New Writer Hired to Pen Sequel to TRON: LEGACY

     June 7, 2011


While rumors of a sequel to last year’s Tron: Legacy have permeated ever since that film’s release, it looks like Disney may finally be moving forward with a follow-up. Though Tron: Legacy did over $400 million, it was a very expensive flick (with a very expensive marketing campaign) and that amount wasn’t exactly the home run the Mouse House was looking for, so they’ve taken their time in deciding whether to move forward or not. Well now, Heat Vision reports that David DiGilio (Eight Below) has been tapped to start writing a sequel to Legacy. That film’s writers, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, were expected to return if a follow-up came to fruition, but apparently they’ve been sidetracked by their ABC fairy tale series debuting on ABC this fall, Once Upon a Time.

Tron: Legacy set up a possible villain for a sequel with its cameo appearance by Cillian Murphy as the son of corrupt ENCOM CEO Ed Dillinger, played by David Warner in the original Tron. Furthermore, the DVD of Legacy included an epilogue-ish clip of Dillinger conspiring with his father, hinting at even more evilness to come! Hit the jump for more.

It’s promising that Disney has hired a writer for a follow-up, but a Legacy sequel is far from a sure-thing. It’s unclear whether director Joseph Kosinski will return (he’s a bit busy at the moment), and the report suggests that the decision to move forward on a sequel may ultimately rest with the success of the animated series Tron: Uprising on Disney XD. This make sense, given that Legacy underperformed at the box-office, Disney wants to make sure that the brand is still relevant, and most importantly that kids will buy lots and lots of toys.While I thought that Legacy looked fantastic, the story and script were a bit lacking. Maybe some fresh blood will be able to punch up a sequel.

  • Paul


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  • Rashy

    The story was exactly what it needed to be, maybe a little more about the rebellion against Clu instead of all the father son pathos yawn. Legacy keeps getting better with each viewing and after watching them back to back what the hell kinda story did you expect. The movie was awesome!!

  • Alex–

    I’m worried about watching Legacy, will it spoil the trailer?

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  • Tarek

    Legacy ? Don’t watch it. the dumbest sequel ever made. Who made the script ? I am really sorry for the Dude.

  • scrasmflazer

    Hey how about making this one about Tron himself seen as how the movie is named “Tron” and not “Flynn”.

  • RAM

    The sequel will involve what happens when Quorra passes gas in the real world – do random bits come out?

  • Scared for Movies

    I thought Tron Legacy left a lot to be desired. The potential of an amazing movie was there but the story was way to weak. The effects were amazing but after 15-20 minutes the glamor wore off and the story didn’t hold up. But how did the guy who did 8 Below get this job. Me thinks something shady is going on at Disney.

  • Donkey

    For Tron Legacy Sam had a adventure. Clue was deemed outdated by his master. In other words Sam booted into a outdated program.

    Now, in the Grid, Tron is free but he has no master design in his code to help him build the grid into a city again, he isn’t clue.

    This means if the grid is to be build it needs a new isomorphic algorithm like Quorra to do it.

    Once the isomorphic algorithm helps Tron rebuild the grid a new thing happens that gets Sam involved again. What that Thing is, is Sam goes to the computer and the isomorphic algorithm is waiting for him somehow and boots sam back into the grid, maybe to copy Sam’s algorithm so the isomorphic algorithm can use it to boot into the real world like Clue wanted too.

    Then with Sam lost in the Grid Quorra looks for Sam but can’t find him and then goes back into the grid to look for him and maybe gets help from Tron. Then Tron and Quorra work together to beat the isomorphic algorithm that has Sam.

  • Donkey

    Or, instead of that old Flynn had a ghost of the grid with Clue backed up and when the grid gets rebooted the ghost reinstates the grid with Clue intact and then Sam gets involved with Clue again, deja vu.

    And Quorra and Tron work hand in hand to get Sam back from Clue, and of course this time Clue gets out and makes friend with that bad guy Cillian Murphy and they conspire to grab power and use the power of the grid. Sam and Quorra return from the grid and leave and then the arcade gets blown up. Now the new clue is in the real world and he builds a new grid and goes in with Cillian Murphy and they try to rebuild it like flynn and clue did.
    Now Sam goes in and see’s the computer with the new grid and see’s Murphy is in there. So he deletes Clue and waits for Murphy to boot back out and he does and there is a big fight between Sam and Murphy and the story ends but now Murphy has seen the grid and conspires to get Clue and the Grid back.
    The ending has quorra and sam in the grid clue built and they see Tron again, somehow Flynn saved the Tron code in clue and clue rebuilt Tron, and now Tron is alive in the new grid.

    • Tarek

      I have a better Idea for the sequel. A rat chews the electrical wires. The computer burns. Everyone in the Grid die and does to the Virtual Paradize. Sam goes to Hollywood to work as a CGI developer for Michael Bay. At the end of the credits, we will see Optimus Prime resurrected in the new Grid developed by Sam…Witwicky.

  • mol

    I think Tron having another sequel is totally worthless and pointless, a blog post i read recently perfectly sums these pointless sequels up

  • CluLives

    With a competent writer, Tron 3 could not only be an amazing film but a welcome addition to the Tron franchise.

    Fans such as myself forgive some of the script problems in Legacy because we are just happy to revisit this universe again. We know the
    story wasn’t perfect… but it wasn’t awful, either.

    I would argue that a sequel is totally warranted. The Grid still has stories to tell. There are characters we have grown to love and want to continue to follow.

    Develop Quorra’s journey into the real world and the potential her digital (now human) DNA will have on biological and philosphical limitations.

    Bring Cillian Murphy back, make him vengeful, vindictive and mischievious.

    And, although I know it won’t happen, bring Flynn back to the real world to help usher in the new digital era.

    Oh, and for god’s sake, bring Tron back to kick some butt!

    – END OF LINE -

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