Editorial: How Does THE DARK KNIGHT RISES End and Where Will BATMAN Begin Again?

     May 22, 2012


Now that The Avengers has delighted audiences and killed at the box office, it’s time to move onto the next big and shiny superhero toy: The Dark Knight Rises*.  The film will be Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale‘s final go-round with the Batman, and audiences are excited to see how, to quote the poster, “the legend ends.”  And after the legend has ended, how will Warner Bros. proceed with one of their most successful franchises?

Hit the jump for my prediction on how The Dark Knight Rises will end, how I’d like the Batman franchise to continue, and what I think Warner Bros. has in store for the caped crusader.

ending-prediction-dark-knight-rises-bane-teaser-posterBefore I get to my prediction, I want to make something clear: I haven’t read the script.  I haven’t talked to anyone who worked on the movie.  Nothing I write about the ending should be taken as a spoiler since a spoiler is based on fact, and this prediction is based largely on a hunch.  And my hunch is this:

Batman dies at the end of The Dark Knight Rises.

I am basing this prediction on a few factors.  First, I heard a rumor a while back about how the movie would have a potentially shocking and ballsy ending.  Secondly, in the trailer, Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) tells Batman (Bale) that he’s given the people of Gotham everything.  “Not everything,” Batman replies, “Not yet.”  To me, that indicates that Batman will give his life to save the city.  Additionally, if Ra’s al Ghul (Liam Neeson) is really coming back, then it could tie into the character’s message in Batman Begins about how Bruce Wayne needs to make himself more than a man.  He needs to become a legend.  Living legends are uncommon, which is why we feel the need to attach the word “living”.  Killing off Bats would also remove Bale from the franchise, and leave little doubt in the minds of fans that Nolan would change his mind and return for a fourth film.

So if Batman is dead, where does the franchise go?  Almost anywhere else it wants.

With Nolan and Bale gone, then Warner Bros. has the freedom to set up an entirely new Batman universe.  It would probably be new characters all around, and a different set of relationships.  It would be akin to the Spider-Man reboot except the studio didn’t kick out the director in the middle of developing the next installment.  Furthermore, fans are already accustomed to a new take on Batman since the character has been reinvented twice already in his feature films (three times if you count Batman: The Movie).  Furthermore, audiences would probably be more accepting of a reboot if Nolan’s Batman is dead.  It wouldn’t be like Spider-Man 3 where the same interpretation of the character can still have new adventures.

ending-prediction-dark-knight-rises-batman-animated-series-imagePersonally, I would be thrilled for a fresh new direction.  I’ve previously wrote about how I think Batman: The Movie is a lot of fun, but I don’t think a new Batman movie needs to go that far.  Instead, it should take its inspiration from The Avengers, and embrace the character’s comic book roots.  I’ve said on numerous occasions that I find Nolan’s take on the character perfectly valid, and I’m glad The Dark Knight Rises will be his last one.  A “realistic” Batman in an anti-comic book world has run its course.  The character can live in a world that’s dark without being gloomy.  For proof, please see the best screen-adaptation of the character: Batman: The Animated Series.   Additionally, who wants to see another director struggle to emulate Nolan?  To fans, Nolan is untouchable among Batman directors, and any filmmaker who tries to keep living in his Gotham will be dismissed as a weak imitator.

the-dark-knight-rises-posterSadly, I think Warner Bros. will look at the last three Batman films and come to the conclusion, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  Warner Bros. President Jeff Robinov already got it wrong when he said Green Lantern 2 needed to be “a little edgier and darker,” as if that’s the only reason comic book fans would buy a ticket.  The continuing adventures of gritty Batman would be a terrible outcome because it means the studio would squash the imagination of any potential up-and, and we would be stuck in a morose, real-world Gotham (i.e. whatever city played host to the production) for years to come**.

We’ll find out if my prediction about the ending is correct when The Dark Knight Rises opens on July 20th.  As for where the series will go from there, I expect Warner Bros. will name a new director by next July with an eye towards a 2015 release date.  Christopher Nolan might be willing to put the character to rest, but Warner Bros. will always resurrect the Dark Knight.

Sound off in the comments about what you think the future holds for Batman.  Also, in case you missed them, click here for the new character posters.

*No offense to The Amazing Spider-Man, but it’s a reboot going up against a sequel to one of the most successful superhero movies of all-time.  We’re still looking forward to it, but more geeks are currently geared up for TDKR.

**However the studio plans to proceed, I pray it won’t be another origin movie.  The next Batman movie is allowed up to one minute to explain the back story: murdered parents + falling into a cave filled with bats = Batman.


  • Jack Hoff

    Seems like a perfect time for Batman Beyond

    • Drew

      And have it directed by Ridley Scott or Zack Snyder starring Logan Lerman as Terry McGinnis with Michael Keaton as old Bruce.

      • Jason

        You need Clint Eastwood as Bruce Wayne.

    • Batfan

      I wouldn’t mind a Batman Beyond movie that much…but to be honest I agree with Goldberg here. I’d love to see them continue with Bruce Wayne but with a different take in a different universe. I’m honestly not the biggest fan of Nolan’s hyper-realistic take on the Batman mythos (it’s why when this trilogy is over, I have a feeling Batman Begins will still be my favorite)…because there’s only so much you can do with it before it begins to feel stale, since a good portion of Batman’s rogues gallery are not realistic enough to be able to plausibly fit in Nolan’s grounded universe. I’d love to see the rebooted universe tackle Batman’s more freakish villains like Killer Croc, Clayface, etc. that we’d never seen in a Nolan Batman film. And I hope we can get a tone that is a bit closer to the comic books but still retains that dark and gritty feel of the Nolan films…I feel the Arkham videogames have done a good job of this. It would need a more visually interesting director…Nolan is great from a technical standpoint but as far as production design goes he is very bland. I think someone like Darren Aronofksy would do a perfect fit for a comic book Batman movie.

      • Stefan

        I agree. Three films spent in Nolan’s Gotham really seem more than enough, and I’m guessing Batman Begins will remain my favorite Batman film from his trilogy simply because it was dark but still retained the sleek but Gothic feel of the comics at times. I appreciate TDK as a story about law and order. It explored the theme of justice through order versus justice through vengeance very well, but having two characters named “Batman” and “Joker” does not a Batman movie make. As for The Animated Series, I’ve often wished for a film that would mimic this–that would appeal to both my inner child and my adult self as comic book adaptations should. Aronofsky is a great suggestion. I’d probably toss in Wong Kar Wai, maybe Tarsem Singh, David Fincher, and Fernando Mereilles.

    • Dan

      I too think that Nolan is going to kill off Batman but I’m hoping he doesn’t kill off Bruce Wayne. Then Warner Brothers could get moving right away on a Batman Beyond trilogy and they wouldn’t have to reboot anything. It would be fantastic.

    • randall

      batman didnt die at the end e showed up wit alfred at da restaruant see how people get their stories messe up

  • Tom Mot

    I honestly don’t think they’ll kill batman, although i want to know what JGL is there for and if he’ll be some kind of nightwing/batman replacement if bane breaks bruce

    • Brandon

      People keep saying this. There is no way in hell that Batman is going to turn over the mantle to some rookie cop. After all of the training and preparing he did to become Batman, it just would not make any sense.

  • Caleb The Awesome

    Your theory is flawed. If he dies, the legend lives on. If he lives and does everything he set out to do the legend can end. After all, the tagline is: “the legend ends.”

    Something else, something no one has predicted, will happen.

  • ccraw13

    A “Sin City” – esque production of Batman paying homage to Batman: TAS? Finally, get a Batman that is comic booky and make the story more noir/mystery oriented… I would love that.

    I really hope Batman does not die though…

  • Rickey G

    So it was nothing but your hunch? Then u say Batman dies. The very next sentence u say u were basing shit off rumors? Derp! How’s that your hunch? Seems easy for a person in the reporting on movie biz to get inside info that probably accurate from rumors. U weren’t getting them from a normal non biz person obviously. So the odds are…he dies and u know it and are trying to play it off as some awesome movie intuition.

  • Reelworld

    I agree with the chance they’ll kill him. That being said, a reboot should maintain the essence of what this trilogy established, and not veer back to the Schumacher days…

  • ophrahnoodlemantra

    Yeah, I think it’s time for Batman Beyond. It’s a perfect way to keep Batman going while still honoring Nolan’s trilogy. I have no problem with a reboot but I see a lot of people getting angered by that. It would almost cheapen the scale and success of Nolan’s trilogy. I don’t think anyone wants it to seem like WB just says, “K thanks Christian and Christian, good job…now on to the next one”.

    Batman Beyond is different enough so that it doesn’t take away from Nolan’s trilogy yet it still allows people to explore the story of Batman and the city of Gotham.

    • Carlos A. (Colombia)

      I also think WB should take this path it seems like a good opportunity to reset a character as respected as “the Joker” without disrespecting or trying to “fill” Heath Ledgers’ shoes….

  • shadow076

    I think Batman will die but Bruce Wayne will still go on

    • peetah

      Bane will break Batmans spine and put him in the wheelchair paralised but not dead, also Alfred may die of heart attack
      That’s what I think

  • Jeremy

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but in the comics Batman gets killed by Bane and Nightwing becomes the protector of Gotham. This being said it seems like Batman could die setting up Joseph Gordon-Levitt (there has got to be a bigger role than the one we are led to believe) to play Nightwing. Christopher Nolan could produce and watch over the film like he is doing with Man of Steel. I for one think a Nightwing movie led by Levitt could be quite good.

    • diles1

      Bane famously breaks Batman’s back, but he does not kill him. It takes time for Bruce Wayne to recover, and in the meantime another character, Azrael, temporarily takes his place and defeats Bane.

    • Donovan McLean

      You are a little wrong. Bane doesn’t kill Batman, he paralyzes him. Batman then asks Azreal to take over as Batman while he heals. Azreal fights crime his way, killing people and generally acting in ways that make Batman look bad. Bruce wayne heals, defeats Azreal, and later asks Nightwing to watch the city while he trains again.

      Nothing would ever move Nolan or Goyer to incorporate another superhero character like Nightwing or Robin, so thats not going to happen.

      But, as soon as I heard Bane would be a character it seemed to me that Nolan would probably do some version of that story and have Bruce Wayne taken out of the game and replaced with a more sinister Batman which he will have to fight in the end.

      I do think it’s fairly clear from the trailers this is likely. Bane severely injures Batman: The first shot of Bruce Wayne in the most recent trailer shows him moving like he’s in a wheelchair. Gordon says Batman must return.

      And it seems likely he will ask Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character to take over for him. The most recent trailer seems to have Levitt on the inside of Batman’s circle of trust. He knows that Wayne is in trouble. He seems to be internalizing Batman’s disappearance as his own problem (like when the boy asks if Batman is coming back.)

      And I predict, in the end, they will fight Batman against Batman.

      • Donovan McLean

        Sorry for the redundancy, I started writing that a while ago.

  • luke

    You guys are nuts! Batman Beyond is way too early. They should do a protege trilogy with Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Robin

    THEN, Batman Beyond as Bruce’s final protege.

  • Teejay

    I agree Batman Beyond would be a sweet direction to go. However if they do stay modern with Batman I vote they do some sort of take on the classic blue and grey suit. It doesnt need to be campy colors, but soemthing in those tones. They have done the black suit to death, and while I love the Nolan suits and even the Burton suits I think changing that up would be cool. You could do without the blue underwear on his suit. A year one style suit could be cool to, where its all actual cloth.

  • MR.Rich316

    All of you Batman Beyond people can forget about it. W.B. doesn’t have the cajones to go with a totally new Batman as the lead into a new franchise. Besides that,if its any Bat other than Bruce Wayne that kills any Justice League movie. I think if Mr. Goldberg is correct and they have Bats killed there will be a sequence where Bruce rises out of the Lazarus pit that was shot way early in the production. I believe our friends here at Collider had the set pic with the green screen. You know the suits at W.B. are just wet with anticipation at the thought that they will get control of Batman back from Nolan. I just hope they have enough guts to take the Marvel blueprint all the way to the Hall of Justice.

  • chuck

    Dont want to see it reboot for at least 3 yrs so Im all for bringing Keaton back to do Dark Knight Returns with him as the aging Batman. ( yes a diffferent director than Burton) The film would make a fortune and be quite interesting indeed.

  • Coop

    Personally,id like to see Duncan Jones Directing The Jeph Loeb\Tim Sale trilogy. Someone that would have the stones to do a credible Robin origin?

  • Jon

    I think the next Batman film needs to less grounded in reality so to allow villians like Mr Freeze, Clayface etc to be used but still keep the darkness of the character, I think WB will go down the fantastical route so that Batman can co-exist in a potential DC film universe.

  • David

    Jeremy, I will correct you. Bane didn’t kill Batman, he broke his back. Which could explain why Bruce Wayne walks with a cain in the trailers.

  • Coop

    And Jeremy,I have to correct you but Bane only broke Batman’s back.

  • Franklin

    Batman doesn’t die… instead, Gotham is completely destroyed by the mysterious weapon that Bane and the League of Shadows have. Watch the trailers carefully — the weapon is first used at the football stadium. And this end has been hinted at strongly in symbolic, visual form: the Bat emblem outline of the skyscrapers of Gotham burning and collapsing.

    It will be poetic and sort of ironic: Bane will pull off what many comic book villains have tried to do in the movies but been stopped by the hero — destroy a city.

    This is how the Legend and Nolan’s Batman trilogy will end, which mostly ensures that no other director or screenwriter can make more Batman movies set in his Bat universe.

    As for a reboot, I predict the studio will hold off for a long while and instead incorporate Batman into a Justice League movie, perhaps having Batman/Bruce be older, middle-aged.

  • junierizzle

    Cant they just let it die? Of course not.

    No matter what they do, I agree with Matt, no origin for the love of God. Everyone knows Batman is a rich guy named Bruce Wayne. Just recast the thing and start the thing like a sequel, no opening credits just start the.movie. Batman is on a new adventure. You don’t even have to tie it to Nolan’s movies.

    • mand

      something a la James Bond?

    • Peter

      So we start with some thugs ripping off an expensive jewelry store. Batman swings in a gets his butt kicked and the bad guys escape. He then turns to the camera and says, “This never happened to the other fellow.”

      (For those of you non-James Bond fans, this is how On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, the first Bond film without Sean Connery, started.)

      • Brandon

        It’s pretty lame that you felt the need to explain that joke.

  • bob

    he could always go crazy and end up in arkham

  • knowledge

    Matt, I hate your reviews but I have enjoyed your editorials. Keep writing editorials. Well done.

  • bob

    he could go crazy and end up in arkham and Joseph Gordon-Levitts character will be the face of Gotham like what Harvey Dent tried to be until the joker made him two face

  • Bruce Brayne

    Batman Beyond is never going to happen people! I think the inevitable reboot will have plenty of potential though. If WB is really keen on making a Justice League film, I’m sure they will be taking notes from the success of Man Of Steel. Given that the Batman reboot will be released sometime AFTER MoS, it would be the perfect opportunity to reintroduce the character in a more fantastical universe-the hook being that a normal guy in a Bat costume struggles to protect a world filled with superhumans. Also, instead of following Marvel’s Pre-Avengers build up exactly, WB should give us Man of Steel, a Batman reboot that has some nods to the MOS universe, and then a Justice League film. The major selling point of the Avengers is the combination of a team of B-C characters, whereas the major selling point for a Justice League film is the teaming up of Batman and Superman. So, I say give those characters solo films and then use the Justice League to introduce the second stringers. Hell, give Reynolds another shot with Green Lantern. If Joss Whedon could make me LOVE Black Widow after previously HATING the character(IM2), then Green Lantern can most definitely be redeemed.

  • Ivan

    The Adventures of Catwoman, of course! duh…

  • JWII

    I want to believe that they will try to stay true to the story of Knightfall as mush as possible. To manipulate the saga to Nolan’s Batman Universe, I think that Gordon-Levitt will be donning the mantle of the Bat by the movie’s end and Bale’s Batman will remain “broken” or as stated above, dead.

    One of the best ways this film can end is the City of Gotham “seeing and believing” that Batman the batman they have known is dead, only to witness his resurrection through a new Batman, hence establishing the legend and securing the franchise for an appropriate continuation.

    If Nolan passes the director’s chair to another “up &coming” director, it should be to one with Nolan’s visionary eye. The last thing we want in this franchise is another Joel Schumacher. That was a “fresh new direction” filled with disappointment and campiness that should no longer be a part of the Batman franchise.

  • Brad

    I love the Nolan-universe Batman films. I really do. They are the type of Batman films I always wanted, a complete distillation of the character over many different incarnation, reapplied with an engineers logic and an expressionistic idea of realism. Love ‘em.

    That said, I also love Tim Burton’s Batman films. They’re closer to Bob Kane’s crazy, evil-monk fighting pulp-hero than I think people would like to admit these days.

    I also dug Brave and The Bold, and still can’t read a Batman comic without hearing the Tim-verse voice of Kevin Conroy.

    MY point: there IS no definitive Batman, and I think its time to, not necessarily lighten him up, but maybe be a little more fun and pulpy again. Something more akin to The Animated Series.

    As for the characterization, as much as I love Bale’s somber, thoughtful, touching tragic hero (I really commend them for keeping him a *hero*, and avoiding the hoary ploy of having him be a bone snapping nutjob who just thrashes poor people, which really isn’t the fault of Frank Miller, people just took THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS and couldn’t escape it, not realizing that The Batman in that earned his nihilism, there was a reason for his portrayal in that, forgetting that when Miller wrote Year One that he wrote Bruce as a very forgiving and optimistic figure), as much as I just said I loved Bale’s take, the one thing missing is what I like to call ‘know-it-all’ Batman. The one whose just one step ahead of everybody, the one who would almost be smug if he wasn’t so bad ass. Something, again, approaching the characterization in Justice League Unlimited.

    And I hope they don’t do another origin, for the love of pete.

    In short I think its time for the pendulum to swing the other way, and to get a little bit more crazy with the series. Manbat? Penguin?

  • Northern Star

    Here’s a novel idea- How about you DON’T continue the Batman franchise after ‘TDKR’, but rather let it settle in for a while (like at least a decade) before thinking of going back to Gotham with a new take, besides, if ‘Man of Steel’ turns out as utterly gangbusters as I think it will (go Zack Snyder go… the man who made the best CBM so far in ‘Watchmen’), then Warner Bros will have a monumental new franchise there to replace the Caped Crusader…

  • Batfan54

    I say take it in a direction somewhat of the world of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City created. Hell im all for gettin Mark hamill in prostetics to change his appearance to resemble the joker in the game and have him play the joker.

  • Frank Robbins

    Batman is very versatile. Probably the most of any fictional character, comic-based or otherwise. WB/DC could easily capitalize on this while providing something exceptional, unique and daring.

    Give 5 visionary directors 100 mil each and carte blanche to create 5 different perspectives of the Batman simultaneously. Call it “The Batman Project”. Release one at a time, so we can anticipate a new concept every 6-8 months. Package them in a DVD/BRay box. Make sequels of the ones that have staying power. Watch the fans rave and the money pour in.

  • BeardedBullet

    I personally feel that Zack Snyder would be a perfect fit; he’s already in Nolan’s camp with Man of Steel and done his fair share of comic book films. I think a Batman film in the style of 300/Sin City with action akin to Watchmen (perhaps not as violent to keep it PG-13) would be amazing. I think we could all use a little more speed-ramping with our Batman :)

  • wacko3205

    Personally I don’t think that anyone could have set up Batman the way that Nolan has this go round.

    As ridiculous as this is to say…& I know that its overused and abused as far as phrases go…but the Nolan’s, Zimmer, and even Goyer made Batman realistically relevant again, so to speak. I like the fact that Nolan has more or less built an American James Bond shaded with a cowl and cape.

    Whether you like Nolan or not…
    Whether you like his fans or not…
    Whether you like the story and its arc…

    You have to respect all of the above.

    Actually…you don’t.
    You can hate on Nolan & what he’s done to Batman all you want…you can want the “fantasy based bat” that Burton so neatly pulled off, but selling a rebooted Bat that has been convincingly built up being said I actually hope that Nolan does make Batman a martyr.

    Now…to totally contradict & argue with myself (which I think “talkbacks” are basically all about)…as much as I love (& I do…just sat thru Begins, Knight, Memento, Presitge, and Insomnia back to back) Nolan’s reality (& I won’t even get into Inception…YES I’m a Nolan T-bagger…no doubt), & no disrespect to my guy, we should be in full if not partial agreement with Jon if for no other little bit of a reason than to see Killer Croc, Clayface, Freeze, Hugo, Mad Hatter, and so many of the other “unrealistic” nutty as Chhinese chicken salad villains.

    Let it be so.

  • UziGunner

    I just really wish Cillian Murphy would play Scarecrow again after a new universe. he does it so well, and is an amazing actor.

  • AlexHeyNa

    Batman dying is too simple. Too…predictable. Something much bigger needs to happen. What that is, I don’t think anybody will ever predict. But I can practically guarantee you that Batman will not die.

    For the big, emotional aspect, I’m gonna say Alfred’s gonna die. And his last words will be, “Why do we fall, sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.” And he will die in Bruce’s arms.

    THAT is the emotional impact this needs. I’m thinking like a filmmaker here, and to get your audience cry, don’t kill the main character who puts himself in harm’s way every day of his life. Kill the helpless, frail old man, who fell into this mess.

  • S Doria

    Matt, I write for a Batman related website, Darkknightnews.com & personally, I agree with a lot of what you say, except for your premise. Now, I must admit I have not read your entire post, I had to jump to the comments to say what I have been saying on the website for a long time. I think that you are right that Batman will be dead at the end of this movie. However, I think that it will only be Batman that dies at the end of the movie, and not Bruce Wayne.

    Rachel Dawes alludes to this in The Dark Knight, when she says when the city no longer needs Batman. When we watch the scene in the trailer of the two groups running at each other Gangs of New York style, I believe that is truly the beginning of the end for Batman.

    That, to me at least, seems to be that beginning of the end for Batman because that is the point where the city finally rises up against crime and intolerance.

    That itself will make a great “ballsy” ending for the movie, give the fans what they want, Batman dying, and even tie in the posters in which “the legend ends.”

    It will basically cover all bases and being the ending in which the city no longer needs Batman.

    However, as I said earlier, I have not read your entire post, so maybe you do go into that idea. But I just felt the need to get that possibility off my chest before I proceeded. It is simply a food for thought comment…

    • Baptiste

      this whole site is a bunch of hipster derps that will be jerking off in the theaters whilst Batman and bane fight. Homers!

  • Liam

    I don’t give a crap what they do, as long as they leave the Joker out of it. I think the character in a live-action form died with Heath Ledger.

  • ozzie

    I just don’t get why people love the Batman reboot so much but aren’t even willing to give The Amazing Spiderman a chance (or it could just be the 10 vocal commenters here )… I love the Nolan Batman series so much but this summer it’s hands down Andrew Garfield as Spiderman I am looking forward to. I suspect that it is because I personally connect to Spiderman as a character and Raimi slaughtered it so bad in his attempt. I was a Marvel guy, not a DC guy in my comic collecting years.

    There is enough room in the world for Garfield as Spidey and to get to watch Bain kick the crap out of Batman. Both movies will be epic … but in different ways.

    It will be interesting to see if Batman comes close or breaks Avengers opening weekend box office numbers.

  • Conor

    He will kill Bane.

  • Teinen

    I think studios should start looking to the James Bond model. After all, as comic fans we have been trained to embrace a complete change in style, direction, and structure, as well new artists/authors/etc. And we actually get excited about it (well, sometimes). They just have to start focusing on the adventures instead of the backgrounds of characters. For christs sake, just start using the advertising to tell back stories if needed. Its simple, each movie for a well known CBC, let’s say Batman while we’re at it, would have a different flavor each movie. Think of it like pizza, everybody likes and knows what pizza/batman is. We just want the taste as many different flavors of it as possible. And that’s the beauty of Batman, he is pizza. Green Lantern is like Itailian Wedding Soup, weird and not for everybody.

  • Teinen

    I think studios should start looking to the James Bond model. After all, as comic fans we have been trained to embrace a complete change in style, direction, and structure, as well new artists/authors/etc. And we actually get excited about it (well, sometimes). They just have to start focusing on the adventures instead of the backgrounds of characters. For christs sake, just start using the advertising to tell back stories if needed. Its simple, each movie for a well known CBC, let’s say Batman while we’re at it, would have a different flavor each movie. Think of it like pizza, everybody likes and knows what pizza/batman is. We just want the taste as many different flavors of it as possible. And that’s the beauty of Batman, he is pizza. Green Lantern is like Itailian Wedding Soup, weird and not for everybody. Let’s make the “non-reboot” the new “reboot” Hollywood.

  • Chris Cooper

    Many words to come to one conclusion…

    “Be more like ‘The Avengers.’”

  • ric_hard

    How about Tim Burton ending his own trilogy with Michael Keaton as… The Cape Crusader!!!

    • Northern Star

      What trilogy? Even back then, I never read Burton say he had a trilogy in mind (anyone got evidence to the contrary, I’d love to hear it), he only did ‘… Returns’ on the contractual promise by Warner Bros that he had full creative control, and thank goodness because he turned out a fantastic movie that is arguably better than the 1989 original.

      He only produced ‘…Forever’ (mainly as a favor to the studio) because he was busy doing the awesome ‘Ed Wood’ throughout most of 1994, personally, I think both he and Michael Keaton were right to leave after ‘… Returns’, and I certainly wouldn’t want Burton returning to the franchise, he did a tremendous job back when, leave it alone…

      • Hollow

        He only produced ‘Forever’ because Warners, in a nice way, fired him.
        Although both his films were hugely successful, the marketing departments at McDonalds couldn’t advertise the Penguin with, and I quote, green sh*t coming out of his mouth.
        Joel Schumacher had nothing to do with the way the other 2 abominations turned out, they were studio made all the way.

        The result was the franchise died but McDonalds made millions.

        And it is quite sad that after all these years, Joel Schumacher is still blamed.

        BTW, I worked in Warners around that time and heard that conversation between the marketing depts.

      • Jesus

        You’re honestly trying to excuse Schumacher? Even Schumacher doesn’t try to excuse himself for Batman & Robin. Listen to his audio commentary on the Blu-ray or DVD, it’s essentially him talking about all the bad choices he made, and he actually, in his own words, calls the film a “mistake”.

        He knows he messed up. Don’t apologize for him or pretend it was studio interference. He didn’t have to go all neon, but he did, and it didn’t work.

  • Jasperwolf

    Except for a few who know his true identity, The Batman is a legend, like William Tell or Robin Hood, who may or may not have existed, but stirred rebellion among the people. Perhaps he moves from the legendary realm to truth and stirs rebellion throughout Gotham; he moves from mystery to actuality. Instead of hiding from the world, he chooses to exist and appear in it doing what he always does, fighting to protect the city and its people this time in open combat. In all his iterations, it was not Bruce Wayne that inspired, but the man behind the mask. Once and for all, Gotham will believe The Batman is real, not the stuff of legend. However, who he is, under the mask, will always remain a mystery. Even if Bruce Wayne dies, The Batman will live, not as a legend, but as a reality.

  • Perry

    It’s pretty obvious what WB is going to do. They’re completely jealous that Marvel established a cinematic universe with several successful solo films and then topped it off with an ensemble piece and they want some of that Avengers action. It was painfully obious in Green Lantern that they were trying to build to that with Amanda Waller.

    But Nolan did not want to play ball with the movies he set up, because in the world of his movies, Batman is the only costumed hero. So he’s ending his story and WB is going to reboot the franchise after that, with an eye on leading into a Justice League film.

  • Dean

    I have to admit I like the idea of killing Batman off to end the Nolan trilogy… Gotham implodes… and the legend of Batman lives on to inspire a new man to take up the cowl or legacy… Ala Dick Grayson as Nightwing…

    If Batman dies and Gotham implodes, then I have to say the world after will be a very Arkham City or No Man’s Land type of world… can you imagine a darker Batman than Nolan’s version??

    Have the film from Grayson’s perspective until he realizes he is not alone in the fight and someone else is wearing the cowl… This is how I see if the studio directly carries on from Nolan…

    My other idea would be to bring Batman back to his detective roots… And introduce us to HUSH or the Red Hood…

  • Peter Krieger

    First, let me say that Nolan’s take on Batman has been, for lack of a better term, completely awesome.
    I remember buying the 1st issue of ‘Dark Knight Returns’ oh-so-many years ago…without that, no Batman movies. PERIOD. Frank Miller made him relevant again.
    Now, I don’t think that Batman is going to die @ the end of TDKR. Certainly possible; not out of the question.
    However, my take is that in the middle of the film, a confrontation between Batman and Bane goes very badly for Bruce; recovery; redemption; 2nd chance; someone, somewhere says ‘Gotham still needs you….I still need you’
    2nd Round w/ Bane results in a near-collapse of Gotham but Batman saves the day. When the dust settles, Bruce decides to hang up the cape and the utility belt…until the cries of help grow louder.
    WB/DC will still attempt to monetize Batman in the future; it is just a question of when and how.
    Nolan has taken this so far in a direction that I could not have imagined two decades ago…it was worth the wait.
    That’s it….I have to crash. Peace Out and watch movies.

  • vxx

    Don’t make the next Batman like The Avengers. Batman movies have always set the tone and started the trends. They never follow.

    Can’t remember his name, but the principal guy responsible for bringing the Avengers to life has said that the recent Marvel hits wouldn’t have been possible without Batman Begins. The casting of heavyweights like Bale, Caine, Neeson, Oldman, etc. made it possible to draw talent like Robert Downey Jr. to Iron Man and Kenneth Branagh to Thor. Nolan has brought credibility back to the superhero genre.

    • Jesus

      Actually, the two films generally accredited with opening the door to CBMs as respectable fare are X2 and Spidey-2. The latter then gave huge breaks to Nolan’s Begins as Raimi had shown that a more classical actor like Molina, if given a well-written part, could actually elevate a superhero flick above a bunch of well-staged action scenes. Of course, Spidey-2′s casting owed a huge debt to Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan and Halle Berry (even if she did suck) for starring in X2 and X1 (though X2 is generally the one credited with being the first major ramp up of the CBM genre (though Spidey 1 didn’t hurt). Nolan’s films have ridden the wave, and perhaps represent one of its crests in terms of the amazing casts he’s snagged, but they’re by no means the pioneers.

  • Napadude!

    First off, lets not overreact, Avengers was good (not great)…WB needs to stay away from that. Second…after watching Captain America with its retro elements, wouldn’t it be cool to see a 1950′s Batman (with advanced technology)? It could be like Batman the Animated Series…action, humor and heart…something I think the next Batman film needs. One last thing,WB needs to take more risks, yeah Green Lantern bombed (make a good movie and you’ll have better luck), but there needs to be more then Superman and Batman. If Marvel doesn’t do a Doctor Strange movie, then DC needs to make a Doctor Fate move…..anyways I’m done talking.

    • RorshachLives!

      If WB are indeed going to reboot Batman after Nolan leaves, then do something really radical and original, and I know exactly the way to go… do an adaptation of the awesome and atmospheric Batman graphic novel from the late 1980′s, ‘Gotham by Gaslight’, wherein we see a 19th century Batman going after Jack the Ripper who has fled London to Gotham, great stuff, would be superb onscreen!

  • Slice

    I think it should be called “The Detective.”

    That title should carry a double meaning. “The Detective” as in Batman and “The Detective” as in Gordon.

    Stop doing adaptations of other material. Make a trilogy starter that
    “begins” in the 70s and the final movie in the current day. Do an all out murder mystery. Low tech. Car chase. Bring in any villain but don’t reveal them until the end.

    I’m thinking French Connection mixed with the TV show “Life” where Charlie Cruze was tracking down who got him convicted of a triple murder and stuffed in prison – which would be the overarching story over three movies – basically leading to who was the main villain.

    There Warner Bros. That one was free.

    • Slice


      You can’t tell me that’s a bad idea.

      Just look at that final scene of The French Connection with Doyle in that empty floor of the warehouse chasing down the guy. Substitute Hackman with Batman, Roy Scheider is replaced by Detective Gordon. Jump cut to black.

      That’s how a first Batman movie should end.

      • matthew

        that IS a bad idea, sounds horrible and they’d lose over half they’re fans. Please don’t ever be involved with writing a batman movie

      • Jesus

        Batman has one of the most popular, distinctive, famous gallery of rogues…and you want them to not even really appear in the films? You want the villain to remain elusive almost throughout an entire trilogy? That’s Sherlock Holmes.


    • Fravit

      good idea or not, no one would want to see that kind of a batman movie.

  • Napadude!

    After seeing Captain America, why not make a retro Batman…it could be like Batman the animated series…action, msytery, humor and heart. I like the Nolen Batman universe but lets move on…something new please. Also if Marvel doesn’t do a Doctor Strange movie, then please DC give me a Doctor Fate movie.

  • jonski22

    i want to see a Batman film with Batman, Robin/Nightwing & Batgirl against Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Two-Face, Riddler, Mr.Freeze and other villains….but with no Bat-Nipple!

  • Agent_Black

    Nolan did nothing special here, he simply stayed true to the vibe of a lot of the graphic novels ki k-started by Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, so gritty Batman is more than valid, it’s authentic and simply true to the source material.

    Making Green Lantern, Superman and other hero’s gritty? That’s just imitation.

  • Mccparker

    I find it interesting that everybody seems to be talking about the “Knightfall” story line. When it appears that Nolan has been sourcing Frank Millers story Arcs. TDKR has more the feeling of The Dark Knight Returns with an element of Knightfall twisted into it (i.e. using Bane as the terrorist threat that pulls Batman out of retirement). In that story line (which I am sure most everyone reading this post has read), Batman does die at the end. However it is a staged death and he rises to continue his crusade. Do I think that Nolan will finish the story in this manner…not quite. Will there be those elements with in the story…absolutely. Will it be cool and unpredictable (knowing Nolan’s track record for misdirections in regards to his movies) of course, I would expect nothing less. Do I care what WB does with the franchise afterwords…not really. What ever they do it will be either great or it will suck. I think that Nolan changed the game in regards to comic book movies, and that whether you like, love or loathe these movies respect must be paid.

  • sidney

    i’ve heard a few people mention that tim burton and michael keaton may be relaunching their series with an older batman. would be amazing

  • Agent_Black

    “I remember when I first read the script, of course it was all top secret,” Bale said during a break in the shoot. “I went round by Chris’ house, was shut in the room with the script — not allowed to leave with it — and it hit me that this was the last one. What Chris couldn’t believe was how slow I read because I go back and re-read until I have it all in my mind. I was in there six or seven hours. It was dark when I came out. And I was smiling”

    If Batman ‘dies’ at the end or is crippled, not sure Bale’s reaction would be a smile, he’s grown with this character for 8 years or so, he would be more melancholy. I think Nolan’s got something more cunning than death up his sleeve

  • Agent_Black

    “I remember when I first read the script, of course it was all top secret,” Bale said during a break in the shoot. “I went round by Chris’ house, was shut in the room with the script — not allowed to leave with it — and it hit me that this was the last one. What Chris couldn’t believe was how slow I read because I go back and re-read until I have it all in my mind. I was in there six or seven hours. It was dark when I came out. And I was smiling”

    Given that Bale has grown with this character for 8 or more years I think his reaction would be more melancholic than ‘smiling’ if Nolan killed him off. i think he has something far more clever in store…

  • AlexHeyNa

    Batman dying is too simple. Too…predictable. Something much bigger needs to happen. What that is, I don’t think anybody will ever predict. But I can all but guarantee you that Batman will not die.

    For the big, emotional aspect, I’m gonna say Alfred’s gonna die. And his last words will be, “Why do we fall, sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.” And he will die in Bruce’s arms.

    THAT is the emotional impact this needs. I’m thinking like a filmmaker here, and to get your audience cry, don’t kill the main character who puts himself in harm’s way every day of his life. Kill the helpless, frail old man, who fell into this mess.

  • Olerhead

    I can see WB rebooting the franchise and tying it in with this new Superman flick. Setting themselves up for a Justice League movie.

    I don’t see how any sane studio exec could look at what Marvel is doing with the Avengers and not say ‘Why aren’t we doing that with our huge stable of characters that we own that are just as well-known, if not moreso?’

  • Ilamathi Selvan

    I don’t think batman dies. The movie is titled the dark knight RISES. I repeat the knight “rises”. At the end of TDK batman becomes a fugitive and is hunted but having defeated the master of chaos Joker, Gotham is at peace as the TDKR trailer indicates. So in the upcoming movie he faces the new villain Bane without any public support but after a mighty stuggle emerges victorious thereby clearing his name. That is always the style of a superhero story no matter who the director is. Also, there is no need for the character to die to do a reboot or sequel. Remember after Tim burton Joel Schumacher took the movie character in a new direction (ok..wrong direction) without killing batman. And people who want a more comic style batman should rewatch Schumachers’ batman.

  • Dre Dre

    I honestly dont think Chris Nolan would give away the ending of the trilogy in the trailer. I don’t think he dies. But i do think that he will never be able to be Batman again. Killing whats most important to him.

  • Keith

    Adapt The Dark Knight Returns.

  • Jeff

    I would be so happy if theyvdecided to do batman beyond and do the real terry a clone story. Surprised i didnt see anonesay nolan has already signed to.help with a batman reboot in 2015 on his imdb.

  • Mike

    All I want is a Batman movie that is dark like Nolan’s take, but still willing to come and play with the rest of the DC Universe. That doesn’t even have to include some of the more outlandish villains. I want DC to basically copy Marvel and obviously Batman would have to be included in that kind of team-up scenario.

  • Wtfmann

    Seems obvious to me that WB will use a new Batman film/franchise to explore a Justice League type movie, given both the success of The Avengers and the upcoming Superman reboot, or, if not a JL film, then at least a Batman/Superman cross-over, as they’ve teased for years.

    And people have been speculating that Bale’s Batman will die for months and months, practically since Bane was announced as the villain, so it’s hardly shocking to read. Here’s hoping that he’ll live and go into Gotham’s distance at the end, coz killing him will be rather sad, IMO. The dudes at WB seem intelligent enough to recognize that Nolan’s films are entirely his, and wouldn’t tamper with them with yet more sequels or non-Nolan-esque concepts.

  • Shaun

    The problem I have with JGL’s character “taking over” for Bruce as Batman (ala Azrael) is that JGL, while a fan actor, is in no way a believable Batman. Even if he bulked up, just like Bale did for Batman Begins, I’m not sure I can buy him as Batman.

    Bale’s been fantastic as Batman/Bruce (even if the gravelly voice was slightly over the top in TDK) and he certainly looks the part. JGL? Not so much.

    Anyhow, Bruce Wayne’s not going to die (at least I hope not). Will Batman “die” and maybe Bruce trains his replacements? That’s possible.

  • Shaun

    “Furthermore, fans are already accustomed to a new take on Batman since the character has been reinvented twice already in his feature films (three times if you count Batman: The Movie). ”

    Four, if you count “Mask of the Phantasm” which, before Batman Begins came along, was easily my favorite Batman movie ever.

  • chris

    Ive read Knightfall and believe some things will be based off the comic. For sure we know the prisoners escape and hysteria ensues. Bane is obviously out to get Bruce. In the comic Bane breaks his back but Bruce does not die. He is eventually replaced (which all of this has been brought up in previous feeds.)
    I just believe that Bane is what Bruce was suppose to be with the League of Shadows. He is the new leader and comes back to to finish Ra’s original plan.
    I am just stuck on the ending like everyone else. I believe Batman will die at the end of the movie. Alfred mentioned in the dark knight that Batman has to do what is right for gotham in lack of better words… At the end of dark knight- he makes himself to be a criminal who killed harvey dent to save the white knight… now he must give himself into gotham to serve his time. Hench Joseph Gordon-Levitt.. he replaces batman at the end and dies. Batman “legend” lives on – Bruce Wayne lives on.
    I believe its obvious that batman “dies” it ties all 3 of the movies together. No one knows who is behind the mask except for the League of Shadows, Selina and Alfred.
    Nolan on every one of his movies always has that obvious ending but there is a twist to it every time. It always leaves you thinking WTF… I think Joseph wears a batman suit and dies.

  • Erluti

    My two thoughts:
    1) They wouldn’t put the broken Batman mask on the poster if the film ends with a dead batman. I bet Bane defeats Batman, killing him (or effectively killing him) and then the Lazarus Pit that Ra’s al Ghul uses for longevity will allow him to rise again to defeat Bane and be the “living legend” that you allude to being so rare.
    2) Avengers worked because Joss Whedon (who’s expertise is television) was able to make an exciting experience on little-to-no character development. Batman is a loner, and the reboot would need way more depth than the Avengers movie. Unless you simply mean they don’t spend time on the set up…. that I could get behind.

  • Corr

    I think it would be great if they killed of Batman in The Dark Knight Rises. Just the thought of it has rekindled my interest in seeing it in theaters… it just seems like a great way to end the series.

  • John

    There’s a detail that everybody’s missing! The name of the movie iself! The Dark Knight RISES! RISES above what? What’s the meaning?
    Everybody is getting the gun off with The Avengers! Let it be! Nolan is not Whedon! Nolan is a great director, the best from the last 10 years! His take on the character is different from everything else we’ve ever seen, it was a revolution on the superhero movie world! If Warner wants a different direction, fine! Their own funeral…

  • Rockslide

    I echo the various posts about having the next Batman movies try to emulate Batman:TAS. That would be awesome. That is still my favorite interpretation of the character yet.

    Along with that, I would love no one better than Bruce Timm himself to direct it. We’ve seen a handful of animation directors cross over and direct live action movies. I’ve always wondered what de would do with that opportunity. Timm and Batman are a no-brainer.

  • Dick Gio

    Perhaps, like House in the final ep, Batman fakes his own death.

  • Taylor

    I heard on a podcast that when TDKR comes out on home video, WB is planning to release the trilogy as “The Dark Knight Trilogy”, and yes they could possibly change the name of “batman begins” to “The Dark Knight Begins”, in an attempt to connect the trilogy. This is a stupid idea, and i hope that it is just a rumor.

  • Pookiefreak

    He’ll die, as Miller did it in THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. Wayne’s identity as Batman seems to be revealed to the public in the film. So, Batman sacrifices himself for Gotham, and Gotham assumes its greatest son gave his life to protect the city – and the legend that all Gothamites can rise up to be a ‘Batman’ is born. However, it’ll be a faked death, as Miller did back in ’85. Bruce Wayne assumed dead, he’ll be free to disappear in the end with Selena Kyle, both of whom will have fallen in love, leaving Alfred and Lucius Fox as caretakers of the Wayne Estate and Wayne Enterprises. Batman dies, Wayne lives, finally has love, has created a true legend, happy ending for all.

  • Dmula610

    I think the whole theme is he is going to have to kill bane hence the name the dark knight rises something he hasnt/will not do.This is a long shot but I have a feeling this is the start of a justice league movie the same way they did at the end of iron man because of the way the new superman being filmed is similar to nolans batmans. They are going to do a justice league movie theyd be fools not to especially cuz theyve been watching the avengers make so much money and in the end its about studios making money.

  • Jake

    I really couldn’t give a sh_t about a batman film after Nolans trilogy is finished, and when they cast a new Joker it is destined to fail – you can’t top perfection.

  • Banes

    Legend ends is from bane’s point of view but at end it says fire will rise.

  • Chris

    It’s not my ideal way to go, but if Nolan does kill Bruce Wayne, then I think they would have Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character take over as Batman. I mean his role is shrouded in secret, and no one really knows why he’s in the movie. I don’t know, it seems like an ideal, albeit cliche’ way to go.

    I can see future Batman films taking on a less darker tone, just don’t go too cartoony like previous films (Batman & Robin), and having Anne Hathaway or Cillian Murphy reprise Catwoman or Scarecrow, if necessary.

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  • Jake

    Batman is not going to die. Batman doesn

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  • MR.Rich316

    I think “The Legend Ends” is a self-reference for Nolan&Friends. There will be no dramatic death of Batman,Bruce Wayne,or Gotham City. I think Nolan has shown himself to be a bit arrogant with this movie so far (Not admitting the problems with Bane’s dialogue,saying the audience doesn’t need to hear everything,he’s not going to fix it), so I wouldn’t put it past him to be stating his Batman legend is ending(not that he’s wrong,it is). Batman will be rebooted almost immediately i would imagine, all W.B. needs to do is crank out a Wonder Woman flick between Man of Steel, and the re-booted Batman and you have the foundation to move right into a Justice League movie. Start J.L. timeline with Green Lantern, then Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, then rebooted Batman go straight to J.L. (introduce the Flash and Martian Manhunter in the Justice League movie). Then Batman 2, Man of Steel 2, Flash solo movie, J.L.2 , then begin ReBooting it all again.

  • paul tracy

    let’s write an editorial about why if Batman really does really really and wait…then but what really how so, but not quite, and what what how but who what see?

    ~ p

  • Star Carlton

    I bet the shocking ending is – Batman dies – and there is a new guy to pick up the mantel of the bat – and it will be George Clooney.

  • Don

    My take, your assumption is wrong! They WILL NOT kill off Batman in this movie. It’s easy to figure out, and it only takes one word to explain, MARKETING! You really think the Warner Brothers is going to market this film to a youger audience by using toys, fast food restaurant tie-ins, kiddie balloons, action figures, books, posters, etc, and kill off Batman in this movie? I don’t think so, it’s not going to happen. People aren’t going to buy into all the marketing that will surround this film, if the hero is killed off and left for dead. They would lose those precious $$$$.



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  • jblack

    No I don’t believe Batman will die. I do believe Alfred will. Alfred says in the previews I want bury you, I buried enough members of the Wayne family. Bane with kill Alfred and then we will see the killer come out in Batman. Batman will take Bane apart. It the one thing Batman hasn’t done in this trilogy. Bane will die at the hand’s of Batman!

  • Christopher Arnold

    Funy thing. I was for months prediting that Batman will die in this year’s Batman film as well, but not just because I remembered Catwoman’s “you don’t owe these people anymore” conservation in the trailer and the promo poster showing the broken batmask behind Bane, but also because I remembered thinking back to Harvey Dent in “The Dark Knight” when he said “there will come a day when the Batman will have to answer to us”. For all you know, Bane might not know that the Gotham police were using him as an opportunity to punish the dark knight forever once he shows up, behind the backs of civilians.

  • Michael

    In the comics, Bane beats Batman, and Batman is temporarily replaced by someone who beats Bane. The promos show a broken Batman mask, but some photos/posters don’t look like C. Bale in the mask (or is it just me?). Since a new police officer has a significant role, I’ll guess that Batman gets injured and is temporarily replaced by the new police officer, who pretends to be Batman, and who is then beaten by Bane. The real Batman recovers (the Dark Knight Rises) and then beats Bane. That is unless they are planning to continue the series with a replacement Batman.

    Of course, Batman and Bane could both die. The legend ends.

    What is the purpose of Catwoman in this film??

  • Tija

    I’d like to add a couple of points in support of Matt’s prediction. The Dark Knight WILL die at the end, and this goes back to one of the main dialogues that stuck throughout the theme of TDK – “You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Harvey Dent died a hero in TDK. Batman lives long enough to become the villain. Since the title of TDKR has the word “Rises” in it, this is Bruce Wayne’s turn to rise back from his retirement, which was with a “villain” stigma, and “die a hero.”

    TDK was a groundbreaking film, not just because of the actors or the theme or the effects. It had dialogues that stayed throughout the the movie and can be carried on after the movie. It ended with the quesition of closure on the dialogue – “when does Batman become a hero?”

    The other dialogue that “stuck” was “He is the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.” TDKR comes back after the “right now.” 8 years after, Batman will be the hero the city needs, and will have to die to be that hero.

    And, all in all, it is a nice closure to the trilogy. It gives the movie much more than any other comic book hero movie has gotten. In which previous movie with the main character has the hero died? It will bring in surprise, resentment, shock, and several feelings that we all need to be entertained. And it will be another step in lifting the genre of comic book movies beyond the other genres that are considered more fitting for awards. It will evoke tears from the audience.

    I do take a different point from Matt on the flavor for the next Batman. TDK blew me away. My 9 year old son saw it with me and he had so many questions that made me realize that this was a lot more closer to questions that we have in real life. For example, a couple of weeks before the movie, my son had learned the true meaning of “noble.” After I answered his questions, he said something very profound “So the Batman is noble because he makes a sacrifice.”

    To me the next Batman should be an adaptation of Millar’s “The Dark Knight Returns” graphic novel. These themes are much deeper and, though the audience may be smaller, they elevate the genre to more seriously critiqued films than movies like “The Avengers.”

    One parting doubt in my mind is that if Batman dies in this movie, how will they bring him into the Justice League? Marvel did a fantastic job in building up the characters for the Avengers. These were familiar characters through the previous series of movies, even though the actors may have changed (Hulk).

    A Justice League without a Batman will be insipid. But the challenge will be bringing in a familiar Batman, if this one dies.

  • Ege

    My hunch is, how the legend ends will be gotham getting overrun by bane. And since gotham is gone. Same with the symbol of batman behind him.

  • Ege

    “When gotham is ashes you have my permission to die.”
    Batman will die with gotham. Since bane is so over powered, he will force batman to that

  • Mike f

    I think you have a good idea, but honestly, no one would accept Batman dying. They tried it in the comics, and failed. I think they will end it with the most painful torture for Batman that could be imagined. Broken and unable to stop the downfall of his beloved Gotham.

  • dorcia


    On a side note, do you think Nolan could pull off an incredible reboot of RoboCop?

  • Mr. Whispers

    Not sure if I agree with that. That is quite simply, too one-dimensional and predictable, I feel;especially seeing how in all of Nolan’s films, there is almost always something more, a final and stunning twist, or hint of a twist in which the view is left confused trying to figure out what really just happened.

    SO here’s what i thinks going to happen: in order to defeat bane, batman will have to kill him. If bane’s gas mask is some kind of anasesethic aerosol, in which it makes him feel no pain, then batman might have to beat him to death in order to defeat him. This would be breaking batman’s rule of no killing, but even worse, intentionally.

    Remember, at the end of the Dark Knight, the Joker had indeed, inadvertently, pushed bruce to his limits and indirectly made him have to kill Harvey Dent. Bruce certainly did not intentionally mean to kill Harvey. He had to save Gordon’s son. This is quite symbolic and important in their relationship, both in the Year One comic and in this film, for it sets up their enduring relationship both in the comic history and now in this film trilogy. Simply put, Batman had to save his son, otherwise all would be lost; well even more so. He had to save someone, who was still good, and pure. Dent was corrupted, so to commit manslaughter, but save a child’s life was morally worth it, though such a choice to make and live with has its own scarring consequences. The Joker did win. He made Batman break his rule, even if it was by situational circumstance, instead of convincing batman to kill through anger or premeditation and most importantly, independently intentional volition.

    So batman is scarred and now he faces this new villian in which he will perhaps now see the lesson in batman begins. Sometimes you have to kill evil. If this is the case, then batman is batman no more, not as his ideal, or as the thing he started off as being. Bruce will have effectively killed what batman stands for, seeing how he will be broken and pushed past his limits and forced to kill. From this I can see bruce making a spectacle of “killing himself” for gotham sake, and for his own legends honor. But this would all be staged and a facade, but one that he would keep true to himself with only few people knowing; and Bruce wayne would also “die,” so batman/bruce would instead leave gotham, exiled to travel the world and help others, or start up the league of shadows, but for a good purpose.

    He would leave the city in the hands of the catwoman, and Azrael (JGL).

    Well anyways thats my guess.

  • Richard

    It has to be Alfred dying. In some sort of heartbreaking type scenario, quite possibly him sacrificing himself in some way.

    What greater act of service could there be.

  • GuitarFever73

    I can’t stand the way they did Batman’s costume it sucks, I wish Tim Burton comes back as the director, and take the costume and re design it off the original, which was the best, of all time. The next time I hope they do a Batman film with THE Clayfaces, and The Looker. If anyone here has ever read the BATMAN DETECTIVE Mudpack issues, with base the new costume on Norman Breyforgles designs Artwork wow now that would be a movie, these past movies have been like soap operas they all went down the drain after Tim Burton left.

  • Emma

    I just saw it 6 hours ago. All I have to say is, this prediction is quite wrong :) EPIC MOVIE!

  • Darius

    Nolen should keep to the series at least one more time, especially how they ended tdkr.. How they brought robin in
    to the mix and Batman surving..me personally I love the realistic setting of the Batman series so far.. it’s more than just a Batman movie.. It’s a story.. it brings out a feeling to a comic book story that has not been brought out before..and to me tdkr is one of the best movies I have ever seen..its up there on my list of excellent movies..One more movie with Batman and robin directrd by nolen and I will be satisfied.. But I would love if they made 2 or 3 more after tdkr

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