THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Blu-ray Extra Features Tom Hardy’s Transformation into Bane; Plus Concept Art for Bane’s Mask

     November 21, 2012

the dark knight rises batman bane

Just this morning, we posted 45 images of Bane (Tom Hardy) beating up on Batman (Christian Bale) in The Dark Knight Rises. Now, a new featurette found on The Dark Knight Rises DVD/Blu-ray discs is available that explores the physical transformation Hardy underwent in order to bulk up to Bane size. Bale, no stranger to undergoing drastic fluctuations in weight for movie roles, is also featured in the clip reflecting on Hardy’s achievement. We’ve also got concept images for earlier imaginings of Bane’s mask. Hit the jump to check it all out. The Dark Knight Rises DVD/Blu-ray hits stores December 4th.

Watch the following featurette to get a behind-the-scenes look on Hardy’s transformation into Bane, courtesy of The Sun (via The Playlist):

Check out the concept images of Bane’s mask below (from ScreenCrush):




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  • Collin K

    You might want to clarify ” Commentary from Bale” means on the transformation and not an actual commentary for the movie..

    • Lets see

      He might want to clarify that this movie is worse than the Phantom Menace

      • DG

        I love how because of a few plot holes ppl like to call TDKR “horrible” or “the worse movie ever!” when in reality it isnt even remotely close to being a terrible movie. Flawed..yes, terrible…absolutely not.

        Some fun facts for you lames: 87% critics and 92% audicence on Rottentomatoes. 8.8 rating on IMDB. Conclusion, NOT the worse movie ever. Peace.

      • And that’s da tooth

        Dark Knight Rises has really become a litmus test for filmgoers. Those who are discerning and hate to have their intelligence insulted don’t like it. Morons like it.

      • Joseph M

        The Batman movies are like Chinese food. You look forward to it, it looks amazing, tastes fantastic…but an hour later you feel empty. And oh man does the tale of the man who fights crime dressed as a bat take itself way too seriously.

      • red john

        This film is the worst of the three……….the great bane …..defeated in seconds. Ithey really fucked Tom in the end.

  • DG

    my lord those concept arts are terrible. glad they went with what they did instead of any of those…especially the first one!

  • Someone

    Here come the Rises haters!! Can you hear them coming!? I do!


    Here The Dark Knight Rises haters come sounding STUPID as usual. People who say that movie was bad, terrible, the worst, etc. are borderline retarded. A few plotholes… WOW. Most of these DUMMIES should know that every movie ever made has plotholes/weaknesses… no movie is perfect.

    Some plotholes here and there makes the movie FLAWED but not terrible. They must’ve legalized mary jane in other places besides Colorado because a lot of these geeks are smoking that good shit. It’s one thing to not like a movie and have your own opinion but people are overdoing it. The general consensus is that the movie was an awesome movie, but flawed in certain areas which obviously takes away from it being a true classic. Fans and critics alike for the most part accepted this movie as being rated a B-/B+.

    These haters are just contrarians and want to get a “Rise” out of people because no one outside of the internet gives them enough attention lol. Look, the movie went over a lot of peoples heads, yeah, it had it’s weaknesses, but the themes were too much for the average moviegoer who are normally entertained by tons of explosions, bright colors, and subpar plots/scripts. The movie was as terrible as some of you think… seriously, GET OVER YOURSELVES and go watch Batman & Robin if you think this one was so bad. At least Batman & Robin showed a lot of Batman… that’s what y’all wanted right??? LOL

    • And that’s da tooth

      Alright. The themes went over my head. So did the deep meaning. What were they exactly? Defend your position. And use something other than “other people said is was good so its good.”

      • steve
      • And that’s da tooth

        So the deep message is an ayn randian one that because a billionaire’s wealth will automatically make him morally superior to people without money (who coincidentally will murder the rich if given the slightest opportunity) and the people (who are stupid enough to be duped by a hand written letter) should bow to their benevolent millionaire overlords who will instruct them on how to be good. Bravo Nolan! No wonder this film did well with cretinous Americans. For the “critics” like it at the moment argument. Crash was lauded critically when it was released and won the best picture oscar. So it’s good right?

      • TwoCentsTooMuch

        Could people possibly be throwing poorly-founded attacks on Nolan’s character and his film in general because they disagree with an ideology they perceive to be expressed in the film? What?! People lie on the internet, and then pretend to be actually seeking intelligent discussion despite having destroyed any credibility they may have had by spurting baseless vitriol at those opposed to them? Unthinkable. I’m sure “And that’s da tooth” isn’t a perfect example of that.

      • internetasshole

        simply put, you’re a mental midget and movies like twilight are up your alley you drooling troglodyte.

      • diles3

        Ayn Randian? Did we see the same film? I’ve read Rand and I know enough Batman to suspect you are flying by vaselined ass cheeks on this one. It seems more plausible (and by more plausible I mean the difference between implausible and plausible) to call The Dark Knight Rises Dickensian than Randish. Check him out. Dickens writes books too. The gist: those who benefit tremendously from the prevailing system have a responsibility to help those who suffer the most under that very system. Violent revolution is not an acceptable alternative, because it produces more pain and suffering and uncertainty. Why is this so hard? Why am I having to tell you this? Could you not have figured this out yourself? Is it because I paid attention? Is attention required?

    • Joseph M

      Wow, Pat’s really passionate about Batman! And Pat, a film needs a solid plot to be regarded as a classic, not nice cinematography and a half-baked statement about financial slavery. Batman 2 was better. Less ridiculous.

  • hoopz29

    steve with the save. my man


    The deep meaning would be something like rising from the bottom to the top. A theme that’s prevalent throughout the whole movie. Between Bane’s rise to power and Bruce Wayne/Batman, someone who came from riches losing EVERYTHING and being broken mentally, physically, and financially and rising above all of that to ultimately succeed. Deep, yes, super-complex, no… even a 14 year old should’ve picked up on that, but again, the average movie goer and this would include the whiny geeks out there who despise this movie so much are more impressed by a lot of explosions, bright colors, and subpar plots/scripts. If the movie is hollow enough and has a basic theme but an enjoyable popcorn flick then people accept that… that\’s all well and fine because not every movie needs to be deep and have complex themes, but let\’s be real, The Dark Knight Rises is far from terrible.

    As for the “other people said is was good so its good” comment, I only mentioned critics and fans liking it and giving it a good rating to illustrate a point. The point being that, if this movie is so bad, then why do most people like it instead of dislike it?

    The Dark Knight was a classic and people expected The Dark Knight Rises to somehow supersede that . It would’ve been great if it did, but third movies and damn-near classic trilogies are extremely hard to pull off (especially in this day and age of a consistent amount of watered down trashy ass movies being shoved down peoples throat every year). The plotholes do take away from this movie being the classic that people expected it to be, but this movie had no more plotholes than any other movie and a lot of the plotholes people keep whining about weren’t that serious. If everything in the movie had to have an explanation, then we would\’ve watched a 4 hour and 45 minute movie instead of a 2 hour and 45 minute movie… no one has time for all that. You Dark Knight Rises haters who hate this movie so much and bitch about the intellectually-inferior fans who love this movie don’t even have half the attention span to take in a 4 hour and 45 minute movie. Seriously, dude, you and all the other everyone else need to miss me with the BULLSHIT. Again, go watch Batman & Robin or Batman Forever, whichever one you like better.

  • Moe

    When I read the part about a look at Hardy’s Bane transformation, my first thought was, that must be like 30 seconds long….he ate, lifted weights, shaved his head and put on a mask. Bingo. Bane. Oh, and he stole Jeremy Irons vocal inflections from Die Hard 3.

    Seriously, though. TDKR was a great movie. We see a weakened and beat down Bruce Wayne picking up the pieces for a final fight between good and evil. Hardy’s Bane was pretty cool, and I am not on the Hardy train like most. Catwoman was done extremely well, great fight scenes and effect, Bruce is tested to his limits. He passes the baton at the end.

    Nolan is just too popular and too good. Minute he became a phenomenon, groups of film geeks automatically started taking about how he was overrated. Comes with the territory.


      Exactly. A lot of these snobby ass film geeks who think being over-analytical and neutral-negative makes them more intellectually-sound enough to make an informed judgement how bad this movie supposedly is are really just whiny contrarians. Ever since The Dark Knight came out, now Chris Nolan is “overrated” lol. You’re right, it does come with the territory; anytime someone brings quality art to the masses and is popular enough to be accepted, people want to come out the woodwork and talk down on them. It’s true that people will build you up to break you down.

    • Joseph

      A very solid comment on the movie and a good point about Nolan/Nolan’s Haters.

      It’s amusing to come to this site and read people debating subjective opinion as if they’re going to win the argument as they present their own personal, subjective, opinion as fact. If you’re a fan or you enjoyed the story you’re more likely to over look any problems (if any) in the movie. If you’re not a fan or didn’t like the story you’re likely to straw man minor details and cite them as the reasons why this movie is the worst movie of all time. But neither side will convince the other because the fan doesn’t see (or care) about the “problems” the critics have with the movie.

  • dario

    Iunno why but it actually gets better after repeated views PLUS you can always do what i did, download it and just skip through the boring parts :)

  • Ebuka

    What is it with trolls of TDKR and this sight??

    If we the people that think that TDKR was great are such morons, then why do you have to come on EVERY single post about the film and trash it an then trash anyone that likes it? If we are such morons why not leave us blind idiots to lead each other astray so that you can go and rave about the movies you really like?

    Absolutely baffling. Well that’s the internet for ya, give nerds anonymity and freedom of speech this is what you get. I can’t help but have the sneaking suspicion that matt goldberg created half of these accounts so that he could just keeps trashing TDKR for no better reason. And why is he still covering articles about it? It feels like collider is leaving a garbage disposal man to do an engineers work.

    • And that’s da tooth

      You mad brah? Whaaaa somebody didn’t think my silly movie about a man in a batsuit fighting a guy with a metallic anus on his face was cinematic art whaaaa, whaaa. I guess all those years you spent not gettign any and reading batman comics instead didn’t pay off. Ain’t that a bitch?

      • Ebuka

        Obvious troll is obvious.

      • And that’s da tooth

        Mad brah confirmed. Nuf said.

  • Migzter13

    Human beings really do have that tendency to hate on things huh? Silly creatures.