THE DARK KNIGHT RISES IMAX Prologue World Premieres in Hollywood; Video Blog Recap and 10 Things to Know (Spoiler Free)

     December 8, 2011

Tom Hardy Bane THE DARK KNIGHT RISES image slice

NOTE: This is a completely spoiler-free recap of The Dark Knight Rises IMAX Prologue

With The Dark Knight Rises IMAX Prologue hitting theaters next week in front of Mission Impossible 4, Warner Bros. decided to world premiere the footage tonight at the IMAX theater at Universal Citywalk in Hollywood.  As you might imagine, the theater was filled with journalists from around the world, as well as some of the Dark Knight filmmakers like director Christopher Nolan, producer Charles Roven, Jonathan Nolan (Chris’ brother and a screenwriter on the film) and producer Emma Thomas.

As the lights went down and the film started to play, you could feel the energy in the room rise as we were treated to the first look at the opening six minutes of The Dark Knight Rises and a montage of short clips from the rest of the film.  So you’re probably wondering what I thought….it was fucking awesome.  Hit the jump for more including a video blog recap.

the-dark-knight-rises-teaser-posterBefore going any further, it’s important to note that WB asked all the reporters to refrain from writing a blow by blow account of the footage.  They really want everyone to walk into the theater next week knowing as little as possible.  Like we did tonight.

All I can say is…I’m so happy I went in cold, and if you’re smart you will avoid any article that reveals the specifics of the footage.  That way you’re enjoying the footage exactly the way Christopher Nolan wants you to.

While I won’t write anything specific about what we saw, I will say a little….if you were wondering if Tom Hardy could pull off Bane, any doubts will be erased after you see the footage.   If you were nervous the Nolan’s couldn’t raise the bar any higher after The Dark Knight, trust me, they have, and your jaw will hit the ground a few times while watching the footage.

While I only got to see about six minutes of film plus a minute or so of clips from the rest of the movie, the IMAX footage left me breathless and beyond excited for The Dark Knight Rises.   I really cannot wait for next summer when I’ll get to see the rest of it.

Anyway, shortly after the presentation ended I recorded a video blog with Peter from /Film and Alex from FirstShowing.  It’s totally spoiler free.  If you want to see 3 nerds geek out over The Dark Knight Rises, you’re in the right place.  Further down the page is 10 Things to Know from tonight’s world premiere.

Here’s 10 Things to Know from Tonight’s World Premiere

  • Before the IMAX presentation for the journalists from around the world, a number of famous filmmakers were given a look at the footage.  When I arrived at the theater, I ran into Eli Roth, Edgar Wright, Bryan Singer, and heard that Duncan Jones, Michael Bay, Jon Favreau, and more than a few other big name directors saw the footage about an hour before us.  The filmmakers I ran into were all smiles.
  • Before the presentation began, Nolan addressed the crowd and explained why IMAX means so much to him and what he hopes to accomplish with the IMAX-only prologue.  He explained that he considers IMAX to be the best film format and called it an “incredibly immersive way to tell a story.”  He went on to say that he really wants the fans to find the IMAX format for the movie, which is the purpose behind “the premiere road show engagement” wherein the prologue is only being shown at selected IMAX film theaters across the country.
  • Producer Emma Thomas told me that The Dark Knight Rises will have a lot more IMAX footage than The Dark Knight.  While it’s still too early to tell the exact number, she thinks it could be between 40-50 minutes.  Again, let me stress that number could change.
  • Christopher Nolan image Batman The Dark KnightI also asked Thomas about all the images and video that leaked from the set while they were filming on the streets around the world.  She told me that while a number of pictures have been shot from the set, there is “an awful lot people have not seen.”  She explained that a good deal of the sequences were filmed on soundstages, for which no set photos or leaks have emerged.
  • Regarding next summer’s Comic-Con (which takes place before The Dark Knight Rises opens), I mentioned that fans have been waiting for many years for the Nolan’s to visit San Diego and show some footage.  She took my words under advisement, but wouldn’t say either way if they will be there next summer.
  • Nolan revealed they have NOT started to edit the rest of the movie yet. They just finished the prologue – which needed to get done first.
  • The montage of footage after the opening six minutes showed new looks at Batman, Bane, Catwoman, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and some awesome new weapons and vehicles.
  • While Bane was a mighty presence on screen, the same cannot be said for his voice, which I struggled to understand at certain points in the film.  It remains to be seen if this was the final version of his voice or if it’s still a work in progress.  I asked producer Charles Roven about the voice and he wouldn’t say if it’s the final mix or still a work in progress.
  • Next Friday the first full trailer for The Dark Knight Rises will be released on the same day the IMAX prologue hits theaters.  However, don’t look for it online, as the Nolan’s like people to see their trailers for the first time in theaters, so I’d wager it will be officially released the following week on Yahoo or Apple.
  • Towards the end of the night I got to speak with Jonathan Nolan.  While we spoke a lot about his hit CBS show Person of Interest, I asked about the status of his sci-fi movie Interstellar.  He said he’s still developing it and hopes to be behind the camera soon.  He also said he’s working on some other features but wouldn’t get specific.

Final Worlds

I was completely blown away by the IMAX footage tonight.  If you live near an IMAX theater playing The Dark Knight Rises footage in front of Mission Impossible 4, do yourself a favor and see it.  You will be VERY impressed.

Finally, for those that want to know a bit more…you can check out The Dark Knight Rises viral campaign that just started. Perhaps it ties into the IMAX footage….


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  • Migzter13

    2012 can’t come any faster….
    Nuff said.

  • Liam_H

    Love the enthusiasm from everybody in the video.

  • Charlie

    Sweeet. you guys were crazy lucky to nolan introduce the footage to you himself. Nice job with the preview

  • Devin

    “if you were wondering if Tom Hardy could pull off Bane, any doubts will be erased after you see the footage.”

    “While Bane was a mighty presence on screen, the same cannot be said for his voice, which I struggled to understand at certain points in the film.”

    So which is it?

    • Liam_H

      He’s got the physical aspect down, but his voice will probably be ADR during post for certain scenes.

      • Jamesy

        I think this is because of the IMAX cameras, they are so loud when used in filming that it can drown out the dialogue…I’m guessing scenes filmed using IMAX will be dubbed over, and as the movie is not yet completed and edited this could indeed be the case, Nolan could just be waiting to see the response from the audience/critics to see if Bane with the muffled voice worked or if it needs to be touched up here and there, come on people its Nolan and its the last of the franchise, do you really think he will allow himself to f**k it up? none of this “in Nolan we trust” crap. But he is a talented director and clearly knows what he’s doing with these movies?

  • Mike91

    Bryan Singer watching it, probably thinking back to Superman Returns, saying, “wow – I suck”.

  • tir na nog

    Is that a hint about jgl.

  • Pete

    What if we don’t live near a FILM IMAX? Would it be worth driving 3 hours from Dallas to Austin to see?

    • jeff

      hey pete if you live in dallas i know there is a imax in colleyville. thats like 30 min from dallas, with no traffic even quicker.

      • matthew

        every IMAX theater near dallas including colleyville’s (which i’m 5 mins up the road from) is digital, so it won’t be showing the prologue

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  • Junierizzle

    So will the full trailer be attached to MI:4? If so is it only for IMAX screens after the Prologue?

    • SP1234

      I’ve heard that the trailer would possibly play before Sherlock Holmes. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it played in front of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

  • Christian

    QUESTION FOR STEVE – About your conversation with Jonathan Nolan: Did he say who will be directing Intersteller? From your article it sounds like he’ll directed it himself? Steven Spielberg was once rumored to be involved…

    • News Hit

      Spielberg was involved, but the project was screwed over by the increasingly fraught relationship between Dreamworks and Paramount. Spielberg wanted to do it, but the Paramount rejected the idea, according to Nicole LaPorte’s ‘DreamWorks: The Men Who Would Be King.’

      • Christian

        Interesting. So, Spielberg is definitely out? Seems like a very ambitious directiorial debut assuming Jonathan Nolan plans on directing it himself. Steve, did he tell you something about this?

  • Ron

    Well I’ll have to watch bootlegged footage coz I stay in Cape Town South Africa!

  • Tarek

    I have any doubt about the epic result. this is Nolan guys! not Luca$.

  • Christopher S

    I would have to drive at least 5 hours to see the footage.

  • Jenelle C

    THIS ===> “While Bane was a mighty presence on screen, the same cannot be said for his voice, which I struggled to understand at certain points in the film” CONCERNS ME. Out of everything else from your post (thanks BUNCHES for no spoilers) what you said about his voice really got to me. I remember a few months back when the footage from the football field leaked with his voice and pretty much everyone blew up about Bane’s voice and how ridiculous it sounded. So, in the preview, did his voice sound off because it doesn’t fit Bane, or was it just that it sounded muffled because of the mask? I hope they do ADR or something if either thing is the case. Great post!!!

  • Miles Bennett Dyson

    heres my problem, if I go see watch this 6 minute footage, I will seriously not care about Mission Impossible 4 after that.

  • Ryan

    hey, how did the bat-logo appear on screen this time? XD as just a tiny minor spoiler… I’m very eager to know. lol

    I’m just hoping they didn’t re-use the blue flames. I liked how each films had it’s own color-style theme

  • Ryan

    better question; if you don’t want to spoil i’ll ask this; was there that noticeable colored theme this time? and if so what colors?

  • Scott

    Is the prologue only being attached to MI4 during the first weekend, or will it continue during the length of MI4 showing in those 70mm IMAX’s? I ask because while I might not get to see it on opening weekend, I may be able to when I visit home in Philadelphia during Christmas weekend.

  • sense 11

    Im buying my ticket now, i live ten minutes from Universal Citywalk

  • Garmcc

    Ok i just read a complete spoiler filled article on the prolouge and i wanto tear my own eyes out…DO NOT READ, if you wish to know more then go ahead but i wont be posting on this to ruin it for everyone else, all i can say is i now know how Dr Lioned Pavel fits into the story.

  • Garmcc

    Thats if what i read is indeed true, it sounds it…coming from a reputable source. And if it is true then yes it seems that Rises will definitely be on the same level if not a level up from TDK

  • Jamesy

    My respect for this site just doubled:) thanks for keeping it spoiler free, I’ve heard a LOT of other sites have basically posted a step by step account of the prolouge, and each article says pretty much the same so it must be true?

  • ImaxI

    Only thing that bothers me is the imax locations. i’m in delray florida and only orlando, tampa and miami have it so it sux to have to drive so far for 6 mins which i’m sure is awesome. Imax theatres all over should have thought of this for the sake of money and MI 4. I wont see this at all without Imax dark knight rises pro. And i won’t watch a bootleg. If I someone goes ill go but you’ll all know what i mean. Could you imagine if Imax theatres all over didn’t show the actual movie in July, it would be massive traffic like going to a superbowl in different states. Glad this is epic as it should be.

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  • Strong Enough

    Oscars 2013 here we come

    • felliniboy

      not so fast dude. i love Nolan, but PTA has a film.

  • Jake

    What about us folks down in Australia? Do we get a sneak preview at the prologue when it comes out, or not?

  • Tom Jane

    When speaking of plural Nolans, you need not use an apostrophe between the second “n” and the “s”. That implies ownership of whatever follows. It also means you’re an idiot and have no business writing for a living and disturbing the presence of people who frequent the presence of the Nolans (see what I did there? — no apostrophe).

    “I just want my kids back.” — Me

    • Old Soldier

      If you nitpick about their grammar and/or spelling too, I don’t think they will be coming back.

      • Tom Jane

        First of all, of whom are you speaking? I have a hunch — just a hunch, so don’t be too alarmed — that you suffer from slight-to-mild autism. Also, you missed a comma. Good job, little buddy.

        “I just want my kids back.” — Me

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  • Hunter

    Just saw the prologue and I think the only thing I understood that Bane said was “The fire rises.”

    • Tom Jane

      I could be mistaken, but I don’t believe the film’s target demographic is 90-year-old deaf retards. But — again, for emphasis — I could be mistaken.

      “I just want my kids back.” — Me

  • Steve Rudzinski

    Bane’s accent is weird and honestly, totally wrong. Bane is Latino, plain and simple. This is…something.

    • Hunter

      Yeah but Nolan doesn’t follow the comics exactly as they are which is fine. I honestly thought he sounded cool, but it just need to be way more clear I couldn’t understand anything.

    • sense 11

      This is a movie not a comic, big difference

    • Tom Jane

      Bane is the biological offspring of Sir King Snake of Brittany (that’d be Britain before it was Britain, before you attempt to correct me and consequently misspeak), which makes Bane British. Also, the prison he was born in is in the Caribbean. Just in case you aren’t currently aware (and you’re not), the Caribbean is not a latino region; it’s a Caribbean one. You’re an idiot.

      “I just want my kids back.” — Me

  • Kyle

    I saw it last night and maybe it was the mix in the theater but I couldn’t understand hardly anything Bane was saying, still a badass prologue though, it felt like the beginning of something huge.

  • Steve Rudzinski

    That voice for Bane is horrible. I mean, from a comic perspective he’s a Latino character so he should have a Latino accent. That’s just the character.

    But even if I shut off all comic book knowledge, we’re left with a voice most people can’t understand and one that doesn’t match the character at all.

    He’s got the physical presence down but that voice makes me giggle at him, not be scared of him or respect him.

    • Tom Jane

      Retarded infants giggle, Steve. You may have Down syndrome.

      “I just want my kids back.” — Me

  • Spence

    Saw it the other night. Great opening, really exciting and a nice taste of what’s to come.

    Bane’s voice was actually cool and pretty creepy, I like the direction Hardy is going with it. But I couldn’t understand 3/4 of what he said. To me, it sounded like a bad sound mix because some of the dialogue from other characters was also pretty drowned out. I think Bane’s mask-muffle effect just made it worse. I don’t see why they couldn’t fix this now, in fact that might be the best thing that comes out of this prologue.

    In Nolan we trust.

    • Cartouche

      I like his voice as well. I think it was sinister yet almost playfull in a psychotic kind of way.
      His voice sounds almost German or something. I have seen another movie that had almost the identical voice of Bane (Hellboy maybe) but it escapes me and its driving me nuts..

      From the reviews and word of mouth I expected his voice to sound much different but I didnt have an issue with it at all.
      Any issues will be worked out in time for the premiere.

      So very excited!!

  • gimpsuit

    Never seen a film so suck-jobbed in my life. Nolan’s nuts must be pruned.

    • Tom Jane

      Would you mind repeating yourself, young lady — only this time with a less handicapped comprehension of the English language?

      “I just want my kids back.” — Me

    • sense 11

      Your comment is an indicement of the educational system in this country.

      Go suck on some bat nipples if you dont like Nolans work

  • gimpsuit

    Anyone who ends a post with ‘In Nolan we trust’ is an automatic D-bag, seriously.
    Join a cult or something, it’s less creepy.

    • Reggie

      I agree all this Nolan “Pole dancing” has gotten to be really disturbing.

  • Scotts

    Just seen the new trailer for The Dark Knight, WTF?! For me it didn’t have the same feel as begins or tdk it seemed more like a Michael Bay movie? especially the very obvious cgi scene, please someone who’s seen it tell me you feel the same!

  • Scotts

    And my bad for posting on this article but didn’t know where else to post!

  • sense 11

    The Prologue is simply stunning, Bane is going to be an Epic villain

  • Garymc

    The prolougue, oh holy f!!k, Hardy as Bane…from what you see is truly menacing! Hopefully this will stop people from the whole “cant top Heath Ledgers Joker” Heath : great actor, great performance. Totally different character, performance and actor! And the thing about Banes voice and critics saying its an English accent…I could understand perfectly?! And as for English accent it seemed more Russian/Ukranian to me? even from the leak a few months back of his voice i thought the same

    • sense 11

      He kind of sounded like a British Darth Vader to me. I love the voice, good stuff

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  • kim

    the dark night rises wont nearly be better than the dark night

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