Over 20 Concept Art and Behind-the-Scenes Images from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

     December 27, 2012

Though many have likely already pored over all the extras on the multiple Blu-ray and DVD releases of The Dark Knight Rises, some might not have made it to the “concept art” section just yet.  For those of you that haven’t, a massive collection of images from said bonus feature has now landed online.  The result is a interesting look at the development and design process of a number of costumes and props from the film, including Bane’s mask, Catwoman’s goggles and costume, the Batpod, weapons, and even “Howard Hughes Bruce Wayne.”

Hit the jump to take a look at all the images.  The Dark Knight Rises is available on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download now.

Courtesy of Batman Hungary (via CBM).

  • Griz

    VERY cool to see how all that conceptual stuff gets made.

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  • tarek

    some of the concept arts have gone south. Especially Bane’s mask . It looks more like an extra terrestrial device than a pumping gas mask.

    But the Rifle design and the knee brace are great.

  • baggins

    So they’re hiring right out of grade school these days? Good to know. My three year old needs a job.

  • Tammyfaye

    Nolan’s Concept:
    Garbage in, Garbage out.
    It all makes sense now.

  • spongefist

    So much time and effort to create such a mastercrap of a movie…
    They should have gone with one of those 3 year old bane masks though… at least I could have laughed through the tedium.

  • Arthur

    I have noticed that articles about the Dark Knight Rises (or Nolan) generally attract large numbers of sad, whiny fanboys.

    • Afilmguy

      Indeed. It gives them another opportunity, an open space for complaining and to vent out their biased issues. I think what bothers me most about fan-boys would be how much they think their opinion matters. When it comes to film criticism and scholarship, fans (even generalized audiences) have minimal power over whether a movie is good or not. It’s better to hear debates that are done by people who are open to being wrong rather than insults thrown up from angry fans.

      • Arthur

        The problem with most of these angry “fans” is that they don’t really want to have a constructive argument about why a particular movie is good or bad. Most of them are just angry people who are looking a for a way to vent their real-world frustrations through internet message boards.

        The commenter below is a prime example…

    • hahahaha

      Actually it’s attracting people who aren’t stupid as a mother fucking fence post and fucking hate a stupid fucking movie where Bane sounded like Celebrity Jeopardy Sean Connery delivering ridiculous speeches for mintues at a time. Oh yeah it’s a deep film alright. It’s deep because Bane reads a hand written note which makes poor people kill rich people because poor people are the real villains. Great job Nolan you limey hack fuck bitch.

      I guess you just buy into hype and don’t think for yourself. Assclown.

      • Arthur


        So to summarize, the reasons why you despise the Dark Knight Rises and feel that its fans are “as stupid as motherfucking fence posts is down to two main reasons:
        (a) Bane’s larger than life voice (which is actually quite common for a superhero movie villain)

        (b) The lack of a deep meaning in the movie (despite it being a goddamn Batman movie)

        and I’m the assclown….

        Seriously dude, go to an anger management class or at the very least get laid.

        Getting so worked up over such trivial things can’t be good for you.

  • The Dark Knight Rises Blows sack

    I hate nolan. What a fraud he turned out to be. I thought he would be an artist who wanted to make a statement with his films. Nope. Just about the money. Fuck him. Hack fuck.

    • tarek

      It is safe now dude. Get down from the tree.

    • shaqfu75

      Wow….. You are a loser

  • sense 11

    So many haters, its all good your all in the minority

    • Alex Hardy

      Glad to see the hate flowing through these comments.

      Sad to see ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’ from a Nolan-defender “So many haters, its all good your all in the minority”