First Look at THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY Box Set [Updated with New Images Plus Details on THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY Ultimate Collector's Edition]

     September 26, 2012


Now that Christopher Nolan has concluded his trilogy of Batman films with The Dark Knight Rises, a complete collector’s set of the director’s Bat-opus is coming to stores.  Some artwork for the UK release of The Dark Knight Trilogy has landed online, giving us our first look at the complete collection box set.  Details on the set are scarce, but the artwork on this UK release is pretty great, weaving in different themes from each film in the trilogy.  It’s important to note that the US release could look completely different, but for now hit the jump to take a look at the UK box set.

The Dark Knight Rises hits Blu-ray and DVD on December 3rd.

The artwork, via CBM, appears to show two different designs for the box set.  Also included in the images is the collectible book The Art and Making of The Dark Knight Trilogy, which is currently available everywhere.


Head on over to CBM to check out the artwork for the individual Blu-ray and DVD releases.

Update: Check out some new looks at The Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-ray below and be sure to keep an eye out for The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collector’s Edition sometime in 2013.



  • Mr.Rich316

    The U.S. collector’s set better step up its game. After the Harry potter set and the aborted(?) Phase One set,WB had better throw in a boatload(Artwork, replica props,production notes/stills etc.) for people to buy it, or this will be as disappointing as TDKR was.

    • Travis

      Slap yourself.

  • Ramone

    “…or this will be as disappointing as TDKR was.” That’s your opinion. I loved it. And apparently it made half a brazillion bucks.

    • Anonymous

      Is the exchange rate for Brazil pretty strong these days?

    • Sir John Elway

      I’d have to agree with him, TDKR was disappointing. A jumbled story that left a shit ton of unanswered questions that had plenty of spaces to answer them and a very meh ending really didn’t sit with me very well. I would have been fine with JGL being “Robin” if his name was Tim Drake or Dick Grayson and simply not just Robin. I also didn’t like how little of a presence Batman had in his own damn movie. I swear, when this comes out I’m renting it just to count how many minutes Christian Bale was on screen in this movie because I swear Bane and Talia easily beat him out in screen time, but I could be wrong.

      • Chachi

        Do you swear?

      • Damon Pope

        SWEAR TO ME!

      • anonymous

        “JGL” isn’t going to be Robin, you moron. His character’s ACTUAL name is Robin. If you think that TDKR set him up to be Batman’s famed, trusty sidekick, you should stop watching cinema now.

  • mattedscreen

    2 discs each? Hope that means Begins gets the full remaster it deserves

    • Person

      Yeah if that’s true, it may be reason enough to buy the set.

      • John

        If you look at each packaging, the blu-ray one for BB is only 1 disc, like the one out now. The package itself has two slots on the BB side but one on the TDKR side. Probably should switch it. BB on dvd has been two discs (if you bought the special edition). I have a feeling this is just the 3 current blu-rays repackaged in one complete set.

      • jimmy3vil

        What’s weird though is that there are two photos – one has two discs for BB and the other has only one disc. Odd..

      • John

        One photo is the blu-ray and one is the dvd. The dvd splits BB on 2 discs. Everything fits on one blu-ray for BB.

    • Chad

      Or a proper remaster of TDK with the correct color timing. That disc is a travesty, but the movie’s not THAT great anyway.

      • Pablo Montana

        You’re watching movies for all the wrong reasons hombre… Also, I suggest changing your name to Charles, it has a better ring to it than Chad

  • Anonymous

    Batman Begins needs an overhaul and if they could go back and remaster TDK with less DNR, that would be nice…regardless, I’m grabbing this day one.

  • Anonymous

    Batman Begins needs an overhaul and if they could go back and remaster TDK with less DNR, that would be nice…regardless, I\’m grabbing this day one.

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  • Chachi

    I still don’t get the hating on TDKR. I thought it was a worthy finale.

    • SP1234

      And it still got great reviews from critics and everything. Did the Colorado tragedy leave a bad taste cause I pray that it didn’t.

      • So let’s ask again

        I don’t pray but I write letters to God.

      • THundersauresrex

        Im one that enjoyed the movie to a point. i think people had mixed feelings over the ending like i did myself. the ending made a lot of things that happened before like all of Michael Caines emotional scenes make no sense in the foreground once the revelation of the ending comes around and is poor writing. Also the whole middle of Wayne in the jail and regaining his strength and the inevitable climbing of the wall even though he falls twice…and i have heard both Banes demise and Waynes reappearance in Gotham are also things people hate. those didn’t bother me as much as the prison scenes and the revelation of the ending that i explained. but i am also one that thinks The Dark Knight is EXTREMELY overrated for what it is…but thats just me what do i know right?

      • Brian

        The reason it gets so much hate is simple human psychology and our knack for setting ourselves up for disappointment. People swoon over The Dark Knight for the wrong reasons…AKA the tragic loss of Heath Ledger. If he was still here, that movie wouldn’t have done half as well and people wouldn’t have the same praise for it. Sad but true.
        That said, people put that same hype into Rises, and no matter how epic or how fantastic Rises is or was or could have been, there was no way it was going to be received the same way as The Dark Knight. I believe Rises is a much better film than the other 2, but the nerds will never see it that way. I say this as a person who doesn’t like Nolan’s illusion of a smart Batman movie(s), and his version of Batman.

    • Person

      I don’t hate TDKR (in fact I enjoyed it quite a bit both times I saw it), but I do feel it’s noticeably weaker than Batman Begins and definitely The Dark Knight. There are just too many plot holes and a lot of what did make the final cut just felt unnecessary. Even 15-20 more minutes would have been enough to push this from “very good” to “great”.

      I’d bet money that somewhere down the line, WB will finally release a definitive box set with deleted footage, outtakes, screen tests, the whole nine yards. Until then, though, I’m fine with the individual releases.

      • Henny

        What plot holes?

      • Pocketses

        There’s a ridiculous amount of plot holes, if you haven’t read them already, you haven’t researched reactions to this film.

        It was a poor attempt to end what was such a great trilogy in the making. For the 2.5 bloated hours of it’s existence, there was a really, really good 1 hour movie in there…basically everything without Bane. Catwoman was a highlight reel of entertainment, Alfred was amazing as usual thanks to Michael Cain, and overall, the movie was enjoyable, but nowhere near great.

        Also, let me tell you story about the guy who couldn’t walk without some magical knee brace, who broke his back 3 times in less than 4 months and was able to not only walk, but fight a war in the streets a month later.

        This movie was botched. It’s the worst Nolan film I’ve ever seen, Insomnia was better, Memento, Dark Knight, Begins, Prestige and Inception, every one of them were leagues better than this film.

        It’s sad, but it’s true. Does it mean I”ll not purchase it? Hell no, I’m owning it because I own every movie I enjoy. But it was such a huge step back, it was a true disappointment.

  • voice of the people

    The package should have a pic of DK wedged in between 2 turds because that’s how the trilogy unfolded. And to those above, People don’t hate DKR because of its finale, it’s because its incompetent in every aspect of filmmaking from editing, to continuity to dialogue to plot to cinematography and acting. Just give it five years. You mofos are gonna be embarrassed when you give it a rewatch. You’ll all be like “I hated it from day one” once the critics come back and re-evaluate it as the dross it is. Luckily, your comments will be preserved for posterity.

    • Chachi

      Wow. I bet you make the best movies to be able to judge all aspects of this film in such a way. Can’t wait to watch your flicks. They’re gonna be awesome. Christopher Nolan is going to see them and say, “oh my god! So that’s how you make a movie? TDKR was just plain incompetent in every aspect.”

      • Ted

        Give me an enormous budget and a studio that’s willing to believe in me, and I’ll try it. It would not have taken much to make TDKR a satisfying movie (and trilogy conclusion), but the Nolan brothers still managed to botch it.

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  • Strong Enough

    The greatest trilogy in all of cinema. f*ck off LOTR

    Thank You Nolan :ppsad:

    • Pocketses

      You really need to calm it down, son. No one even brought up (the infinitely superior) Lord of the Rings trilogy, your aggression is a clear sign of insecurity…need to let these things go.

  • Twojawas

    TDKR is the ROTJ of this trilogy but I still love it.

    • Ted

      Y’know, I hadn’t thought of it that way. That may be the best way to put it actually.

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  • vader182

    With an 8.8 on IMDB with almost 400k votes and succeeding TDK’s global box office with about 1.07 billion dollars behind it, I’d say the general consensus is The Dark Knight Rises is the very definition of a massive success.

    • Jay McKells

      You wouldn’t know the “general consensus” if it slapped you in the face… Everyone know Chris Nolan controls IMDB with Rupert Murdoch, they’re probably hacking your phone right now while downgrading the IMDB rating of The Avengers and Prometheus

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  • Steve

    Not going to defend DKR because I thought it was the best in the trilogy. However i’m concerned about the price for the trilogy box set.. Does anyone know if it will be available eithout the book seeing as i bought the book day one (and its great) but i dont need 2..

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  • Ted

    Y\’know, I hadn\’t thought of it that way. That may be the best way to put it actually.

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