New Hi-Res Images from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Plus Two Awesome Fan Posters

     November 27, 2011


Last week we brought you new images from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises courtesy of Empire magazine. Now we can give you a better look at those shots in addition to some new ones. The high-res photos feature Christian Bale and Tom Hardy as arch-nemeses Batman and Bane ready to square off. In addition to the better quality looks at the Empire magazine covers, there is another shot of the Dark Knight on his Batpod, Bane looking all jacked up and what might be the first image of the new Batwing vs the old Batmobile/Tumbler. We also brought you two fan-made posters that are pretty sweet. Hit the jump to check them out.

The hi-res photos below from Empire came from their website as well as CBM.










The (probably Photoshopped) Bane in the ruins of Gotham poster and the image of the Batwing vs the Camo Tumbler comes courtesy of Twitter user @RIMBreaks.



Finally, the fan posters were found at Shockya.



The Dark Knight Rises starring Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway and Joseph-Gordon-Levitt, opens July 20th, 2012. Click here for all of our continuing coverage on The Dark Knight Rises.

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  • spongefist

    What’s the gimp doing in a Batman film, I though Willis took care of him in Pulp Fiction?

    • Guest Who

      it´s not the Gimp, is The Humungus from Mad Max 2

  • EmmaLove

    See I am gonna be miffed if Bane and Batman have a big action scene where you can SEE everything after the Joker and Batman fought pretty much with the lights turned off during the final battle in TDK….I fear Nolan was maybe worried about showing too much of the Joker and Batman fighting as it may look too silly comic-book0like…but Bane looks like something out of Silence of the lambs so it is ok to go full fledged with him…..The penthouse fight was good in TDK but kept short. Idk I just wish we could have SEEN more of that fight if we are now gonna get a big brawl in this one…Ledger looked so cool too with his version of the joker…..well, time will tell.

    • Liam_H

      Its not that big of deal since The Joker doesn’t know how to fight, at least not on Batman’s level. So there’s nothing to really miss. Bane on the other hand is a different story.

      • Prozac_Parade

        Actually, I really think that the “We fall to pick ourselves up” poster is epic. I think it brings the series full circle quite nicely.

  • wolf

    Horrible fan made posters. Thank god for professionals. :)

    • Prozac_Parade

      Actually, I really think that the “We fall to pick ourselves up” poster is epic. I think it brings the series full circle quite nicely.

      Misclick for the loss; above.

  • Breckinridge

    The official movie poster will also be including the names of Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

    I hope the climactic fight between Batman and Bane will everyone on their ass.

    • Rick Roll

      will knock* everyone on their ass. you’ve posted that line a million times, you could atleast get it right.

      • Virgil Cole

        That must mean you’ve read it a million times.

        Wow. I would do something different with that much free time.

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  • Philisamoron

    I thought that To Hardy would have gotten a little bigger for the role.

    • Coole

      Why? Because you’re basing what Bane should be on what he was in Schumacher’s gross film? Let’s remember this is grounded in reality, so I highly doubt the character would work being some beefed up wrestling mute…

      • Virgil Cole

        That’s not what he said is it? He didn’t mention Shumachers Bane.

        He simply stated that this Bane could be bigger.

        And he’s right. It won’t be very believable that this guy could beat up Batman

      • Guest Who

        someone like Dave Batista would have been the right choice, someone you can absolutely think” this guy is gonna rip batman in two….”

      • ted

        Hardy could have been bigger, but putting on muscle mass is somewhat harder than just losing or gaining weight for a movie role. Fact is, Batman faces Bane in the first battle after he has been shut in for 8 years. Batman had not been maintaining his fitness or skills. All Batman does is strap on some joint supports and the suit. He was relying on past skills and utility belt tricks to make the difference. His plan didn’t work, but of course we knew it wouldn’t.

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  • Nicholas Reynolds

    I wonder how Hardy will sound as bane. If he’s gunna go deep voice like batman or have an accent or what?

    • Tarek

      He lisps.

  • Virgil Cole

    Bane looks a little thin in the skin.

    My God. Work out a little bit.

    I mean isn’t that one of Bane’s “things”? Obviously not to the extent of the comics but bigger than this guy.

    Hell, I look more like Bane than Tom Hardy.

    (I can’t act, although I could do a better job than a lot of the “actors” in Hollywood right now.)

    • JCR209

      I agree Tom Hardy looked bigger in Bronson than he does here, but Im sure Nolan is going to focus more on Banes fighting style and not just some huge guy that lumps around. Tom Hardy though im sure worked very hard to get the body he had and on camera I’m sure he will look bigger. (think of that last shot in the teaser) but unfortunately there are no good bodybuilder/actors working in hollywood to fit the physical requirements of most of these superhero/villan roles.

  • EmmaLove

    Bane’s voice was heard on those clips in the football field….he sounds like a drunk British butler….I wonder if they are trying to make him quirky and eccentric……like the Joker?? Hardy is fun to watch but I am not sure what to make of his Bane yet…need to see that second trailer and whatever else they show of him….I like how he is described as vicious and brutal in how he fights.

  • moursegeprofs

    Help plz!

  • Dannyboy3030

    Why is Bane holding a picture of Conan O’Brien?

  • Rielly

    Did anybody notice Bane is holding a picture of Harvey Dent?

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