New THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Set Photos and Video Show Fight between Batman and Bane

     August 1, 2011


Following yesterday’s The Dark Knight Rises set photos of Bane standing on top of a car and a new look at the hilariously “camouflaged” Batmobile (it’s in desert camo in the middle of a city), new set photos have leaked online showing Batman fighting Bane.  I don’t think that’s too much of a spoiler since I think everyone who’s looking forward Dark Knight Rises expects Batman to fight Bane.  However, if you don’t want to know the setting or even see the fight in action (until the trailer spoils it for you anyway), then don’t hit the jump.

For everyone else, hit the jump to see set photos of Batman vs. Bane plus unofficial video of the fight and other action scenes.  The film stars Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine.  The Dark Knight Rises opens July 20, 2012.

Hat-tip to /Film for the images.

And here are some unofficial videos from the set:

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  • lame duck

    I sure hope they use some type of camera trickery to make Bane look more like a towering behemoth but these leaked photos are pretty cool to look at none the less. Message to Batman: please do a karate kick in this movie rather then the usual head butts, judo chops, and elbow jabs. You’re trained as a elite ninja for god sakes…not a boxer!!!!

    • mark

      Christian Bale is incapable of pulling off believable martial arts moves because he simply isn’t a martial artist. Doesn’t have the physical ability. I’m sure you or I could kick Bale’s ass. Need a new actor as Batman if you want a more impressive fighting Batman.

      • knight

        He actually is physically capable? Hes playing Batman for one plus roles like terminator salvation playing a soldier. Actors are required to wrokout for roles like this. And it doesnt take a martial artist to learn how to kick. Its just Batmans fighting style hes not the acrobatic guy in tights doing 360 flips and kicks anymore. He is a more simple move but its gonna hurt worse brutal fighter now.

  • battleangel

    maybe this is the first act “batman can kick bane’s ass” fight before bane juices up and becomes HUGE…?

    • lame duck

      perhaps…or maybe he will don the gimp mask towards the end as well? j/k

  • WaelK

    Bane must be so dangerous at noon that Batman got out of his batcave on broad day light!

  • Tallship286

    If they are basing some of this movie on “Knightfall”, Bane never wanted to take on a healthy and rested Batman because he knew there was a chance he would get beaten. So maybe Batman hasn’t been worn down yet…

  • Razmataz

    the camouflaged batmobile isn’t “hilariously camouflaged”, if you remember in batman begins, when bruce wayne first test drove the tumbler, it was that exact camouflage, and he asked fox if they had one in black. Then, if you recall, that tumbler was destroyed in the dark knight. So, it would make sense that batman would now have to use the camouflage tumbler

    • Anthony

      I know I can’t believe they allow Matt Goldberg to report on these type of movies because we all know he is a Indie film fanatic and he shit on everything that is mainstream. I would say that either Batman is using the other tumblers from Batman Begins or Bane somehow stole one of them.

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  • theku652

    Wouldn’t it make sense for him to take it to the cave and paint that beeeeotch black then? Didn’t it go through all that in begins? I distinctly remember him airbrushing his suit in the cave. After all he is a multi-billionaire I’m sure he is capable. Lol

    • Anon

      I don’t believe Batman is using the tumblers in this scene. I’ve read somewhere that Bane actually steals those tumblers and uses them to break the prisoners out of jail. I think it’s true giving that there was a video that showed Bane standing on a tumbler and giving a speech.

      • Robb

        That’s much more plausible given the Tumble’s coloring. Obviously in the interim between TDK and this Wayne would have had any/all Tumblers in use painted black. I also don’t think it’s unreasonable that at this point he has a small armada of backup Tumblers…lending credence to the notion of Bane getting his hands on one. Sure there were only two circa BB but presumably Fox has the specs and they could have used the Applied Sciences branch of WE to build more.

        …OR, there’s just the one spare Tumbler left, and Bane has somehow acquired it. Who knows at this point.

  • mil

    Batman3, Hobbit, Prometheus… 2012 is going to be a good year.

    • Razmataz

      plus the new bond movie

      • JohnTravolta

        Add the Avengers & Amazing Spiderman – it looks epic!

  • motorcyleboy83

    “hilariously camouflaged” …am i the only one who saw batman begins?. waners will want to really pump begins’ into people minds if they are are going to be confused with references to the first film.

  • english gent

    Spoiler alert! Bane steals the tumbler after he kills lucious fox. Then they assault city hall. He gets put in prison. Then the prison escape and bane goes for revenge on the bat

    • T. Van

      That was the most pathetic, most insincere and downright *WORST* spoiler alert I’ve seen in my entire life. Disregarding the fact that the second part of the spoiler served absolutely no purpose in this discussion, the fact that there are no line spaces in-between the spoiler and the alert makes me question whether or not you really wanted people to have the option to disregard the spoiler after seeing your so-called “alert.”

      • AlexHeyNa

        Don’t worry, it’s not a real spolier anyway. It’s just how he wants the story to go. There is no way he could possibly know and he is well aware of that. Unless he is secretly Chris Nolan, Emma Thompson, Jonathan Nolan, or David S. Goyer, there is no way he knows what’s going to happen.

    • Virtual Visor

      English gent – you fucking piece of shit.

    • Englishgentisabitch

      Enlish gent, you worthless piece of shit cocksucker. Do us a favor and go play on the freeway, you massive douche.

      • mark

        The original post didn’t deserve such a response. Are you mentally ill? If not, each insult you just spewed would more properly be applied to yourself.

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  • Robert

    Bane is suppose to be atleast 5-10 feet taller than B-man right? and ofcourse bigger.. too early to judge I’m sure.

    Batman please move more like the Video game Batman Arkham City… That’s how lethal batman should be. Just sayin…


  • Rob

    I sure hope bane will look a lot bigger than batman.

  • grittymcgritterson

    So, Marion C. Is a board member for Wayne Enterprises but secretly the daughter of Ras Al Ghul( check out that ninja robe shes wearing.). She opens the backdoor to Waynes Enterprises for the League of shadows. Bane enters and nabs all of Batmans sweet equipment and busts out of the other criminals to wreak havoc.
    Batman will have to escalate in order to out firepower the baddies; hence batchopper. Nice.

  • Sam

    Wouldn’t it be neat if none of this was for the movie and all this was actually happening in Pittsburgh, and there was some guy dressed up as batman trying to stop it

    • Mueze

      LOL! I love you Sam

    • Laurabelle

      These pics brought a smile to my face. You, good sir, brought an even bigger one. You and I should be writing fr this site, not the guy who thinks the camou-tumblers are “laughable” without taking into account the fact that a) the videos show more than one tumbler driving and there’s not more than one Batman (so p’haps he ain’t driving or in control of them!?); and b) think back to Batman begins and you’ll see that ol’ Lucius Freeman initially introduces the tumbler to Patrick Bat(e)man as a camouflage tank type thing anyway!

      • jesse

        I like to call them “Bane-Mobiles”

  • seabass

    is it me going mad or am i correct in saying the policeman in the first picture is Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

    anyway the pics look great, theres going to be some awesome fight scenes and it will be intriguing to see where the story goes. no doubt there will be some twists along the way.

    bane looks ace in my opinion

    • Asian cop

      No, the cop in that first pic is NOT JGL. It’s the Asian cop that’s in all the other pics. Sorry. Wishful thinking.

    • prashant

      I hope bane is “ACE” but even after not being a comic buff i still fill BANE IS SUPERABNORMAL MONSTROUS HULK, which it doesnt look like in these shots. But i hope from bottom of my heart that nolan makes this look worth. The essence shouldnt be lost lets hope best.

  • Mueze

    So many “Insert caption here” ideas

  • varagor

    Please stop posting these spoilers without a warning. Even the headlines a minor spoilers.

    • Dogg

      How about you just add the words “possible minor spoilers” to all your movie geek site book marks. The whole purpose of these sites is to give inside info.

  • Lance Trachtenberg

    Here, here varagor. I realize we have the option to click on the material if we’re interested in reading it, but you’ve (collider) got pix from the film running in your banner. Not all of your viewership is interested in spoiler content, especially when we’re not given the option to avoid it. And, set photos aren’t always a solid indication of what to expect from the film. The stills you’ve posted may end up on the cutting room floor. Give us a choice!

  • chuck

    I never liked scenes of Batman in costume in daylight. Just seems silly.

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  • migz13

    My theory on the tumblers is that the ‘League of Shadows’ takes over Wayne Industries via Maria Cottilard and utilizes Batman’s tech against Gotham.

    • nworkman11


  • Rafael

    Should’nt Bane be like… bigger than Batman?

    • mark

      Yes. Much bigger.

  • swans183

    The Dark Knight was a bolt out of the blue. The Dark Knight Rises is going to be ruined by all the worthless scraps of information trolls are so determined to spread around the internet just to make sure that the movie is completely spoiled by the time it’s released. Not that it’s you guys’ fault, of course, I just don’t like that information is so easily spread nowadays. btw I skipped past all the images to comment on this, lol.

  • T

    Makes me wonder where CATWOMAN comes into play in all this…

  • Jason Campbell

    I wonder if they are filming this at angles that will make the fights clear, the villain imposing, and the costume not shitty.

    These photos make me feel as though that is a tall order.

  • Kenny B

    you guys need to take a chill pill. It’s a movie, it looks like shit untill, get this guys……….. FOR ONE YEAR, they work on post production. Do you think Christopher Nolan would allow the final arc of his trilogy to look like a photograph, taken from a random angle by an amateur? His action scenes are very direct, they remind me of good 80s action flicks.

  • Agent_Black

    Am I the only one concerned about the totally lack of security on this movie? The leaks are appalling given that Nolan usually locks this down, it’s disgraceful how much is leaking online simply to be pre-judged and criticised out of context

  • dpramroop

    i wonder if this film will have slo mo, nolan used alot of slo mo in incpetion, just sayin

    • Laurabelle

      Nolan used slow-mo in Inception for very clear reasons (if you’d watched the film and paid attention you’d know this): to illustrate the time differences and drawn-out-ness of each progressing dream level. Remember the further the characters were pulled into dreams within dreams, time would have seemed to drag on for longer. It was very purposefully done and not just some sorta Snyder attempt at creative slow-mo.

  • Joe

    Yikes! Why oh why is Bats brawling in the frikkin broad daylight??
    Wow that costume during the day looks a bit weird.

  • wildcatz

    Holy Bat-Flop! Bane is tiny. Batman looks goofy. Isn’t there any tear gas in the utility belt? Why not break into the Bat-Dance? For once I’m actually looking forward to Spidey over Batman.

    I hope the bubble bursts on comic book-hero movies in 2012.

  • mark


    This Bane is shorter than Batman!

    Tom Hardy 5’10″ 180 lbs. What a choice for Bane.

  • Angel M

    In case anyone was wondering -

    I’ve stood next to Christian Bale on set of American Psycho. I’m 6 foot 1 – kinda average – but Bale was a full three inches shorter than me at least –
    so that makes Bane like 5 foot 8 at the most?

    This little man breaks the Bat? They couldn’t find ANYONE taller?

  • Steve Rudzinski

    I hope Bane has Venom for sure, because Bane is such a lil’ guy! Looks like Batman can break both of his arms easily.

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  • EmmaLove

    I am not use to seeing Batman in the daylight.

  • Rodney

    I love that you can see the IMAX camera they are filming the scene with in the bottom of one of the pictures. This movie is going to be incredible in IMAX theatres that run film.

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  • Paul

    For all the people saying that Bane should be bigger and stonger they need to know that the writers of Bane in the comics stated that Bane is Batman’s equal in terms of strength and intelligence! The bane of the comics looks more exaggerated because he is a comic book character, but we all know that Nolan’s universe is supposed to be more realistic than that! Tom Hardy always plays brilliant nutters in films and he is cast as such, so wait and see what he brings to the table when the film comes out and then judge! It can’t be a worse adaptation of the character than the Joel Schumacher one!

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