New Trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Will Be Attached to THE AVENGERS

     April 21, 2012


The massive marketing blitz for The Avengers is nearly over (I can see the light!), as the film is set to open in just a few short weeks.  However, it looks like the next leg of the marketing campaign for another highly anticipated 2012 release is gearing up to begin.  Word has it that the third trailer for The Dark Knight Rises will be attached to prints of The Avengers when it opens on May 4th.  This is good/bad news for Batfans, as it means Warner Bros. will be ramping up the Dark Knight Rises media blitz over the next couple of months leading up to the release of Christopher Nolan’s closing chapter in his Batman trilogy.  Hit the jump for more.

dark-knight-rises-trailer-confirmation-imageNews of the trailer attachment comes per the WB Exhibitor site (via Nolan Fans), so it seems pretty official.  This isn’t the first time a DC Comics trailer has played in front of a Marvel movie, as the third trailer for The Dark Knight played in front of Iron Man in 2008.

While I’m excited to get a new look at one of my most anticipated films of the year, I sincerely hope Warner Bros. holds back enough material so that we haven’t seen 1/3 of the movie by the time it hits theaters.  Though some of the Avengers stuff has been great, we’ve been inundated with countless clips, images, and featurettes over the past few months.  Nevertheless, I’m sure everyone will be happy to whet their Dark Knight Rises and Avengers appetites in one fell swoop come May 4th.  For a refresher, we’ve embedded the previous two Dark Knight Rises trailers below.  The Dark Knight Rises opens on July 20th.


  • Mark

    Pretty genius move. And agree about the Avengers, Ive seen so much of it I really just don’t have much interest in seeing it. No mystery to it. I will go but Im not particularly bothered if I don’t.

    • Ron

      From my friends that have seen it, apparently what we have seen is just the tip of the iceberg.

      • Mark

        That’s possible, it’s like 2h20m long so theres a lot that hasn’t been shown.

  • Aran

    You could always… not watch all the clips put out. There’s an idea.
    Besides, they’ve given out jack, so it’s high time they put out stuff.

  • AlexHeyNa

    I sorta knew this would be the case all along. Ever since they released the second trailer and the prologue in December. It only made sense that they’d follow the same pattern as The Dark Knight:

    Trailer #1 – July
    Trailer #2 – December
    Prologue – December
    Trailer #3 – May

    Not only that, but the third trailer for TDK was shown before Iron Man in 2008, and the final trailer for Inception was shown before Iron Man 2 in 2010. It only made sense.

    • Sam

      exactly, the people going on about “why havent they done this, that or the other yet?” has been doing my head in.

      whenever people would ask when the trailer was going to be out, amazingly saying “the avengers one is out already, why isnt the batman one?”, id just say that TDKR is out two months later and the trailer will be out first week of may, it has been obvious from the start, with effectively the same release date as with inception and TDK, dc have been exactly on track the whole way

    • Nomis1700

      Look, I think that they’re going to do the exact same thing with Man of Steel, considering the fact that they’ve shot some of it with IMAX camera’s:

      Trailer #1: July (the dark knight rises)
      Trailer #2: December (the hobbit an unexpected journey)
      Prologue: Decemeber (the hobbit an unexpected journey)
      Trailer #3: May (iron man 3)

      • AlexHeyNa

        Did they say they’re gonna be releasing a prologue for Man of Steel? Because I think the whole prologue exploit is a Nolan thing, not Warner Bros. Then again, he is producing, so we’ll see.

      • Sam

        i keep reading people talk about imax cameras on man of steel but im yet to see a picture of one of any confirmation in anyway.

        i know imdb isnt perfect but it listed tech specs about imax for TDK, transformers 2, mission impossible and now TDKR and star trek 2 but not for man of steel.

        hobbit isnt a full imax picture like mission impossible but i guess i am legend wasnt either. obviously if there is a prologue it will only play infront of the hobbit at the 50 odd proper imax screens on real 70mm rather than digital like how with mission impossible the TDKR prologue was only at specific imaxs

        i really really hope man of steel has some imax but at the moment all we (I) know for sure is that its on 35mm and is probably getting a 3d and 3d imax conversion

      • Sam

        is there any proof man of steel has been shot on imax? there was a pic of a helicopter with a camera on front but that could be any camera.

        i havent heard any confirmation of it yet that is all.

        even imdb says (not to be always trusted) that man of steel is just 35mm. it says imax for star trek 2 though

  • pj_campbell

    Honestly, the trailers and clips haven’t given much of anything away in The Avengers. I was actually surprised at the fan screening how much hadn’t made it inot the clips. There’s plenty of surprises in the movie, and it really seems to be only focusing on the last half hour. There’s much more than that going on.

    All that said, excited to see the last trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.

  • Nomis1700

    You mean 2/3 of the movie. The trailers show a lot. It’s unnecessary to show so much. But I think WB/Nolan have kept it pretty well with the first two trailers. I’m afraid the third is gonna show waaaaay to much. But I’m weak, I’ll watch it anyway ;)

    • Tyler

      Its not like the third trailer could give away as much as all the leaked set pics and scene descriptions from walk ins who want their fifteen minutes.

      • Travis

        What we see in those amateurish set pics will, I’m sure, be nothing compared to the actual movie itself. And I say this as someone who has seen them all. They’re disposable, as well as the inflamed rumors. Remember the vid with Bane at Heinz field speaking for the first time (“GOTHAM, Take control of your city!!”)? Compare that entire video to what was ACTUALLY shown in the second trailer with the exploding football field and the differences are crystal clear. I was floored by that shit, even knowing what I saw previously on YouTube. I have every confidence in the world that we’ll all be blown the f**k away by this third trailer.

  • nkutzler

    It’s harder to hide as much about a Batman film as it is about something like Inception (NOTHING was spoiled about Inception). But Dark Knight kept a lot of the excitement under wraps. They may make a reveal of one character, but I doubt they’ll put too much out there. We will never know the conclusion.
    Meanwhile, Avengers critics and fans are really close to ruining Avengers.

    • Reggie

      I could’nt disagree more. Unless you’ve been visiting fan sites on the regular dedicated to breaking every last detail about the Avengers none of the official stuff spoilks anything believe it or not. Alot has been kept from the public. The movie kicks serious Ass point blank. Don’t worry about whether you’ve been spoiled already you have’nt. But I would strongly advise to steer clear of spoiler fan sites especially the talkback sections some guys have no restraint and are giving up quite a bit.

  • SRC

    Ya…It’s true..I’m not surprised to know that the 3rd trailer for TDKR is going to be out with The Avengers..
    People thought that the release date is almost near and we don’t have a 3rd trailer…But as everyone above have mentioned that Mr.Nolan is going the same way with he did with Inception and TDK…..
    But it’s just surprising how’s he able to do that again and again…It’s for the 3rd time…????

    and talking about trailers giving away everything about the film’s JUST WRONG!!
    I feel that all trailers,clips,featurettes,TV Spots were not enough for Inception to be let out before it’s release…It was wayyyyy more than what it made me/us expect from it..
    So I feel though the 3rd trailer would be EPIC…Still the film will have a lottt more to OFFER!! It’s OBVIOUS!! :D :)

  • Nomis1700

    I don’t mean to be a nitpicker but isn’t it better to post images of TDKR instead of TDK in de headlines of the page? I see Batman from TDK not a pic from TDKR…
    Wait… maybe I am a nitpicker!

    • Strong Enough

      that is a new pic dumbass.

      look it up

      • Eric Nixon

        Actually, the pic at the very top of the page, in the five biggest stories, there’s a pic of Batman from the chest up. It was the very first picture of Batman they released for The Dark Knight in 2008. You’re wrong. Nomis1700 is right. Dumbass.

    • Strong Enough

      @ Eric Nixon No. he was talking about the bottom one dumbass.

      • Nomis1700

        I was talking about the one above, now to the most right. Don’t tell me that’s TDKR, it’s Batman from TDK.

  • SRC

    I have a doubt…

    The Avengers is releasing in India next week that is 27th of April…
    So will we get to watch TDKR’s trailer then..or is it going to be officially released on May 4th with the U.S release????

  • Wes

    @knutzler (and everyone else with these concerns): All the clips on the web are nothing more than extensions of scenes in the trailers. Nothing we didn’t already know from them. The movie is just under 2 hours and a 20 minutes. Any article that you’ve read that said ‘spoiler’ or ‘at your own risk’ was entirely your choice .
    On a lighter note, anyone going on about TDKR being better than The Avengers is probably gnashing their collective teeth at the thought of the next trailer debuting before The Avengers.

  • Tim

    I’m waaaayyyyy more interested in a new Hobbit trailer.

  • Mike91

    Am I the envy of all as I haven’t watched TDKR trailer and am going to go in fresh! I have successfully avoided it and hope that remains until July 27 :)

  • Christian

    I mean it was kind of obvious it followed the same schedule as Inception.
    A big July or August release- Inglorious Basterds, Harry Potter 7.2
    December- Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes 2
    May- Iron Man 2, The Avengers.

    It still is nice to hear it set in stone though. There was only one reason I went to go see both Sherlock Holmes movies, and there’s only one reason I’m going to see The Avengers. They have Nolan trailers, specifically this one has The Dark Knight Rises. If you saw the prologue your probably as excited as I am. If you didn’t see the prologue, trust me you should be a lot more excited for this. I mean it’s one of the coolest action scenes I’ve seen in a long time.

  • seito

    That’s too bad. I’ve been doing everything in my power to avoid learning anything about TDKR. After the positive buzz around the avengers I was planning to give it a shot. Aw well, at least there’s Prometheus.

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