THE DARK KNIGHT RISES New TV Spot Highlights Banter between Batman and Catwoman; Also, a Previous Character May Return

     June 29, 2012


In recent updates for The Dark Knight Rises, we’ve memorialized the passing of Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart), discussed Bruce Wayne’s (Christian Bale) strange absence from Wayne Industries and speculated on what exactly Bane (Tom Hardy) plans to do with that crazy looking weapon.  In this new TV spot for The Dark Knight Rises, we get to see glimpses of levity between Batman and Catwoman (Anne Hathaway), proving that the conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy isn’t complete mope fest.  As a bonus, a new press release for the European premiere of the film on July 18th counted a particular guest in attendance that may have leaked a character appearance in the new film.

The Dark Knight Rises, also starring Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard, opens July 20th.  Hit the jump to check out the new TV spot and find out who else may be crashing the party.

Check out the newest TV spot for The Dark Knight Rises below:

Now, this is where the complimentary spoiler warning comes into play, because we have word via HeyUGuys that a certain actor is attending the European premiere.  Curious? Well, here’s the list of attendees:

Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Liam Neeson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Cillian Murphy, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine

The one that should jump out at you (especially because I bolded it) would be Cillian Murphy, aka Dr. Crane, The Scarecrow, as seen in Batman Begins and early on in The Dark Knight. Is Murphy just a respected guest of the filmmakers or does he have some small part to play in the epic conclusion? Time will tell!

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  • Singularity

    Fan favorite! Love how he keeps popping up, especially to carry the DNA forward through the trilogy.

    • My cat has creepy eyes

      Could you make him sound more like a penis.

      • Singularity


  • chris

    Cillian could still be part of it. I believe Bane is part of the League of Shadows and Crane was hired by them for putting in his “medicine” in the water. Which part of that story was stolen from Knightfall and put in Batman Begins and now they are also going back to that book for Bane. Should be interesting.

  • jOkeR

    Everyone who is following this film closely already knew Cillian Murphy had a part to play in this film as he made headlines months ago for being spotted on the studio lot i think. Same thing for Liam Neeson

  • jOkeR

    I would also like to add in that Arron Eckhart who played Harvey Dent aka Two face said that he had no part in TDKR but then later on when asked if he played apart in the film he would give vague answers not a yes but also not a no…….interesting. It could be Nolan called him up later on near the end of filming.

    • Alan

      Not really. Eckhart said he would be there if Nolan had a role for him. He later admitted that he saw Nolan and asked him about the film, but the director politely said there was no role for him this time around.


  • murdernexxus

    Judge Crane

  • Griz

    Really loving catwoman . . . . i just thought she was going to be Bane’s hench-wench until she decides to help Batman in the very end . . . .but she really seems more like a separate but equal vigilante, akin to her comic book elements.

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  • ozzie

    not sure who that is … sure as heck isn’t any catwoman we have seen in comic book … lame … it sounds like Bane isn’t the real Bane character either … at least the joker and raj were done well in the first 2 movies.

    • yenee

      There have been many catwomen like this and Anne based her performance on heddy lamar which the first ever selina kyle/catwoman was based on. I am sure its accurate


    sorry but this film cant work with that bitch in it.. awful

    • Alan

      Charming. Did you go to the Charlie Sheen/Mel Gibson/Chris Brown school of manners? I bet you were top of the class. Clearly, you didn’t learn all that much about English, unfortunately: it’s ‘can’t’ and an ellipsis should have three full stops, not two (and there should be a space between the preceding word and abbreviation).

      Have fun being aroused by the domestic abuse scenes in ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It’ or whatever else you do in your spare time.

      • SATAN

        this is a film site to leave comments about the subject matter, not your pretentious ramblings about spelling and grammar. idiot. Go burn a bra or something. fool.

    • Alan

      Whoa, the way that you speak about women, it sounds like you went to the Charlie Sheen/Mel Gibson/Chris Brown school of charm and manners. Too bad they didn’t teach you to type properly, though.

      • SATAN

        Too bad they didn’t teach you to type properly, though.

        there is no need for the comma after properly. ha ha . I win, goodbye

      • Alan

        I am not sure you understand how to use a comma. A comma can be used to separate phrases, in this instance separating the independent clause from the conjunction (though) to avoid confusion. Seriously, I am beginning to think you might not have done all that well at the Charlie Sheen/Mel Gibson/Chris Brown school …

      • Marky

        not sure who this Alan chap is, but you really look foolish – keep your silly comments to yourself. Let comment on the subject matter. Catwoman looks shocking.

        Alan get some fresh air or get laid.

      • Alan

        “keep your silly comments to yourself.” Yeah, SATAN referred to a woman as a “bitch” but it is clearly me with the problem. If someone can’t comment on a film without showing themselves as a inbred, neanderthal woman-hater, then he deserves to be criticized.

  • Will Spill

    Don’t measure this movie against TDK–It won’t measure up. TDKR looks overwrought and a little sappy–at least the trailers do.

  • tonamania

    Does it sound like Bale’s doing the Val Kilmer thing? All Batman voice, all the time?

  • terry

    Tell me why the hell Cat Woman seems to be taking a strong lead in this movie? It seems like the studio is using her as more than a bit player. She’s a goddamn side kick. I hate that.

    • John

      Catwoman is not just a sidekick. She’s been a major character in many of the comic’s plots.

  • Fist-O-Pain

    Scarecrow is in this. He is a “Judge” in a scene with Gordon, Talia, and Blake.

    Suck it you guys who come to these websites not wanting spoilers.

    • Pale spastic imp

      All roads lead to kangaroo courts and banana republics.

      So say Batman movies.

  • Ash

    Everything in this movie looks awesome except for catwoman

  • jupiter

    I love the Anne Hathaway trolls. Already trashing her performance without seeing the finished product. Besides, it has already been reported that Hathaway steals this movie.

    • Ash

      Well everyone is entitled to there own opinion and I have seen scenes with catwoman in it and they didn’t look to good

  • Dylan d

    Anne is great, good and capable actress, also, check out the scene when there walking towards the Bat-Pod, god damn her hips and ass ;P

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  • FAN-tastic

    Fuck da DC haters. THis film is already gonna beatz da Avengers opening weekend! Marvel is for the lamez

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