Deleted Scenes from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Explain Bane’s Backstory

     August 7, 2012


At 164 minutes, I’m surprised anything was cut from The Dark Knight Rises, but it looks like at least a couple scenes were left on the cutting room floor.  In an interview with GQ, costume designer Lindy Hemming talks about a flashback sequence involving Bane (Tom Hardy).  Hemming hasn’t seen the finished film, so she assumed the scene had made the final cut.  The audience never learns much about Bane other than the mask is a breathing device that stops him from being in incredible pain, and also a spoiler that I won’t reveal here.

Hit the jump for more details on the deleted scene.

deleted-scenes-tom-hardy-the-dark-knight-risesSpeaking to GQ [via Vulture], Hemming says of the scene:

The thing that you should have seen during that sequence is [Bane] being injured in his youth. So one of the fundamental things about his costume is that he has this scar from the back injury. Even if he hasn’t got the bulletproof vest on, he still has to wear the waist belt and the braces. In that scene in the prison, where he’s learning to fight the same way Batman learned to fight, he’s wearing an early version of his waist belt. It’s showing support, but it’s not the finished one he eventually wears. He’s also wearing an early version of his gas mask, all glued together … If you look at the film, unless they’ve cut it—and I’m sure they haven’t—there’s a whole early section for Tom Hardy where he’s fighting and being taunted by people. He’s got chains on him, and he’s standing on a wooden thing while people are attacking him. And in that scene, he’s wearing a much more ragged, primitive version of the mask.

While I don’t think The Dark Knight Rises needs to be any longer, and I can understand why the scene was cut, this sequence sounds incredibly cool.  I would like to see what Hemming designed as the “primitive version” of the mask.  I’m also curious about how closely Christopher Nolan mirrored Bane’s training scenes to Bruce Wayne’s from Batman Begins.

The GQ writer later informs Hemming that the scene didn’t make the final cut, and she says she won’t go into further details, but then she adds that there’s another scene “that showed you why he had the mask and where it came from.”  I assume she’s talking about the finished mask rather than the primitive one she previously mentioned.

Here’s hoping that these scenes will end up on the Blu-ray/DVD.  It’s worth noting that neither the Blu-ray/DVD for Batman Begins nor the one for The Dark Knight contain deleted scenes.


  • TJ Harris

    I really hope these scenes get released in some form or another. It’s a real bummer knowing that they probably won’t, considering the other movies releases didn’t have any deleted scenes.

    • Da Joker

      That’s because there were no deleted scenes, TDK had 1 minute of the joker on a bus, which is brilliant BTW Heath stays completely in character and doesn’t even look at the explosion. This is the first one.

  • Chad

    Just another example of hiw bad a storyteller Nolan is. He overwrites his film, adding so many needless characters — Matthew Modine, for one — to try and make the film super self important, then neglects the important characters who should have more fleshed out characters, like Marion Cottilard. She has absolutely zero to do the entire film until the lame ending, but by then she’s such a cardboard character that nobody cares. Same thing with Bane, I heard numerous non-comic fans wondering why he was wearing a mask etc. Then again, I haven’t met a single person who’s actually liked the film.

    • hunjeehi

      how people have you spoken to? 2? get some friends you freaking dork. i spoke to at least 200 people about the movie and 85% loved it, 5 percent thought it was merely okay, 10 person didn’t enjoy it and thought it was convoluted. Pretty similar to rotten tomatoes score. So i SUGGEST you get out of your mothers basement, quit playing diablo 3 and get some real friends because you don’t know what the hell you are talking about you clown.

      • Shivan

        LOL> that was epic. Awesome response, hunjeehi.

      • Polish

        Dude. Wow. This is an OPINION. You probably don’t know him, or how he lives. I liked the movie, but I’m willing to admit it has its flaws. You need to not take this so seriously, opinions are everywhere. Just because someone doesn’t have the same one as you doesn’t give you the right to bully and be an asshole.

        It’s a MOVIE. Calm down.

      • Jahanzeb

        lolz rightly said!

        > I haven’t met a single person who’s actually liked the film

        I wonder then how did it manage to get 8.9 on IMDB and 87 on RT. Btw I haven’t met a single person who didn’t like it.

      • mr teaspoon

        How about everybody stop acting as if their personal interactions can be used as a fair sample of audience opinion? Considering how many people went to see this movie, whether you speak to 2 or 200 people you don’t get to claim ‘I know what people REALLY thought’.

        Furthermore, even if you could prove that your experience represents the majority, who gives a damn? Has the argument ‘a lot of people liked it!’ ever been persuasive?

      • spongefist


        Are you an accountant? very specific with your percentages there – I’d have to ask you to show evidence or call you on that…

        Oh, and TDKR was a massive pile of shit.

      • cell989

        Dude the fact of the matter is the movie wasnt that great, Chad has a point, Marion Cottilard was irrelevant and by the time her “importance” to film was revealed I couldnt care less what happened to her. The movie has way to many plot holes, plot holes that make the movie feel lazy and rushed. Nolan spent so much time on Bane, showcasing his power and intellect, only to be blasted by a rocket and sent flying through the wall, never to be heard of again, he didnt even get his last words, did he die? and why didnt that rocket shred him into pieces like Catwoman had done with all the cars piled up just minutes before that. How the hell did Batman get to Gotham city so quick from where he was captive? Why would the bomb take so long to arm? conveniently enough for Batman to recover from a broken back, and what about his knees!! how the heck did he escaped that hole without does knees braces?! TDKR was not a good movie, stop riding the bandwagon and admit its way overhyped. People say its a good movie because thats the general consensus about Nolan movies, but this one is probably his worst film.

      • Anonymous

        DUDE about batman getting back in town i think u missed something…
        BETWEEN HE’S ESCAPE and the snow part in gotham 25 days has passed. That’s how long he took to get there and that’s why the bomb is about to explode when he arrives. When they actived it they said it will took 25 days to explode without any chances.
        wake up

    • Liam Gallagher

      “Another example of how bad a storyteller Nolan is.” Comical. Haters gonna hate.

    • Carl

      Dude, you’re kind of a dick. Are you into comic books, or are you just a self-proclaimed movie critic? Yeah he left out a lot of Bane’s backstory, but that adds to the whole erieness of the character. And of course they kept Marion Cottilard on the back burner. If they hadn’t, the whole twist at the end would have been dull and then you’d be bitching about that. You should go to the movies to enjoy it, not to tear it apart, dude.

      • EV M

        The twist WAS dull.On top of that, it was unearned, wedged into the movie with no art or skill whatsoever. You should see more movies, you might begin to understand the difference between good and bad ones.

        p.s. Erie is in Pennsylvania, whatever in hell that’s got to do with Bane.

      • AJ

        @ EV M: Agree 100%. Multiple times the whole roos on batman is substantiated in ways that make no sense looking back. Bane had no reason to tell Batman he was born in the pit. If Miranda was the bad guy, she had no reason to not blow the bomb at any point, especially after Batman lit a bridge on fire to show her he was back. These are setup lies… created for no practical reason other than to build towards a twist. That is bad storytelling in its essence.

  • Teinen

    Special Edition Blu Ray trilogy box set with deleted scenes double dip will surely be on its way.

  • DeAnte

    Nolan seems to be typically against putting a bunch of extras and deleted scenes on his DVDs, prefering to film everything and leave it all in, but it\’s now very obvious that not everything that was filmed made it\’s way into the final theatrical cut of the film.
    For the sake of getting to learn more about his fascinating approach to Bane, I really hope Mr. Nolan makes an exception this time around on the DARK KNIGHT RISES DVD/Blu-ray release.

  • gepeto

    loads felt missing…..sounds like there was a 4 hour cut as earlier stated…should of split the film in two….

    • KK

      That you have made allot of sense…
      The Fall …. then Rise…
      with the first ending with him getting broken and the second one going after that till the end…
      it would doubled the epicness of this film.

  • Lexavi80

    I hope the reason why Batman Begins and TDK don’t have deleted scenes is because they’re going to include the, all when they release a magnificent box-set for the Dark Knight Trilogy.

    I would LUV to have all three films packed with extras. Deleted scenes, alternate scenes (if any), documentaries, featuretes, cast and crew interviews, costume desing, set decoration, special effects, audition tapes, etc…

    Can’t wait!

  • cpm

    In the movie they only barely said that bane was part of the league of shadows. And aside from them screwing up the talia/bane connection, I would have much rather learned about bane’s back story and how his life paralleled Bruce Wayne’s more. In batman begins Bruce was given a choice to join the league and destroy Gotham city but he chose to fight for good. Giving bane the same choice and watching him chose the opposite would parallel waynes story arc much more in the sense that he is now fighting the demons inside him in the form of bane. Defeating bane gives him a better reason to move on that an ill conceived and unbelievable love story with catwoman.

    (I realize that batman catwoman have a connection in the comics but we were given very little reason to believe that here). (I need to watch the dark knight again for some hope)

  • Yep

    After I left the theater I tried so hard to convince myself it wasn’t bad, but I couldn’t. Too many characters and no development, too many plot holes (or “suspensions of disbelief” depending on your opinion) , corny ending, and just too over the top. Such a colossal disappointment, especially considering how much I kept up with developments/speculation etc. for years. Hype kills.

    • EV M

      This,my friend,this indeed.

    • Mike91

      I hate to agree with this :( I wanted to like it so bad!!
      On paper, this movie sounds awesome – Gotham’s revolution, new social order, massive fight in streets etc… but, yeah, didn’t work out.

  • JPA

    I thought it was a very good film,but it tried to do many things and did not do all of them justice. It would definitly benefit from a extended cut or having two parts.

  • Shivan

    LOL that was epic. Awesome response, hunjeehi.

  • Nomis1700

    Well we saw Ra’s al Ghul when we’re supposed to think he watches Bane being trained. I guess that was the only shot they used. While I highly doubt it’ll be concluded in an extended cut or just as deleted scenes, I still hope Nolan does so. There are even a few IMAX shots that he didn’t include in the final film.

    Foley being hit by the Tumbler
    Catwoman riding down the stairs
    Tumblers riding up the stairs to make way for the upper bitch.
    And a shot of Wayne walking into Tate’s party
    And a shot of Bruce and Lucius when he first sees the Bat. But we don’t in the film, only until he escapes with it from the police.

    Just a few :P

  • pewter tea set

    i ne ver liked the dark knight, if i watch a superhero movie i want to see batman fight a worthy villian. bane was that perfect villian for me, i loved it when he broke batman and seeing batman/bruces rise was epic. i thought selina kyle was terrific, amazing acting by anne hathaway. nolan was right about tom hardy too, his eyes give so much expression the mask didnt hinder his acting at all. i think its on par with begins for me, the dark knight was such a disappointment that i went in with low expectations watching rises. i came of the imax thinking just how awesome the movie i just saw was. oh and by the way i thought the ending was perfect.

  • Jahanzeb

    lolz rightly said!

    > I haven’t met a single person who’s actually liked the film

    I wonder then how did it manage to get 8.9 on IMDB and 87 on RT. Btw I haven\’t met a single person who didn\’t like it.

  • dobby

    Awesome response. I don\’t know why so many people hate this movie. It was friggin awesome, compared to most of the crap the studios foist on us. I would rather Watch a film where they bar is set so high that It maybe misses one or two beats, than the dulled-down, moron-focused, lowest-common-denominator , written by hack shite, that the studios trundle out year after year.

    BTW Chad, Other internet trolls don\’t count as people. get out and get a real friend. Oh and when you get off you ass and make a movie, we\’ll be sure and tell you what we think of it too.

  • mattinacan

    such an awesome movie, and epic trilogy, i welcome more scenes bring them on.

  • Come On

    I dunno know about disappointment. It still is the best superhero trilogy. Come on how is it bad? okay no joker is probably the reason. We all know joker was supposed to be in it before Ledger passed on. Foley and daggert were a waste, but its not enough to ruin the movie. I dunno man, you’ll proably argue back but I think we are to spoiled about movies today. I would have loved this if this came out in the early 90′s. Sure batman 1 and 2 were good, but this made batman a real film. And yes Avengers was good too, so i’m not siding here; plus they are two diff types of movies. It could have been alot worse…x-men 3(corney and wrong), blade 3, most of spidey 3(realtionship problems), and all those extra marvel and dc movies like green lantern,pun 2, ghost rider 2, etc. Atleast I can stand to watch it again. Anyway I want that extended cut and i do agree it’s dumb they didn’t include, and yes i want to see foley ran over. atleast he and daggert die lol

  • MAC

    It was perfect for me!

    BANE has enough story & enough ambiguity towards certain thing & I loved it!

    As NOLAN doesn’t like to show Deleted Scenes… I’m not sure if we’ll get it!
    But I really really hope we do see all deleated scenes!!

    All hater can shut up now!!
    If u don’t like TDKR; don’t bother coming here to its releaed articles!

    & MATT please do us a favour & STOP reporting about stuff U don’t like!!
    Although it would be hard for u to do!
    But please we fans want to hear something GOOD written about an extremely Beloved film!

  • Grayden

    Ealier in his career, circa Batman Begins, Nolan stated that he doesn’t do deleted scenes because what is filmed is what is put on screen. There was no point in filming extra scenes, knowing they wouldn’t make it in the final cut, just to have a “deleted scenes” section on the DVD. He was very smart in shooting only the scenes he wrote or envisioned. Not only does it cut on wasted time and money, but means showing everything you wanted to the audience.

    Now, for the case of Bane’s back story (no pun), I can understand why it didn’t make it in to the final cut. We spend the entire film being exposed to this force of nature in Bane, and only at the very end do we see he was once human. To see Bane training like Bruce, or his entire back story, wouldn’t really add anything to his character. The sheer mystique of his persona is what makes him so terrifying, much like the Joker. He’s brute force of the physical realm and that resonates with the audience. Trivializing Bane through his back story would have greatly lessened his impact on screen in my opinion. Also, he wasn’t really the main villain. If he had been, then a back story may have worked, but like the Joker, being dropped into Gotham fully-formed, as it were, is a much more powerful way to show a character.

    • pewter tea set

      grayden, you hit the nail on the head regarding bane being mysterious right till the end. it was awesome that way and im glad they didnt include the backstory scene. bane was so awesome and terrifying.

  • Henny

    Apparently, people treat Christopher Nolan as the new George Lucas. Both Revenge of the Sith and The Dark Knight Rises are incredible films that are hated by many people.

    • doomas10

      amen to that!

    • EV M

      Both being incredible films,and at the same time,incredibly flawed.Hate is an abject view that is a whole lot rarer than use of the word.Many people in the audience were disappointed by these two movies. If you weren’t one of them,we’re all very happy for you. There’s no right or wrong reaction to a movie — any movie.

  • Hiba

    I just loved the movie..I can watch it several times. Loved Bane character.

  • Ray

    Count me as a lover bane and catwoman EPIC, Levitt good, Bale better than previous films to me etc.

  • spongefist

    It was a VERY bad film. VERY VERY bad.

    • Jake

      It was a GREAT film. VERY VERY great.

  • Buzz

    TDKR was excellent. If you need your movie spoon fed to you, stick to the Avengers…a very good movie in it’s own right, but totally predictable and silly, while fun and very entertaining.

    Nolan makes cerebral movies, he doesn’t give you all the answers and actually makes you think while involving you in the plot. I love reading BS about how it is badly written, or how the story wasn’t well developed, LMFAO. If you don’t get Nolan’s films, OK, but don’t pretend they suck because they are too complicated for you too enjoy. This is the guy who made Memento and Inception, his writing is brilliant and his eye for directing is on par with the greats. I have watched TDK at least a dozen times on Blu Ray, and Nolan’s films almost require multiple viewings to truly appreciate. He doesn’t sell himself out to make light fare that will simply entertain.

    My advice, if you think TDKR sucked, Iron Man 3 is right around the corner. Take heart.

    • cell989

      there was nothing “cerebral” about TDKR, dont insult your intelligence like that, If you really think this was a “cerebral” film then you might be missing some neurons or something. Just because its a dark and gritty film does not mean its cerebral.

  • jasperwolf

    Joker had no back story and no one cared. Bane was nothing more than Talia’s lap dog; a plot device. No action was of his own devising. The Joker was a psychotic force who wanted to “watch the world burn”, as Alfred stated.

  • Mathias

    That was my first thought when I was watching the movie. Bane is such an unusual character, but he was definitely misused. We don’t really know why he is so aggressive and have only a slight idea of his background. And yes, Joker has no back story but his character was perfectly exposed and performed by Ledger. HE was actually the main character of the movie, not Batman
    Mathias, free scrabble

  • Mathias

    That was my first thought when I was watching the movie. Bane is such an unusual character, but he was definitely misused. We don\’t really know why he is so aggressive and have only a slight idea of his background. And yes, Joker has no back story but his character was perfectly exposed and performed by Ledger. HE was actually the main character of the movie, not Batman
    Mathias, <a href=\"\">free scrabble</a>

  • Mike91

    I hate to agree with this :( I wanted to like it so bad!!
    On paper, this movie sounds awesome – Gotham\’s revolution, new social order, massive fight in streets etc… but, yeah, didn\’t work out.

  • BMTO

    TDKR was an absolutely abhorrent film, with some of the most incredible character acting I\\\’ve seen in ages. Viewing this movie as a filmmaker, it beyond disappointed me – to the point that I truly have never been so unhappy with a movie in my long career of being a part of movies. As a long term comics fan, and a fan of the wonderful cast they put together, I was truly impressed. Goyer\\\’s absence was well and truly felt, the flick had much more of a comic feel with its writing which I truly appreciated. And my god did Hardy, Hathaway, JGL, and Bale put on a great show. As far as epic trilogy\\\’s go, this one deserved a better finale. It was sloppily edited, poorly paced, the action scenes (catwalk fight notwithstanding) were….I don\\\’t even have words for how bad they were, and I felt the IMAX had been effectively wasted on silly draw shots of Morgan freeman!
    But at the end of the day, we got Bane PROPER, and that alone is worth the round of applause.

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  • otq

    in the scene where she climbs out the cave and looks back to bane, you can see the cloth around his mouth being pulled off and none of his face was messed up. also as she explains the story she says when they returned it was to late and that the other prisoners had already taken their revenge on him. you can see him sitting with his face now covered and bloody. its my understanding that because of helping her get out her was fucked up by the other inmates and than given the mask by Raz.

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