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As Columbia Pictures continues to develop its adaptation of the horror series Goosebumps, they’re set to go back to the drawing board. The project has seen a number of writers take a crack at the script (including Carl Ellsworth), but now Heat Vision reports that Darren Lemke is coming aboard to start fresh. Lemke wrote the spec script for Jack the Giant Killer, which Bryan Singer directed and is set to open this summer. The scribe also wrote a re-imagining of The Nutcracker and worked on Shrek Forever After.

If you’re unfamiliar with the book series, author R.L. Stine wrote over 50 books under the Goosebumps moniker that successfully gave me night terrors throughout the early-mid 90s (who am I kidding, Say Cheese and Die still haunts me to this day). There’s no word on what kind of story Columbia is looking for, but seeing as how Lemke is starting from scratch, I’m willing to bet they’re not entirely sure either. To get an idea of what a live-action Goosebumps looks like, hit the jump for a couple clips from the 90s TV series. Beware of terrifying cheese…


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  • drewerd

    I would like to see like 3 inter-connecting stories that revolve around one dark thing like the haunted mask or that creepy ass puppet

  • Just a thought

    They should make the Fear Street story a movie. The upper teen series that was across time and place in that town…been too long to remember…

  • Nope

    I hope they keep it in the PG range. Goosebumps is for children and should remain as such. But hell, don’t make it un-scary because of this! Make it really scary, after all, this is one thing Hollywood hasn’t done recently…

  • Tim

    Ohh man, I just got a flood of nostalgia. I grew up with these in the ’90s. I think I might go read some!

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