No DARK KNIGHT RISES Extended Director’s Cut Planned for Blu-ray

     September 12, 2012


Bad news, Batfans.  Last week we reported on a rumor that Christopher Nolan was planning on including a director’s cut of The Dark Knight Rises on the film’s Blu-ray with 30 extra minutes including an extended origin story for Bane.  We cautioned readers to take the news with a grain of salt at the time; Nolan just doesn’t do director’s cuts and rarely even releases deleted scenes.  Now it’s been confirmed that no such director’s cut exists or is planned for the home video release of the film, so the 165-minute cut of The Dark Knight Rises is the only version of the film we’re likely to ever see.

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Bane-Dark-Knight-Rises-image-Tom-HardyThe folks over at The Playlist confirmed the non-existence of said director’s cut with Nolan’s reps, so this time the info is solid.  The news isn’t exactly shocking, but it would have been nice to see what made the cutting room floor.  Brendan noted earlier that Nolan was constrained by the limits of how much film can fit on the 70mm IMAX reels with The Dark Knight Rises (the film IMAX cuts ran without previews and with an abbreviated Warner Bros. logo just so the movie could fit), so there was likely at least some footage that Nolan discarded.

Costume designer Lindy Hemming previously described a Bane flashback that showed the character in a more primitive version of his mask chained up and being attacked by a group of people—likely in that prison hole.  Alas, that’s unlikely to see the light of day, but were we really expecting Nolan to include some significant new footage on the Blu-ray that couldn’t be presented in the director’s preferred IMAX format?

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    What a shame, because that film was definately missing something for me. I loved it, but upon second viewing the flaws really shine through. Banes backstory and mask explanation was a big part of that. Will wait for a fan-edit.

    Dredd 3D though smaller than tdkr seemed to look better, Mega city 1 out trumped Gotham I thought. Tdkr, Promethius, Avengers etc.. all this years most anticipated films, whilst all excellent, I thought Dredd was the most enjoyable and most surprising film. 95% rt score too! My film of the year so far, in that District 9 kinda way. Hopefully the Hobbit will be as awesome as I’m hoping.

    • Jay McKells

      Dredd without Stallone is like a remake of Flipper without Paul Hogan, destined to fail… Chris Nolan will only add scenes to TDKR if Morgan Freeman allows it as most of the stuff that made the cutting room floor were Lucius Fox ad-libbed scenes with Matthew Modine and Anne Hathaway.

      • Law giver

        Ha! Boy are you in for a shock! ..
        Or are you merely a Troll?
        Slys Dredd is the Batman & Robin of Dredds. Dredd 3D is the Batman begins.

      • Coach

        Agreed. Stallone is Dredd. Its like Indiana Jones with no Harrison Ford. Boycotting too

      • Bolland

        @ COACH, No its not like Indy without Ford! Its like Batman without Clooney!

        You may have gotten used to it because its maybe all you know about the character. Don’t get me wrong, its enjoyable as a pulpy corny 90s action sci fi film. And it ticks several boxes from the Dredd comics. But the biggest let down, wasn’t Sly AS Dredd, it was Sly as Dredd. As in not the casting, but the portrayal of Dredd was way off. Dredd in the comics is never seen without wearing his helmet, yet in the film he hardly even puts it on!

        Trivial to some non comics fans, but if everyone knew that Clark Kent was Superman, or if everyone knew Bruce Wayne was Batman then there would be uproar. Also Sly’s dialogue was as well thought out as Arnie as Mr Freeze.

        As a long time Dredd comics fan, all these years I’ve only had Slys Dredd on my shelf and have been longing for someone to come and do it justice. Now my calls have been answered! And its fantastic! Seen the movie already and its definately getting repeat viewings. I think when you see it, the 90s Dredd will be easily forgotten. Still it has its merits, set design, fun, costumes and Robots etc.. But it was lame. Mean Angel got about 2 minuits of screentime too, what a shame as visually he was spot on. Wasted!

        Go see this new Dredd, (if your old enough.)

      • Ethan Jannes

        The point u r trying to make about Judge Dredd is almost as funny as the analogy u paired it with. Apparently u exist in a world where the Stallone Dredd and that dolphin movie with Frodo are good films.

    • Peter Jackson

      Heck ya, I’m looking forward to seeing Dredd and the Hobbit too. TDKR was meh!

      • Chopper

        Dredd was a brilliant film! Less is more approach, and the violence and gore reminded me of Robocop-1, where it was violent but kinda funny. Hope Dredd gets the sequels it deserves, and i hope it makes a big box office to secure sequels. I’m gonna see it a few times more, great on a big screen. 3D wasn’t bad, helped the smallish budget seem bigger. The locations were stunning.

  • Lance

    This is not bad news at all. The movie is excellent as is, and is already pretty long. In my opinion, many director’s cut versions of films tend to be interesting to watch once, but don’t really make the film better. For example, I think the original version of Aliens is superior to the version where we see British actors try to act like blue collar Americans at Hadley’s Hope, prior to the xenomorph invasion.

    I would be interested in seeing a director’s cut version of Prometheus. There are a few places in the last third of the film that might benefit from the addition of a few scenes.

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  • m hartman

    For a film that felt like every scene was missing about 4-5 frames at the beginning and end, I was hoping for something a little more smoothed out, and beefed up, if Bane is the to be the true antithesis of Batman, I’d have enjoyed seeing his origin and training. As it stands it may not be the best of the 3 but TDKR was entertaining.

  • junierizzle

    I don’t really care much for directors cuts. The theatrical release is and always will be the definitive version of the film.

    Directors cuts are just an extra feature on the disc as far as I’m concerned.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Good, because this movie was boring and the most disappointing movie I saw this summer.

    • Brandon

      Mr. Wayne,

      Did you die in the plane or was Alfred just dreaming? If you died, you must’ve posted this comment from the past and found some way to rig it all up so you could do so (like the auto-pilot). If you’re alive, you are traveling the world and finally enjoying some free-time by looking at Collider. I would’ve loved to see one super-hero actually die at the end of a movie but, if you are out there somewhere, reading Collider and making comments, well, then I wish you all the best.

  • Voice of the People

    This movie was a total and abject failure of epic proportions. Everything from the dialogue to the acting was heinous. “There’s only one police in this town.” “Then he’s as dumb as he dresses” “Every Cop in the city was down there!” “Not every cop.” “No one told me it was uncrackable.”

    Michael Bay would have made a more credible, entertaining film. F*ck Nolan!

    • Anonymous

      your username should be ‘voice of the people – except the majority’

      • Conrad the Great!

        Agreed with anonymous! plus good slam

  • Jeff

    I am both a huge Batman fan and a huge Nolan fan, but TDKR is not a good film. The action scenes are poorly directed (like most Nolan films, I’m afraid) and the editing is even worse.

    Pay attention to the extras during the big street fight. They look and act ridiculous. The plot and story are a mess. Definitely not the movie I was hoping for and I kept a very open mind.

    This is Nolan’s first bad film.

  • Brett

    honestly if anyone had bothered to research this in the slightest they would have known it wasn’t true. It was all based on the idea that Bane’s origin would be explored, but the only scene in the entire (available to the public) script that wasnt in the film was an extremely brief moment showing Banes training, which somehow snowballed I to the absurd “30 minutes longer” extended cut rumor. Besides Nolan has stated many times he doesn’t do extended cuts, and he had final cut on TDKR anyway.

    • Chad

      Yeah, he had final cut, as long as it fit on the IMAX platter. Instead of making the best movie, he was more concerned with the IMAX gimmick… which is inexcusable, and the final result shows. It’s a deeply flawed film that felt rushed, but in honesty was just badly conceived and written from the start.

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  • Henrikus

    TDKR is a disappointment, I expected more from Nolan. Poor editing, a lot of plotholes, weak and non-sensible plot as well. Bane wasn’t a dominant and strong antagonist anymore after SHE was revealed. I wish they stopped at TDK.

  • Henrikus

    TDKR is a disappointment, I expected more from Nolan. Poor editing, a lot of plotholes, weak and non-sensible plot as well. Bane wasn\’t a dominant and strong antagonist anymore after SHE was revealed. I wish they stopped at TDK.

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  • Alan

    Oh for the love of … I will just repost what I wrote for the original article: “This could be confirmed by actually reading the frickin’ script: there is no way that there will be director’s cut. The script does not include any other substantial scenes, just a few bits of cut dialogue. If anyone, it is the Tom Conti role that features the most cuts. It should shame reporters to write such nonsense, and shame commentators like Brendan Bettinger for not doing the bare minimum of research before posting such garbage.”

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