Darren Aronofsky Shopping Around $130 Million Passion Project NOAH

     June 8, 2011


One of the reasons Darren Aronofsky reportedly signed on to do The Wolverine is because he wanted a blockbuster hit that he could leverage to make personal projects that required a larger budget than his past work.  Then he dropped off that film for personal reasons, but perhaps Black Swan grossing $315 million worldwide off a $13 million budget also had something to do with it.  Now that he has that success (along with a Best Director Oscar nomination) to his credit, Aronofsky has more clout and it looks like he’s using it to try and get Noah off the ground.

In February, we reported that Aronofsky was going to tell the story of the Bible’s Noah by creating a graphic novel with artist Nico Henrichon.  Now John Logan is re-writing the film’s script and various studios are getting interested in co-financing the ambitious project.  Hit the jump for more details.

Deadline reports that New Regency is interested in co-financing the film with Fox, Paramount, and Summit individually considering if they want to take on the other half of the film’s proposed $130 million budget.  The project has been described as a “big fantasy epic”, but Aronofsky has personally talked about the darkness in the movie that usually doesn’t lend itself to big-budget flicks.  While the timely environmental themes could work (Aronofsky described Noah as “the first environmentalist”), the director also says that Noah has some serious survivor’s guilt and that “He’s a dark, complicated character.”

Aronofsky came close to directing another biblical epic, Exodus (previously titled Moses), about the story of Moses, but he reportedly wants to make Noah, a film he’s been dreaming of since he was thirteen, his next movie.  Hopefully his dream comes true and we get to see Aronofsky work on his biggest canvas yet.


  • Jon

    I’m sure someone will get pissed off due to the “big fantasy epic” description of a biblical event and hilarity will ensue.

    And I love all of Aronofsky’s works, especially The Fountain – yes, The Fountain.

    Somebody give this man the money!

    • Agent_Black

      The Fountain was awesome and simply misunderstood by most.

  • jackyboy

    YES! make this happen!

    i am somehow angry at Aronofsky for dropping out of Wolverine(it was like God wanted to save it, THEN gave up)…

    let’s give Aronofsky the budget so he can come up with a great movie on an epic scale, rather than “just” an interesting movie(which i think the Fountain was)

  • sense 11

    He will probably quit the project a few months before its shot.

    • Agent_Black

      Why? Because he ditched Robocop and Wolverine? Robocop was languishing in development hell for 2 or 3 years and Japan faced a nuclear crisis of epic proportions. Although I share your disappointment the man is no quitter, he had every right to walk from both projects.

  • iamtryingtobelieve

    Personally, I thought The Fountain was a fantastic, breathtaking film, but I can understand that people didn’t like it. I still wonder how it would’ve turned out if it had the $70 mil budget it started off with.

    Seeing Aronofsky work on a film with an epic scope is nothing new, but seeing him work with a budget that matches it would be something to see. Keeping my fingers crossed, even though this probably won’t happen, not at $130 mil anyway.

  • Wolstenholme

    This is great news, now people can finally start seeing the bible for what it really is…one big fantasy

  • SV7

    A story about Noah costing $130 million?
    This will never happen.
    Sure Jesus got his own movie but he’s a AAA level star. Noah is second tier at best. This is like Elektra all over again.

  • Terry

    130 million. Whatever.

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