New DARK KNIGHT RISES Set Photos and Videos Feature Another Fight Between Christian Bale and Tom Hardy

     November 6, 2011

Tom Hardy Bane THE DARK KNIGHT RISES image slice

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is currently in the middle of a location shoot in New York City (hence all the recent set photos), and today we’ve got a large batch of images and a few videos showcasing a fight between Christian Bale’s Batman and Tom Hardy’s Bane as well as some other goings-on that I won’t discuss here, given that it’s most likely pretty spoilery material. If you’re so inclined, hit the jump to check out the set photos and videos.

The film also stars Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine. The Dark Knight Rises opens July 20th, 2012.

One last warning, the following images and videos could be considered spoilers for The Dark Knight Rises.

Here are the images (via Just Jared, CBM, and Film Magic):

Here are the videos (via YouTube users jflex and Deannabreglia):

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  • faiz

    Shit man, my doubt of its quality evaporated after seeing those tremendous photos………….

  • charlie

    Batman and Nolan are ready to marry together and Bane is the bridemaid (on the third pic)

    • Jazzy Jace

      Comment of the Day, lol! Thanks man

  • Leo

    You should start to define these spoilers at the level of which they might spoil.

    For example, a picture of the bat jet thingy isn’t that spoilerish, but these pictures are like uber duper super kind of spoilerish.

    I truly wish I hadn’t looked at these pictures, i was anticipating pictures of the batjet, or selena on the batpod, but I saw this and I just weeped.

    The thing I loved about the Dark Knight as that when I first watched it, I didn’t really know much at all about the movie and my jaw was dropped with the biggest nerd smile I have ever had in public for the entire run time of the movie, but now seeing these, I will not be as surprised and amazed, so please next time give us a an indication of just how spoilerish the photos are rather than just say hey these photos are spoilerish.

    • AlexHeyNa

      Dude.. He said they would be spoilerish. You chose to look anyway. Quit complaining.

    • ABC

      No one forced you to look at them so stop acting like a child and whining and complaining and take responsibility for your actions. You decided to look at them so deal with it and stop being such a baby.

    • JoeBlo

      yeah, I’m really pissed I saw that Bane and Batman would be fighting. I was previously led to believe they’d be besties.

      How are these pictures so spoilerish that it ruins the movie for you? They don’t tell you much of anything, chill out.

    • Miles Bennett Dyson

      Jesus called, he said he’s sick of the disses, I told him to quit bitching this isn’t a fuckin’ hotline.

  • Joe

    Bane is very WWE instead of comic book super villain. Catwoman is too toned down. These costumes are not making me happy.

    • jdsmoothe

      word. you saw the movie already?

  • ferdinand

    just wait a minute. they are reshooting the stairs fight. maybe something didn’t work in the other city. the last hour in the movie will be non stop action i think.

    • News Hit

      That could be true, but most likely they are shooting another part of that sequence. Some productions film different parts of scenes at different stages of the shooting schedule. For instance, in an episode of The Equalizer, Robert Mitchum and Edward Woodward talked to one another, even though the actors never met.

  • AlexHeyNa

    Oh, the unbearable anticipation…!

  • Haswell

    Reminds me of the London riots

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  • Red

    I’m hoping Bruce Wayne will have the batcave this time and not that basement which was still pretty cool.. And as for as the pic being spolish don’t really give away the movie I’m sure the movie will be badass that’s like saying you shouldn’t watch the previews cause it gives it away. I’m happy to look at the pics and previews makes more intense to see the movie

  • brandon

    Im tired of seeing all of these picture with Bane and he always has some baggay ass sweatshirt on. He is supposed to buff and menacing, not Bane at 24 Hour Fitness on Sunday evening.

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  • batmanrules

    I have always said that BANE doesnt look big or tough enough and his outfit to me is ok but it could be better..CATWOMAN on the other hand..I have always said that she dont look right with her hair all out and without a cowl..and I never and still dont like ANNE H. being cast as CATWOMAN..she’s just too nice and girly and not savvy enough to me..

  • I cry u smile

    Never been so hyped about a movie before XD

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  • Pragmator

    Picture #2 … is that a Sith Lord in the background to the right of Bane? Holy Crossovers, Batman!

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  • Spartacus

    I dont think people are ready for how huge and Epic this movie will be when its out. Feels like were seeing too much, and we are. But its NOTHING to what the whole film will be in motion. Its not even the best bits of the film, they show up in trailers not mobile phones.

    Piece all that weve seen and heard about together, BatWing, war in Gotham, Batcave, Bane, Catwoman, Rhas al Ghul, Lazarus Pitts, some form of destruction in Gotham, etc etc etc…. All will be revealed.

    I do wonder if Bane will grow bigger after he takes the Venom. Hope so.

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  • stove

    bane is kinda looking more like the anti-batman… like the way hell is heaven’s shadow in the sandman series… like how matter particles have anti-matter particles and when the two touch they destroy each other. Alfred points out that this whole vigilante thing is like opening a can of worms, but the escalation he warns about cant go on forever. As with any escalating event, it’s a fast ride towards the unavoidable crash. I kinda am going out on a limb, but to die a hero instead of living long enough to become a villain, one has to die first. Not claiming to know anything, just speculating… batman dying would kinda give the symbol Gotham needs to pull it’s collective head out of it’s own ass… but again, it’s just a thought.

  • MainFragger

    I think its hilarious that in the first clip toward the end, a cop and a thug are fighting (right side of the screen) and the cop loses his balance and falls, the thug helps him back up, and they go right back to fighting again..

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