3 Unused Posters for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

     November 19, 2012


Just because the movie has already come out in theaters and is on its way to Blu-ray/DVD, that doesn’t mean the posters will ever stop for The Dark Knight Rises.  Warner Bros. always releases about 437 posters for every blockbuster they make, and those are just the ones we see.  Advertising firms draw up plenty of posters for studios, and then the studios choose and release the ones they want (WB just chooses more than others).  Ad firm Trailer Park, Inc. has released three unused posters for The Dark Knight Rises.  Two show the characters being smothered in Rise debris, and the other plays off Bane’s iconic mask.  While I like the one with the mask, it’s almost too minimal for the casual moviegoer to make the connection.

Hit the jump to check out the posters.  The Dark Knight Rises will be available on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download on December 4th.

Via Trailer Park, Inc. [via The Playlist]

  • RIC

    The mask fits into the ‘bat-chalk’ art theme extremely well. Should have maybe tried to incorporate the two together to make it more recognizable.

    • Austin

      I disagree. I had to come down into the comments section to even figure it what it was supposed to be. I see why they didn’t use that one. The other two were probably just too similar to several others that had already been released

  • stylus59

    It was a good call by WB not to release these posters. The minimalist poster is for the Mondo/Criterion crowd, and the other two posters have a cringe-worthy overuse of “Rise”.

  • tom

    i have that bane mask one as a shirt, but it says “end.” it was one of two shirts you got to choose from if you went to that special unveiling of the prologue in imax. the other shirt is black and has that chalk batman logo and says “legend”

    • Trick

      I have that one too! My friend got the “Legend” one
      I definitely prefer “End” tho

  • Brett

    Awesome posters for an awesome movie.

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  • Jeff

    So cool. I love the fear one. This movie needs to come out already!!!

  • yurine

    The fear one would have been cool if it were used and I can see why the other two got tossed lol.

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  • amg907

    The whole TDKR campaign was pretty subpar in my opinion.

    • Austin

      just like the movie!!

      • Colin Biggs

        Exclamation points!!!

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  • David

    TDKR wasn’t as good as i thouht it was going to be.I was hoping to see bane’s origins and a little bit more of young Ra’s Al Ghul.The editing and the pacing wasn’t that good either.Christian looked weak physically, although in BB he was great(physically).Also it was the ending so it was kinda sad.