RUMOR: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Casting Info, Shooting Dates, and Design Details for the New Batmobile and Batcave [UPDATED]

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Today, we’ve been sent three very interesting rumors concerning Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises.  Before we go into what we were sent, it’s important to know that Nolan’s intense desire for secrecy regarding his films makes it impossible to get confirmation or denial on any rumor.  There will be no official word on The Dark Knight Rises until Nolan says so.  However, we believe there is some veracity to the information we’ve been sent and thought we would pass it along to you.

First up, a source tells us that Eva Green and Naomi Watts are going to be cast in the film.  The source doesn’t know which roles they’re playing, but believes it’s Talia al Ghul and Vicki Vale, respectively.  However, we have no confirmation these characters are even in the movie.  We previously reported that the film would have two new female leads: a love interest and a villain.  Vicky Vale, a reporter who was played by Kim Basinger in Tim Burton’s Batman, would presumably be the love interest, while Talia al Ghul is the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul (played by Liam Neeson in Batman Begins) and in the comics has been an anti-hero/love-interest for Batman.  Hit the jump for more rumors regarding The Dark Knight Rises, which is set to be released on July 20, 2012. [Update: Heat Vision is reporting that Keira Knightley, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, Kate Mara, Charlotte Riley, and possibly Gemma Arterton are testing for the female roles, so it's possible that Green and Watts haven't been cast.  However, we have independently confirmed that Talia al Ghul is in the movie.]

the_dark_knight_movie_image_01Before moving on to the other rumors, it’s worth noting that Watts’ name was mentioned before as a possible contender to play one of the female leads.  Green’s name is new to the mix, but she’s age-appropriate in relation to Christian Bale, she’s sexy as hell, and would nail the femme fatale angle of Talia al Ghul or even Catwoman if that’s the film’s female villain.  Again, we cannot confirm or deny this casting, but we wanted to pass it along.

The same source also tells us that principal photography is set to begin on May 6th with post-production set to begin on November 28th.  This timeline coincides with an earlier report from Michael Caine who said that filming was supposed to run from May through November.  Finally, this source tells us that the leaked script for the film that recently hit the net is fake and that the cast will get the real script sometime next week.

A different source tells us some new details regarding the design of the new Batmobile and Batcave.  It’s not surprising that both will be in the new movie since the old Batmobile was destroyed in The Dark Knight and Bruce and Alfred have been working on the Batcave since the end of Batman Begins.  Our source “Raphael” tells us that the new Batmobile (aka The Tumbler) has been redesigned as a sleeker version, but still powerful and with all the gadgets.  As for the Batcave, it will be the same cave we saw in Batman Begins and they’re attempting to keep the classic stuff like the circular bay for the Batmobile, but keep the look modern.  They’re also setting up the Batcomputer and storage for the Batsuits.  And if there’s a new Batmobile and a new Batcave, is it possible we’ll be getting a new Batsuit in The Dark Knight Rises? (Hint, hint.)

Again, this is all rumor because we can’t get it confirmed.  However, we trust these sources enough that we’re willing to post the information they’ve sent us.  More as we hear it.

Christopher Nolan image Batman The Dark Knight

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  • Tom

    well I don’t see what else they can do with the bat suit to be honest and this sounds more believble then the rumours and I actualy hope it’s true

    • Hokieshibe

      Nipples. They are going to add nipples.

  • Alex

    Hint, hint? I don’t get the hint…

    • The REAL Batman

      What? Rumours or not, The Batsuit was ugly in begins, and actually got real uglyer in TDK!!! It may have looked practical, but it was ugly and un-Batman-like. I never thought i would have sit through GI Joe and wished the costume designers had designed the Batsuit.

      Also TDK- “Rises” is a lame name! Where is this Nolan creativity i hear so much about? I hope he has seen the trailer for Arkham assylum and realises that a game cutscene has punked him!

      IDont get me wrong, i loved Nolands Batflicks, but as a long time Batfan, who knows of the full potential that it could be, it hurts to see great storyline, and realistic take ruined by lots of little things such as bad design, bad action directing, some bad acting and bad casting decisions.

      Give me a Batcave, a new Batmobile, and a proper mean looking Batsuit. Not what looks like Green goblins suit sprayed black with a pin head mask.

      And call the film Gothan City or anything better than The Dark Knight RISES. What a cop out!

      • Cam

        @The REAL Batman: Oh shut up, if it wasn’t for Nolan, Batman would still be a cultural embarrassment.

        Get it through your thick skull, this is not the Batman from the comics, this a movie series about what Batman would be like if he existed in the real world, not the comic book world!

      • Mathieu

        @Cam – Batman wasn’t ever a cultural embarrassment. The Joel Schumacher films were. There’s a subtle but significant difference.

        Also, with all the ‘Bat-this’ and ‘Bat-that’ references towards the end of the article, was I the only one who couldn’t get “Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!” out of their head?

        Okay, just me then…

      • alex

        In defense, both Batman Begins and TDK, chronicled the early career of Batman. So his suit, gadgets and batmobile, were defunct military gear spray painted by him in his garage. His ‘batarange’ Bruce Wayne made himself with a grinder.

        So I think Nolan will have much sleeker, stylish and attractive batman suit and batmobile in the next film.

      • BookofMe

        As unpopular as your opinion is around here, I agree on some of your points.

        Nolan’s Batman films have very poor action directing. Remember in “Begins” all the fights were just a blur? Lame and lazy. Batman is a martial arts MASTER. I would LOVE to see the WACHOWSKI’S direct Batman next! That would be the best!!!

        Also, you didn’t say it, but I will: I never liked Christian Bale as Bruce/Batman. He just doesn’t embody the character. Not too mention, MY Batman doesn’t have a lisp. Or a desperately overdone monster voice to scare criminals.

        But I’ve still enjoyed the films all-around.

      • chuck tanner

        one the name dark knight rises…

        i think its pretty obvious that nolan let the studio use the name they wanted in trade for letting him not shoot it in 3d.

        of course the studio is going to want “dark knight” in the title for marketing reasons-

        i’ll take the lame name for lack of 3d anyday-

      • youdontknowme

        Mind you, it COULD be that this is just the working title for the film. A lot of times, movies don’t use the real name until more details are confirmed.

  • Warpcrafter

    Looks interesting so far, but I’m waiting for Batman vs Bane, with Batman and a Robin who isn’t a hulking fratboy.

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  • Sara

    I dont know,… its just a rumor,… and TDKR is full of them.

  • J

    Don’t buy it. Last rumor ran here was The Dark Knight Rises was going to be shot completely in IMAX, which was debunked days later.

  • Jon

    What’s with this “hint, hint” bollocks? The batsuit looked great on film.

  • Phoenix

    Small typo in the beginning: the bold title reads “The Dark Knight RETURNS.”

    Might wanna fix that.

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  • Aizaz

    Today, we’ve been sent three very interesting rumors concerning Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Returns….

    You have Dark Knight Rises everywhere else except the very beginning.

    Also, if Talia Al Ghul is in the movie and will be played by Eva Green, the wait for TDKR will be beyond painful.

  • Aeonstrife

    If Naomi Watts is in the film she will likely play Silver St. Cloud. Silver is the best love interest in the comics that is willing to have a married life to not just Bruce Wayne but also Batman, appears in the greatest Batman miniseries that is also Hugo Strange’s best story, and was in the original script for Batman 89 so I would be surprised if she isn’t in the film.

    Eva Green could play Talia Al Ghul but I think she will likely play Sarah Essen who is Gordon’s new partner in the comics, would likely investigate the Batman as she does in the comics, and would also be a love interest for Gordon as she is in the comics.



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  • Migz13

    wow.. if ever these casting rumors are true.. then I’m not complaining:D
    I love Green and Watts in Casino Royale and King Kong respectively:D
    However, it’s the COMPLETED Batcave and the NEW Batmobile I’m especially excited to see more:D

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  • theCount

    after seeing her as morgana in the starz camelot trialer, I definately think Eva Green would make a really good villian. out of all the other actresses listed by heat vision, I think shes easily the best and only option to play a female villian. i can only see all of the others playing love interests.

    and the batsuit looked cool and realistic in TDK but it didnt really make me think of batman

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  • James T.

    Honestly, the title does not bother me that much. Christopher Nolan has successfully brought back Batman and I trust him making another great movie. It’s going to be cool to see the Batcave again and all the things inside of it.

  • alex

    If this is legit then it would appear women have a central role in the next film, since there may be only one villain. (Strange)

    This is new territory for Nolan as his female roles always been disposable and don’t play any big part in the story apart from the obvious. (dying, dumping him, serve as a way to give of expository dialogue, shallow villain)

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  • Bill Graham

    Please cast Eva Green. She is a wonderful, beautiful, and talented actress. She would fit Talia perfectly.

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  • shamus

    The news that undersized anorexic actresses will NOT be cast in a new Batman movie has been a great relief to me. Suddenly my sinuses clear up.

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  • bk

    ken watanabe was ra’s al ghul.

    liam neeson was henri ducard.

    • bk

      doh. retract.

    • Grimcicle

      Christian Bale was Bruce Wayne.

      Bruce Wayne was Batman.

      Oh, wait…

  • Will

    Well, I was hoping the rumor about Phillip Seymore Hoffman playing the Penguin was true. If he was anything like he was in MI3, that would be wicked.

    • Grimcicle

      Hoffman as The Penguin has been part of the Batfilm rumour mill since 2006, when everyone was convinced he would be in The Dark Knight. I think we can chalk it up to fanboy wishful thinking at this point.

  • Another Perspective

    Screw Talia, Eva Green would make a awesome Catwoman!

  • Deadshot

    Nolan is about to outsmart himself and make a flop. He wants to go against the grain and ditch logical steps like having the Riddler and maybe Catwoman, and using obscure characters and Ras Assghoul rehashing plots. He is about to break his streak of great films. Doing a George Lucas with this “They-think-its-going-to-be-this-so-i’m-going-to-do-the-opposite” mentality.

    • Sam Raimi

      because giving in to fans worked so well in Spiderman 3. let the man do his thing.

      • Daniel


        Trying to please the fan-boys does NOT always make for a good movie. Believe it or not, when I saw the production shots for Batman Begins before I saw it in theaters, I HATED almost everything about them. I’ve been a HUGE Batman fan (comics, Batman TAS, etc.) since I was five years old and it didn’t look right. However, once I saw the movie and could place everything in its appropriate context, it all made sense. It was fantastic! Most fans are not film directors who know how to captivate audiences and give cinematic qualities to a story and setting. Nolan knows what works and what doesn’t for the most part. If his track record shows anything, it’s that he will most likely get things right.

      • Deadshot

        Yeah, batman and spiderman are two different subjects. So, whatever did or didnt work for spiderman 3 is irrelevent to this discussion. And far as Nolan having the Riddler instead of Hugo Strange or whatever obscure villian it’s going to be, has nothing to do with caving in to fans. It’s a no brainer. Not only is the Riddler realistic enough for Nolans batman films, but he happens to be a well-known icon in batman, can hold his own idividual weight without being a rehash of Joker, and his character calls for incredible writing that I think they could have pulled off. The title is boring and news thus far about the film has very little in the way of excitement for me. Nolan makes good films, and Im sure it will be a quality well made film. Just doesn’t hold the same interest for me with these new/rumored developments. Ras Alghuls daughter? Really?

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  • Andrew

    Talia Al Ghul. That killed my interest in this movie completely. She’s a useless twit in the comics and she will probably be a useless twit here. Bring Catwoman in.

    • Helen

      You said it. I really dont want to see Talia in this movie. The character is barely interesting without a male figure she can revolve around. It would be a waste of Eva Green’s talents to play her

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