released???