THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Figures and Toys Reveal More Vehicles and Another Character

     July 1, 2012


Now that it’s officially July, The Dark Knight Rises will be here before you know it!  In the meantime, you can check out these new Movie Masters figures.  Batman (Christian Bale), Catwoman (Anne Hathaway), Bane (Tom Hardy) and Alfred Pennyworth (Michael Caine) were previously released and a fifth figure features Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Gotham City Police Officer, John Blake.  A sixth figure has been teased and we’ve got reports on who it will be, but we’ll save that spoilery info for after the jump.  There are also some new vehicles in toy form, including a Hoverjet and a Jetcruiser.  Whether these will show up in The Dark Knight Rises film or just the toybox remains to be seen.

Also starring Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman and Marion Cotillard, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises opens in IMAX on July 20th.  Hit the jump to check out the toy images.

You can feel free to view the toys at will without any spoilers.  We’ll keep that info until the end.  Images via Idle Hands.

This is your last chance to turn back for fear of spoilers as to a mystery character that should appear in The Dark Knight Rises. Now, as for that sixth figure to be released in the collection, Idle Hands confirms that it will be a reprisal of Liam Neeson’s role in Batman Begins, the one and only Ra’s Al Ghul.  This comes as good news for toy collectors and confirms earlier speculation that the head of the League of Shadows would manage a return in the conclusion.  Idle Hands is careful not to give 100% confirmation status to the toys since some of the images are the wrong pictures for the Movie Masters series, but it’s a good bet that we’ll see professional badass Liam Neeson in The Dark Knight Rises this summer.  Be sure to keep up on all of our continuing The Dark Knight Rises coverage here.


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  • RIC

    How is it a spoiler when everyone already knows the particular information?

    • enzofloc

      it’s not but everyone is so freaking over-sensitive about spoilers, collider is just covering their ass-umptions

  • Banes

    As TDKNR has time to enroll The Amazing Spiderman has been released in India and must say they succeed in making good movie it is enjoyable nice chemistry between the leads and cool stunts more thoughtful than Sam Raimi’s Spiderman.

  • 198d

    It’d be cool if in the movie, Catwoman sports a cowel(?) like the figure at the top.

  • S Doria

    This is a stupid spoiler. It has already been confirmed that he will be in TDKR and they have already said he will only be back in a flashback scene.

    • Thundersauresrex

      This is not totally true. they have not said anything about what he plays or how big he is in the film. the confirmed like a 2 and half week three stint of him being on set. but the FLASHBACK SEQUENCES you refer to actually are connected to a YOUNGER actor playings Ra’s Al Ghul. everything about Liam is pure speculation. there was the GREEN SCREEN “pool” back in the beggining of filming when LIAM was on set so some belive that the lazarus pits are included in Nolan’s world. but that circle could have been presumably the big circular thing that wayne is thrown down where Banes guys graple down. but there hasnt been any concrete word on how Liam fits in. only flashbacks of him were done with a younger actor not Liam.

  • A. Pennyworth

    Batman would never fly a “gunship hoverjet”.

  • Mr. j

    if ra’s al ghul survived the monorail crash from begins at least he had to end up heavily wounded, so what if TDKR’s “lazarus pit” are in fact a pool filled with some chemical that is somehow related to bane’s anesthetic, or maybe bane’s mask is more like a “lazarus gas-mask”

  • Deepak

    “Professional badass Liam Neeson” — well said haha

  • Will

    I thought the 6th figure was Gordon.

  • zillabeast

    Hoping Dr. Crane makes a final appearance as the Scarecrow.

    • Poochface

      As it has been announced that Cillian Murphy will be attending the UK Première, I think it is safe to assume that Dr. Crane/Scarecrow will make an appearance somewhere in TDKR.

  • Koldman

    Why aren’t they making one for Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon? I’d buy that one!

    • mattedscreen

      He’s actually a Wal-Mart exclusive, he comes with a cracked bat signal and an axe like at the end of The Dark Knight

  • mattedscreen

    I hope Ra’s shows up with a knife tapped in one hand, 3 broken glass bottles tapped in the other wearing a black wolf pelt strung around his neck

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