New Set Photos of Catwoman in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

     August 5, 2011

So it looks like Warner Bros. barely got out ahead of all the Catwoman set photos that are about to leak online.  I’m sure Nolan and Co. are trying to keep the production as secret as possible but when you’re filming out doors and people have camera phones, it’s a bit of an inevitably.  Thankfully, we don’t really know the context of these scenes and I don’t intend to find out until the advertising spoils all of it for me.

Hit the jump to check out Selina Kyle/Catwoman using the Bat-pod to race through what appears to be a riot.  The Dark Knight Rises opens July 20, 2012.  Click here for the set photos of Bane fighting Batman. [Update: The astute Matt Patches (@misterpatches) makes the good point that this is probably Hathaway's stunt double.  It's tough to tell under the goggles.]

Click over to SpoilerTV for more set photos.

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  • Janeails22x

    That’s a stunt woman. That’s not Hathaway. Lips aren’t even close.

    • Nickolus82

      I agree with you thats not her! It does look cool though

  • Migz13

    She’s really the one driving that?!
    But they can barely steer the thing with a professional driver back then! Really nice to see her doing her own stunts:D

  • Jetpackman89

    Seeing her in action looks a bit better but come on where are the cat ears…?

    • Jen

      I am so happy she doesn’t have a tail and ears, from these images it looks like Nolan is staying more true to the comics. Exciting.

      • brandon

        WTF do you mean staying true to the comics?!! Since when has Catwoman ever been known for not having ears on her costume? NEVER! HOLY SH!& ! Get a flipping clue!

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  • Mello Mastikan

    Love the pose!

  • Suo Myona

    That’s not her. It’s the stunt double.

  • J.R.

    It appears Black Widow entered the TDKR set and stole the Bat-POD……… Hally Berry is looking good after this,….

    • mrbatmatt

      …take that back… NOTHING is as bad as Hally Berry.

      • J.R.

        Yep it was pretty Bad but i saw a cat in there, in this one i see Black Widow ripoff with 3D glasses stolen form the cinemas ;)

  • Your Mom

    The more I see of Catwoman in this, the more I’m convinced Nolan should have left her out.

    • Alex-mansy

      They probably offered him 20 million more in budget if he included catwoman or something like that.

  • BobMann

    My goodness everyone! Its the Joker syndrome all over again!

    • Migz13

      Good one dude. Let’s just hope it is that way when people start saying it’s gonna look bad in it’s finality but ends up looking pretty brilliant rather than the other way around.
      I trust Nolan and co.

      • sgdhh

        I would rather have it this way then everyone expecting it to be great when it’s a complete dissapointment. I am hoping she will do well in the movie.

  • plainview

    Frosty, can’t you tell the folks here your take on this set photos? i understand the catwoman image was supposed to be shown at the page because it was after all AN OFFICIAL IMAGE(shocking that Nolan did it), but this one, not show it on the homepage like the Bane photos. you understand Nolan’s take on secrecy so please, next time, when set photos arrive, don’t show it on the homepage… let us choose if we’ll click it or not

  • Andrew

    Hmmm I may like Anne Hathaway’s stunt double more as catwoman than her….OAH WELL

  • dallasham

    I’m honestly not that upset about this but then again I am. I understand Nolan wants to make a more down to earth batman and its worked great so far. But seeing Catwoman the way she is dressed right now is a total disappointment, even though were all probably getting upset over nothing and it probably isn’t the final costume, the goggles on the other hand could be to for her “cat like” abilities like being able to see better at night and in the snow in a dark atmosphere. I don’t know honestly I’m just throwing a bone out there. Anne H. is a good casting call for me its better then halle berry, even though she’s sexy and so is Anne Hathaway. The suit looks fine its just the goggles, as long as she has a whip I’m cool with it the claws I’m whatever on i dont really care. Im a movie buff i just want to see a good film that entertains me and has that Nolan style filming that we all loved in the first two. I mean come on, its gotta be better then Batman & Robin..right ?

  • Pockets

    Not catwoman. Not at all. Looks terrible, they’ve really screwed the pooch with costume design this go around. Couldn’t be less happy with this or with Bane’s appearance. Looks like a rejected S&M version of Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion.

  • junierizzle

    That is the stunt double.

    I can’t say this enough, I LOVE THE LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s a movie. Some shit just doesn’t work on film depending on the mood, tone, direction, etc. I love that there are no ears. Besides, I doubt they will ever refer to the character as “Catwoman”

  • stringerbell

    looks like bane has got himself an army and batman needs a hand,i really thought nolans films were going to have no batman sidekick,i hope she ends up being a villian we all know nolan likes having a number of villians in his batman films usually 3 or 4,im hoping here that catwoman steals his batpod

  • ShinobiJedi

    I like how everyone is whining about casting Anne Hathaway when everyone was making the same complaints about Heath Ledger. Just trust Nolan guys, sheesh.

    And that suit is most likely a pre-Catwoman suit a la Batman Begins. I’m sure the cowl will show up eventually. It’s just too iconic. That or Nolan thinks the cowl would make her look too much like Batman. I dunno.

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  • english gent

    Thats not the bat pod you fooooooools!

    • joseph

      yep 1 that`s the bat pod . there are several photos of it online and they all match ! clean your glasses and take another look !

  • sense 11


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  • Jon

    I don’t see why anyone is surprised by this. I don’t really think any of the characters in Nolan’s interpretation of the material look like they do in the comics. Sure, Batman has his cape and cowl, but his suit is made of functional armor. Ra’s Al Ghul simply wore a suit; no cape. Scarecrow isn’t a guy dressed up like a scarecrow; he simply uses a burlap sack. Joker was a raw interpretation as well; smeared make up, messy hair. How would a homicidal maniac treat his appearance? Would he have a well groomed green coif and flawlessly applied makeup? Doubtful. They’re all grounded in reality.

    I think the costume design, in all cases in Nolan’s versions is driven by the question: what would these people (none of which have actual super powers) look like in real life? What resources do they have available to them. Batman is rich. His mask was manufactured for him and his suit was designed by Wayne Enterprises. We don’t know how Selina Kyle’s character is being written for the movie. It might not make sense for her to don cat ears. Her costume needs to be functional for her character’s roll in the film. What are her goggles for? Where did she get them. Who knows? But it will be explained in the movie. As for Bane, I would never have counted on him having tubes going into the back of his head. One, I think it’s silly and not something Nolan would do. Two, it’s ridiculous vulnerability. Just cut the tubes. It’s more likely, that in this version, Venom (although I doubt it will be referred to as Venom in the movie) is some kind of vaporized drug he needs to keep him alive. I also wouldn’t count on seeing him turn into some behemoth. Why? Because that’s impossible in real life. More likely, he is just one genius level, hard motherf__er. And the lucha libre mask…get serious. It has no place i a Nolan Batman film. It’s completely nonfunctional, other to hide his identity, but who wants to get an actor like Tom Hardy and then cover up his face for his performance (same reason the Green Goblin’s mask was designed to partially reveal Willem Dafoe’s face in Spiderman). The new mask looks menacing, conceals his identity but allows the audience to see his eyes, and probably serves some other purpose that will be explained in the movie.

    I know there are some die hard comic fans out there that want to see their favorite characters preserved, but c’mon. Maybe you don’t like how Nolan tries to ground these characters in the real world, but you’ve seen the first two movies. You know how he operates. I just don’t what you all were expecting.

    • JoshEli

      I agree with you! And it would be incredibly silly to have Ban inhaling some gas that makes him grow physically bigger. But I think they could at least use some new (well, it’s not even really new) technology to make him appear much bigger than Batman.
      I think that they are obviously connecting this film to the first, as a bookend. This means that some themes will come back around. I suspect that the mask Bane wears is for a modified version of the FEAR gas from the first film. But instead of inducing fear, it helps Bane grow physically stronger and full of rage. We already know he is going to be intellectually superior.

      But I hope that they at least make him physically bigger than Batman as well. He doesn’t have to GROW bigger, but just always be more physically menacing. Because it’s kind of hard to believe that even with the gas-mask and his bald head that he’s Bane when he’s only 5’7. It’s just a slap in the face to the comic character, really. And I LOVE the Nolan films!

      Pure genius so far…
      So far…

  • Frank

    The stuntwoman driving the Batpod looks like she could be wearing a mask in the image of Hathaway. Look closely at the sides of her head.


    THEORY.. She steals the Bat-Pod from one of the “Military” Tumblers, shown last week. Then the goggles maybe come as part of the Tumbler/Pod peripherals and are not her actual Catwoman goggles/yet?!

    If you look closely at her goggles, the lenses have that Tumbler style window crease on them. Maybe she incorporates their tech into her design before becoming a fully fledged mask wearing sex Kitten.

    Also, having hair exposed like that, as a criminal, would be a forenzics dream!

    Makes sense to me.

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  • JoshEli

    This is causing quite a debate here…
    They are not going to refer to her character as “Catwoman”. Sure the “Joker” worked, and Bane is probably going to be a prison “nickname”, but “Catwoman” will NEVER work in this world Nolan has created. So of course, she is not going to have cat-ears. It would ruin the whole tone of this universe. And I bet you a million dollars that THIS IS THE FINAL SUIT. Obviously she’s in action, here (albeit a stunt double). I don’t even have a problem with Bane’s costume at all. It certainly looks Apocalyptic, which creates a sense of danger…but I REALLY hope that when we get the full view, they have used FX to make him look BIG (ala reverse hobbit FX), or fans will simply not accept it. And that’s the truth.

    • grittymcgritterson

      The only problem with that theory is that Nolans world- however realistic- already contains a BAT-man, so really….its not that much of a stretch.

      • JoshEli

        Well, I disagree…

        They spent nearly the whole first movie explaining WHY he calls himself the Batman. And it makes sense. What are they going to do? Have Selena bit by a rabid alley cat?

        They don’t’ have enough movie to realistically make her a CATWOMAN. They of course will probably make some reference to the “Cat-like” persona…but she won’t be CATWOMAN in the credits.

      • Jen

        She’s called cat woman because she’s a thief, and the whole femme-fatal angle. I’m sure they are pulling more from Frank Miller.

    • JLC

      Or how about this explanation? These movies are about a guy who dresses up like a bat, with a cape and pointy ears and a picture of a bat on his chest. And he tools around in a car that has flames shooting out the back that can jump a couple hundred yards.

      No matter how “realistic” Nolan might try to make it, it’s still based on a comic book. If she wants to put on cat ears and call herself Catwoman, more power to her, I say.

      • Jon

        I think the name could come up. It’s not outside the realm of reason, but I don’t think it’s going to be thrown around a lot. Crane didn’t call himself Scarecrow until the very end of the movie and Two-Face never really referred to himself as such (I could be wrong); it was just a Harvey Dent nickname.

        On another note. The tumbler was really built and designed to “stand up to several standards: have a speed of over 100 miles per hour (160 km/h), go from 0 to 60 miles per hour (97 km/h) in 5 seconds, possess a steering system to make sharp turns at city corners, and withstand a self-propelled launch of up to 30 feet (9.1 m). On the first jump test, the Tumbler’s front end collapsed and had to be completely rebuilt. The basic configuration of the newly designed Tumbler included a 8.7-liter Chevy V8 engine, a truck axle for the rear axle, front tires by Hoosier (which are actually dirt racing tires used on the right rear of open wheel sprint cars), rear 4×4 mud tires by Interco., and the suspension system of Baja racing trucks. The design and development process took nine months and cost several million dollars.” Likewise, the Batpod is a real motorcycle. It’s real technology…really expensive technology, but real.

  • grittymcgritterson

    So I guess this all solidifies the “Batcopter” rumors, right? I mean, everyone gets a hold of his shit, he doesnt really have a choicce but to step his game up, no?

  • Stephen

    From what I have seen so far from the set photos is this: Bane was locked up in the prison (which is located at the university, also where these photos were taken) and he breaks out obviously because we wouldnt really have a movie with Bane in it if he is just sitting in a jail cell the entire movie. Anyway, the League of Shadows employes Selina Kyle, or Selina Kyle is already apart of the League of Shadows, to help break Bane out of the prison. Batman attempts to stop them from breaking him out, but he is unsuccessful. This is why we have so far seen lots of people standing on the steps fighting in the photos.

    When batman fights Bane on the steps everyone else is also fighting as well. So while the fighting occurs Selina Kyle steals the batpod from batman, knowing it is very important to him. This photo is her making her getaway from just busting Bane out and he probablys leaves himself via a chopper or some other transportation after completely beating the crap out of batman, as we have seen in the earlier photos.

    that would also explain why Bane had enough time to read a speach ontop of the camo tumbler without worry of batman. And it would also explain why in the teaser trailer when Bane is coming at Batman Batman backs away from him. This of course being because they already fought each other and Bane wont the altercation in the photos at the prison.

    Does anyone have any thoughts to my Theory or any corrections to make? I believe this would be in the first act of the movie, or the very start to the second act…

    • grittymcgritterson

      I think Bane breaks out of a foreign prison (Bane seen escaping via climbing up tunnel wall in the teaser) and comes to Gotham to free the other inmates in order to overwhelm Batman.

      They already said Marion’s character was a “board-member” for wayne enterprises, but in secret is working for Ras/ is his daughter. I think its becuase of her being on the inside ( remember Ras already knew Bruce is Batman) that eventually everyone gets a hold of all the Wayne-tech hence the tumblers, batpods running around everywhere.

      • Stephen

        I do like the idea of Kyle, I am not calling her Catwoman on purpose because no one has ever officially called her Catwoman other than Hathaway herself, but even then she may not have known to only call herself Selina… again, I do like the idea of Kyle and Bane teaming up like you said. However, I really really doubt that Bane and Kyle will team up in this movie. I believe that Kyle, as always, is going to be on her own side and that is that. She is a theif for hire and she is not a murderer if i remember correctly. I am so excited to see this movie. This scene itself already is teaming up for be epic! Finally, what really is interesting me about these photos is behind Kyle there is a swat officer punching out a military arab man. I think that is key to explaining these photos a bit more, at least concerning where the people breaking others out of the jail came from. Then again, he could be an actual guard at the jail and the SWAT officer is the bad guy in the photos, helping Kyle with the riot. What do you guys think?

  • Tarek

    Will we see Bane breaking Batman’s backbone at the end ?
    It will be the final opus indeed.

    • Jen

      I bet you it will happen near the beginning/middle of the movie and Batman will be gone… then triumphantly return.. lol

      • Tallship286

        This is the last film in the trilogy and rumours suggest that they want to reboot Batman for the Justice League movie. Having said that Im not sure that breaking Batman’s back will work unless you did the story in two parts. It would take years to recover from that injury to the point of being Batman again.
        I see Batman maybe getting his ass beaten or at least realizing that he can’t defeat the League of Shadows without some help. Maybe he finds it in India (they filmed there for a while). Who knows…it sure is fun to guess though…

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  • Strong Enough

    Olivia Wilde would have made a awesome Catwoman but its all good

    but is she gonna wear those goggles the whole time shes catwoman? looks like night vision goggles or something. She has to have a mash that their not showing becuz for her to wear that everytime shes catwoman is ridiculous

    • Terry

      BS! I just saw Tron Legacy, sucked, and Olivia has no damn range. She is pathetic. I even saw her in Cow Coys and Aliens, sucked even more than Tron Legacy. Still, no effing range.

      • Roy Baty

        I agree. Plus she got that Quagmire thing going on with her jaw.

  • Tiffany

    I’m just really disappointed that they have Anne Hathaway as catwoman. She’s a good actress and all but she just doesn’t match the part. In a way it ruins the movie for me, I’m still going to see it but I feel iffy about it since she’ll be playing the part. He could have done a better job casting this role.

  • gonzo

    Is anyone else thinking these scenes are set at night and will be graded as such in post? My personal theory is that he’s shooting it on IMAX and that maybe lighting the scenes would be problematic if they were shot at night.

    • Kori

      Um no. Grading can do wondrous things, but making a day light scene look exactly like night is extremely hard. And it’s absolutely pointless, they shot many of the Dark Knight night scenes at night. It wouldn’t be hard to light, they have millions of dollars to do so. It’s their job. So no.

  • wacko3205

    Why is everyone so up in the freaking air over this…that’s not “Catwoman”…its Selena Kyle…remember?!?! Ego & Alter Ego are the same…just different at the moment of need. I’ve got a feeling that Catwoman (so to speak) won’t be pulling out the stops that everyone wants.

    Honestly though…really? All this frustration? Bane’s to small. Bane’s too short. Where are the ears? Why no claws?

    Why not patience folks?

    Bane’s not huge till he juices up or wants to be.
    Kyle’s not Catwoman till she’s in costume or when she needs/wants to be.

    This is Nolan’s take…& its essentially “the real world”…so maybe…MAYBE…things will get better.

  • wacko3205

    This head on shot @ the link is pretty neat…& it is Anne Hathaway.

    I don’t know…I kinda like the get up.

    Would love to see more of it thought.

    • dado

      That article does have a good theory, perhaps they aren’t going to call her catwoman and go with Selina Kyle, but the only problem is then what makes her different from the other robbers

  • wacko3205

    So…does anyone else think that MAYBE she’s going to be a baddie & that she’s there with Bane? I mean…it looks like she’s jackin the BatPod during the ruckus to me & it also appears that the mask she’s wearing is Wayne tech/modified material.


  • Da1CliQ

    It looks stupid.

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  • wtff

    Nolan did say that Catwoman was essentially a skilled thief, and that that’s the element of her character that was going to be played up in this movie, so I don’t really have a problem with the glasses seeing as they’ll most likely serve as infra-red, night-vision, safe-cracking glasses.. or something along those lines. It’s kinda hard to think of how and why a woman would ideally want to don a cat-ear like getup to steal stuff. I’m guessing being and acting cat-like will sorta just be a core part of her character, not so much looking like one per-se.

  • FugetTemple

    “INEVITABILITY” not “inevitably”. MAN. Learn to use proper diction!

  • Ryan

    You can all quite freakin out about the cat ears..your staring right at them. Notice how the edges of the goggles rise up a bit, forming soft round tips? In other words, when she puts the the goggles into a resting position on the top of her head it’ll look like two little cat ears poking up. Go ahead, take a closer look. Ill wait.

  • Cole

    great doggy position ……

  • brandon

    I get that he is trying to base his characters in reality, but at some point you have to say, hey, I’m making a movie based on a COMIC BOOK and throw a bit more unrealistic qualities into it, such as a costume with cat ears.

    • Trey

      I agree. Nolan is a good producer/writter/director, but he has to remember that he is adapting a comic book. I know its suppost to be reastic, but it would help if he makes these characters resimble their comic book counter parts. This is my opinon, but based on these set pics the characters aren’t looking to promising. So ppl who are on Nolan’s nutts need to respect other people thoughts.

  • Mueze

    She can’t just be on Bane’s side naturally, she has to get to know Bruce in some capacity:

  • john james

    I wish someone at warner bros. would have the balls to file an injunction against nolan and the producers of this fiasco and have production stopped……this is gonna embarass nolan and co. so bad when its done, that nolan may very well have to leave hollywood… is possible to stop production if its filed through the district court. its happened on various movies in the past. nolan better smart up and stop screwing around joel .S. style. nolan may be drunk off the sucess of the dark knight and inception.

    • corey

      And how do you this? Have you read nolans script? You are basing this embarrassment thing on a photo of catwoman that migh not even be the real costume. If you dont like what you see then fine dont see it but i dont think nolan is going to care when he looks up at the box office and he see’s that his film has tripled the budget and he’s getting 10 percent from that i think he’s going to be fairly happy about that. I just love how everyone is bashing not only this film but they bashed thors first official pictures, they did it with john carter from mars first offical pictures, they did it with rise of the planet of the apes first official pictures calm down wait for the full trailer then lets see if the film is shitty or not because let me tell you this if the trailer is as good as the dark knights trailer then im pre ordering my imax ticket the same day.

  • Nick S

    The people who are bashing and criticizing Nolan about this film just need to STOP!!! We dont know how far the character is developed at this point. She may well just be Selina Kyle and developing the Catwoman persona later on. The costume looks pretty good because if he went with a more costume-y cat suit it still wouldn’t please people because it would depart from the style he created.
    We know only a handful of things about the film so quit the childish complaining, see the movie, then judge!
    Nolan did a brilliant job with Ledger as Joker, although it was a bit over hyped. And the actors are all excited about the story. Just see the movie than judge if it was worth it and if it was really bad.

    Plus, it is a step up from the awful Halle Berry Catwoman, major step up. And Im liking it more than the Batman Returns Catwoman costume!

  • Big0

    If you want a faithful adaption of a comic book, watch Zac Snyder. Nolan is only faithful to the minuscule amount. There could be a reason why Anne was casted as Seline Kyle, not Catwoman (she’ll probably have the skills of Catwoman but not her name, I would find it funny hearing Christian Bale say “Catwoman”, he didn’t even say “two-face” in TDK).

    Which is why I am curious on Superman, Zac Snyder does arguably the most faithful adaption of a comic book I have seen, while his producer doesnt really care about comics. Hmmm…can’t wait for the trailers for both (Though Snyder is, like michael bay, the master of the trailers)

  • Frank

    Like how Batman Begins didn’t focus on Batman all throughout the movie, perhaps Selena Kyle won’t appear as Catwoman throughout most of TDKR. But her outfit could evolve more toward a cat-like appearance as we see her progress through her newfound “career” as a burglar: She starts with this catsuit, jacks these Bikepod (AKA Batpod) driver goggles (which have features like infrared and HUD, useful for burglarizing). Maybe the third element will be her borrowing a black hoodie with cat ears from her best friend. I don’t know how or if a whip would ever fit into Nolan’s vision of Catwoman in his Bat-universe.

    • Dr. Doctor

      A very intelligent and creative statement. It’s good that your open-minded and optimistic about this.

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  • pr0jecktpat

    I think that looks terrible.

  • Chandler

    Leave it to Patches!

  • Michael

    Not happy with her costume. The body suit is okay, but the glasses…Nope. I was expecting the round, yellow lens looking, somewhat cat eye-like goggles. And yes ears on the suit. Similar to the later action figures from DC Universe.
    Although the movie was campy, I loved Michelle P’s portrayal of Catwoman in Batman Returns. She was tormented and you see her as a good and bad at the same time. Cool.

  • paulershal jim

    Because apparently it’s going to be Catwoman and Bane. But they’re more side villains.

  • growth marshall

    I really like Selina Kyle.she’s looking very hot & sexy in the catwomen’s role.

  • Lizzette

    I don’t mind Catwoman being in this one. After Ledger’s performance, I’m willing to wait until the movie comes out to see the finished product. The only problem I have is that her hair is out. I would love it if they’d cover her head like they did for Michelle P’s Catwoman. We need to have the ears on top. I’m tired of these superhero movies where you’re not supposed to know who they are when they’re not in costume, but yet is it so obvious. A good example would be Superman. A pair of black eyeglasses doesn’t help. LOL

  • aloyoon

    who care what catwoman look like really these photos look awesome

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