Batman and Bane Grace the New DARK KNIGHT RISES Empire Covers; What is Batman Holding?

     November 19, 2011


Empire has revealed the new Dark Knight Rises covers for their upcoming November 24 issue, and holy glowing gadget, Batman, what are you wielding?  What does it do?  Which new villain is it designed to stun—Bane (Tom Hardy) or Catwoman (Anne Hathaway)?  Is it badass or kinda clunky (I can’t decide)?

In the cover that doesn’t feature Christian Bale with futuristic weaponry, Hardy dons the Bane mask that you’ve seen here, here, and in set photos/videosMarion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine also star in the Christopher Nolan-directed sequel.  The Dark Knight Rises opens on July 20, 2012, with a 6-minute preview attached to the December 16 IMAX release of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.  See the magazine covers after the jump.

There are major holes in my knowledge of the Batman mythology, and a cursory google search turned up nothing. If this is something I ought to know about, please inform me in the comments.  Via Empire:



  • Aubreyfromoregon

    Tom Hardy as Bane looks outstanding.

    • EmmaLove

      SHUUT UP nolan fan boy this looks cool sure…but there is so much B.S. hype for it becuz of TDK but no one talks about BB cuz they aonly liked the joker which is why TDK was so overrated. Ledger was good but the movie was overratted and you all know it but won’t admit it cuz ur too afraid to afraid of insulting a movie where somone died and you want to stay on the bandwagon and feel “cool”

      • wev

        lol You shut it, you mug. Aubreyfromoregon was just stating they’re opinion and there was no mention of favoritism towards DK over BB anyway. So quit trolling!

        Bane does look kick ass! Nolan is Class! Trolling a fan of Nolan is dumb seeing as he also made BB which you apparently like. Both Batman Begins and Dark Knight are class films, both are different enough to have there own qualities and flaws, Dark Knight just did a great job of expanding on Nolans vision of Batman. Its not a perfect film but it still a master class for standards of big blockbusters and comic book films, it told a good unpredictable story with characters that were interesting and well written and it had the balls to go dark places and be an edgy, mature film and not just be a brainless flashy fireworks display of cgi with cardboard cutout characters…which is probably more suited to your brain waves ;)

        Nolan and Batman rock….get over it and jog on, troll!

      • Hunter

        Stop obsessing over TDK because we think we are cool? I’ll obsess over it because I f***ing loved it. I’ll admit its mostly due to Ledgers performance and in my opinion it was better than BB. However I still loved BB I remember seeing that and thinking wow they did this spot on this what I want out of a batman film. Nolan knows how to put the bat on screen, so don’t get pissy because other people are excited for the next one go comment on films you enjoy and let us have our fun.

        Ps bane looks pretty badass excited to see how it all pans out

      • Dallas

        hes just trying to get a rise out of people. Nolan has made great films and any one can be a nolan fan. Im sure you have a favorite director and follow all his movies.

        get real bro

        this movie will be amazing nolan has all fresh tomatoes on rottentomatoes and i dont think he plans on stopping with this one.

        …except for superman :0

      • EmmaLove

        Sorry “wev” but you and your band of basement dwellers cannot convince me you are true fans of Nolan you are only insipid TDK followers….

  • Jayne

    Badass Batman pic! The gadget reminds me of the REC in Arkham City.

  • Stacia

    Tom Hardy is an outstanding actor. I hope Bane turns out to be a great character.

  • Hiro the Eighth Samurai (and 14th Assassin)

    I really think the “Holy ______, Batman!” phrase really needs to be retired, unless it’s being used in reference to the Adam West TV show or perhaps the Schumacher movies.

    But, with Nolan’s movies delivering a whole new level of seriousness, it feels both ill-fitting and out-of-touch to use them in reference to Nolan’s Batman.

  • Jake

    OK tell me Bane doesn’t look like the District 9 Prawns?

  • Jake

    OK tell me Bane doesn’t look like the District 9 Prawns?

    • jdsmoothe

      Bane doesn’t look like the District 9 prawns….

      • Mr. Me


        All too easy.

  • Angel of Death

    I’m sorry but I really think the Bane mask looks stupid. I don’t get the purpose of the pointy teeth things. Why the hell wouldn’t you just go with a luchadore mask? It’s still reallistic. And wouldnt look as stupid as the damn Britta filter/S&M hybrid on his face. He looks like a stray dog with a muzzle.

    • Liam_H

      Have you ever thought maybe his character isn’t from South America so then a Luchadore mask wouldn’t make much sense.

      • Angel of Death

        Ooooh yeah. Cuz whatever the hell is on his face now makes TOTAL sense. Can you help me out, and fill me into what that is on his face then? Because to me it looks like Darth Vader tripped, fell, and shattered his teeth.

      • Liam_H

        I offered a possible explanation on why it isn’t a Luchadore mask which you had claimed should have been the way to go. Obviously we don’t know what the purpose of this mask is since no one has seen the movie.

    • Sanjay

      First of all, a luchador mask in a a Nolan batman movie would look ridiculously absurd. Secondly, the movie isn’t out yet and so you don’t know what functions the mask could probably have so you can’t judge it based on a “what’s the point of that” statement. And personally I think it’s looks great it give him a dark, sort of threatening vibe. If I a saw a masked wrestler threatening to take over a city I would probably laugh at him.

    • NotImpressed

      I Agree!!! I don’t like the mask at all either…

  • Sanjay

    ^ Really? That creepy dark twisted looking mask with functions we don’t yet no about looks stupid, but a luchador mask would look cool?

    • Angel of Death

      “That creepy dark twisted looking mask with functions we don’t yet no about looks stupid”

      Yes. Yes it does. Mostly because, to your point, it doesnt look like anything anyone in the world can identify as any known object, real mask, shape, or anything that makes sense. Whether in the context of the comics, or reality. Also, “KNOW” is spelt K-N-O-W. Not “NO”…go back to kindergarten, idiot.

      “But a luchador mask would look cool?”
      Yeah. Clearly you don’t K-N-O-W anything about Bane from Batman, because the character wears a luchador mask.

      Honestly, you stupid Dark Knight Rises defendors are so goddamn touchy. None of you can take any sort of criticism about your movie. If there’s something negative about it, you should seriously accept it, and stop being in denial that this movie will have flaws. Case in point–we now have a throat-cancer Batman. Thank you Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan, for making Batman’s lines practically untranslatable to human hearing.

      • Sanjay

        Ok I accidentally spelled “know” wrong. Take it easy tough guy. As far as the rest of your argument I think you’re a little slow understanding what I meant when I said the luchador mask would look stupid IN A NOLAN FILM. I’m very well aware of Bane’s character, but things in cartoons and comics don’t always translate well to live action films. Picture Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine with the traditional costume. Batman’s “throat-cancer” voice sounds stupid, but is logical in the sense that he would want to cover up his real voice. Oh and I’m sure at least 85% of people would agree that the mask above is much more suitable than a damn luchador mask.

      • VENOM

        Really??? I suggest doing more reasearch and thinking, before writing!

        Those are not Teeth! They are pipes. The first thing you need to know about Bane, is that he is addicted to a steroid called Venom. Which boosts his strength and anger (like Hulk).

        These valves and pipes built into the mask are a practical way of explaining that and yet keeping the look of the classic Bane that we know and yet making some sort of sense out of it.

        Or Would you rather no mask at all, and just a needle to jack up with now and then? More realistic, but very Bane at all. That’s like having Joker tell jokes but not wear makeup.

        Think about it, Nolan is bringing surreal comic book characters into a real world. I find him swapping a spandex luchadore mask for a Venom-supply much better. Same goes for his usual lycra vest. Much better as body-armor.
        Simple eh!

      • wev

        Well, Angel of Death all i can say to you is im so so glad you are not in the film industry ;)

      • Dallas

        someones one their period…bro its suppose to be real stop trolling and chill out its a forum..not life. I think the mask does look weird butttt it suppose to be as if its in the real world and it could just be a prototype you know? its just nolans take on what banes mask is im sure he could of done the one from the comic book but it would look weird too so either way its a guy in a mask sucking down poison to make him stronger. Either way the movie will be good no matter how weird the mask is.

  • Breckinridge

    I hope the climactic fight between Batman and Bane will knock everyone on their ass.

  • Junierizzle

    I think Bane looks bad ass in this picture. My concern is the scenes in which Bane will Speak. Will Hardy’s performance come through the mask ?
    Do you remember the Green Goblin speaking in the original Spider-Man? It didn’t work for me as Willem Defoe’s line were clearly ADR.

    • Twojawas

      The eyes are the window to the (actor’s) soul. Hardy’s eyes aren’t covered, so his performance will be way better than Dafoe’s in Spiderman.

  • Strong Enough

    I heard The Prologue in Mission impossible has the scene where batman is backing up fighting Bane in the teaser.

    anyway I re watched The Dark Knight and wow. What a film. Good luck Nolan with toppin that one.

  • Jism

    Bane looks so damn stupid, FAIL. Thank God Nolan’s story will make me ignore it……….

  • RIC

    As someone who still has both TDK covers hanging in my room, I must say I am not excited about these shoots… Withstanding, Nolan would have not made this movie unless the story/script was gold. IN NOLAN (WE MUST) TRUST!

  • jason white

    seen the makeup covering hardy’s tattoos ?

    • Sam

      If that was make-up to cover tats it is the worst make-up job ever used in a photo shot. Its obviously make-up to represent scarring or some kind of skin complaint. Even if it was make-up to cover tattoos the terrible cover up job would have been photoshopped out anyway.

      • jason white

        just saying. the guys has a sh*tload of tattoos.

        And if that is makeup to look like scars, that too is a bad job. lol

      • jason white

        in fact you can make it out of is chest too; again to cover up ink.
        It’s just a very bad job.

    • Sam

      I get ya, sorry if i sounded a bit abrupt, i guess it depends what type of scarring/skin complaint it is, maybe it will look a bit better/difrent in the film, from the set photos he has more on his head and a huge scar down his spine as well. i guess we will have to wait and see. =]

      an interesting departure from the source material, thought the arguement that its not “Bane enough” annoys me, all comics are is new interepretations of older characters.

  • snapperhead

    So now Nolan is okay with bat-gadgets? Because he really could have used one in TDK. In case you don’t know what I’m referring to…

    At the beginning of the movie, our caped crusader is attacked by a couple of adorable rottweilers. Later, in another scene, he discusses the attack with Lucius (normally this would be foreshadowing). So then, at the end of the film, Bruce gets attacked by dogs again (the same dogs!), and he whips out his trusty… nothing. He gets mauled.
    So stupid.

    • Sam

      Did you want him to have made a purpose built “Bat-dog catcher/put downer”? To carry around with him at all times just in case he runs into some dogs at some point?

      The dogs were just a hindrance he was able to deal with without specific gadgets.

      And other than not having the specific (but arguably unnecessary gadget you wanted him to have), Batman did have quite a few bat gadgets in both Batman Begins and TDK, id list them but im sure you already know what they are and they just seem to have escaped your memory due to your want for Batman to carry a dog restrainer leash on a pole. lol =]

      (and dont complain about any spelling, grammar or punctuation errors, this is a comment thread, not homework)

      • snapperhead

        Hey Sam, thanks for the response.

        But I think you missed my point. I agree with you that it would be ridiculous for Bats to carry around a device for every possible emergency. But my problem was with the flawed story-telling (in my opinion).
        When our protagonist specifically references an earlier encounter in a film, the audience will remember the scene, and consider it important. So we can expect that when a similar situation arises in the climax, this time the protagonist will be more prepared and the outcome will be different.
        But in TDK it wasn’t. Same situation with the same results. And Bruce Wayne is (in any version of Batman) a smart guy who wouldn’t fall for the same thing twice.

        That is what bothered me.

    • Mark

      He had his armour completely redesigned to compensate for dog bites and knives almost immediately after the first incident.

      • Sam

        good point =]

      • snapperhead

        I don’t care how strong your armour is, no one would willingly get tackled by a hundred pound dog when they could easily stop the attack before it ever happens. And no, I am not suggesting a dog leash on a pole. Something more practical like a high-pitched sonar device (which could easily have been incorporated into his bat-radar contrivance).
        Or maybe something simple, like a can of pepper spray.

    • Sam

      I get what you mean snapperhead.

      I understand what you mean about it seemingly like poor writing as the character hasnt learnt from his mistake in the past/something he should have been better at reacting to the second time but argueable i think its more interesting that he hadnt thought about this that much and dispatched the dogs in a clever or awesome way, if anything its more interesting writing then the usual, “man has problem in 1st act, does something about it 2nd act, conclusion in 3rd act where he proves he has learnt something” as relative to the other things that are happening around him in the film, rachel dying, joker and two face to deal with ect, the dogs are a pretty small threat/not that important to deal with. So the idea that he didnt learn a new trick or make a new gadget to sort them out sort of shows that he is a bit more conflicted an fallable than how batman is usually shown/the generic hero acts. instead its brute force that helps him get rid of the dog threat in the final act and to me thats more refreshing than if a specific scene was written in to show how bruce had progressed throughout the film in terms of his dog handling. (this might be over thinking it lol)

      I completely understand your point of view though. Maybe there will be a dog attack in the next film and batman will use that new light gun to stun/deal with it lol. =]

    • Sam

      like i said, i guess he had other things on his mind than defending against dogs. lol.

      he wasnt willingly being attack by the dogs as such, i think he was focused more on the crazy clown trying to attack him who was about to blow up 2 boats full of people.

      I wouldnt consider the dog threat issue a problem/bad writing. =]


  • kurt

    why do i get the feeling that bane is not going to be the most imprtant villian in this movie. I feel like he’ll be out halfway through or catwoman will fight him while batman fights someone more important (two face, rahs)

  • mykb

    I don’t ever leave comments on these sites even though I’m on them all the time. So forgive me if I just don’t “get it,” but why am I constantly seeing people’s snide, vehement comments about Nolan and these films?

    These are the greatest Batman films ever made. They do justice to a superhero that isn’t super. He’s a real mean with real psychos around him. And yet, everyone is constantly looking for flaws or, even better, taking small flaws and turning them into huge issues.

    I guess my question to those people is this: What the f*ck are you looking for? What f*cking movie will finally make you happy?

    I saw someone once leave a comment, “The best Batman movie has yet to be made.” WHAT?! Again, what do you f*cking need?!

    Maybe I’m biased because I think that BB and TDK are phenomenal films. I don’t believe another Batman will ever surpase this trilogy. It could only be different, not better. I guess I’m just tired of whining fanboys who detract from everything awesome.

    That’s all.

    • Sam

      I really liked the film and im sure the next will be great, but i think the point that the best batman movie is yet to be made is true of anything, there is always a possiblity that something better will appear, thats why people continue to create art.

      I get your point in a way though.

  • tarek

    Batman is holding a UV SPOT GUN. to reveal some evidences.

  • Sam

    They have been cropped out of these versions but did anyone see the quotes from Bale and Hardy at the bottom of these pages?

    Bale says “He has to answer the question ‘how long do you allow pain to dominate your life?’”

    and Hardy says “He’s brutal, he’s a terrorist, he’s a really nasty piece of work”.

    • Sam

      “horrible piece of work” even

  • hunt

    bane looks like a duck.

  • EmmaLove

    RUBBISH you are all “fan-boy” worshiping TDK for the same B.S. you have no regard for BB and your interest in this is just as insipid…if there was no joker you would be mild about this. I don’t use internet trendy talk either so back to the basement with you.

  • Kasper

    Wow, some people just have way too much time on their hands…

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