David Fincher Looking at Channing Tatum to Possibly Star in 20,000 LEAGUES as Brad Pitt Passes; Might Not Direct HOUSE OF CARDS Season 2

     February 15, 2013


Fans of David Fincher have been itching to see a new feature film from the director since 2011’s release of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and we received a fairly promising update on his potential next project just yesterday.  The filmmaker has been developing a big-budget remake of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea for quite some time with an eye towards making it his next film, and yesterday we learned that Disney is being wooed by a major tax credit to shoot the film in Australia this year.  Though Fincher was hoping to nab frequent collaborator Brad Pitt as his star, the actor had yet to officially sign on to the project.

Now a new report has surfaced with plenty of updates on all things Fincher, including word that he’s looking at a number of actors—including Channing Tatum—to possibly lead 20,000 Leagues given that Pitt has passed, that he may have to push production on the remake back to next year and film something else in the interim, and the possibility that he might not helm any of season two of the Netflix series House of Cards.  Hit the jump to read on.

20000-Leagues-Under-the-Sea-image-1This bounty of Fincher updates comes courtesy of the good folks over at The Playlist.  Apparently Brad Pitt has now officially passed on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (he recently said he had to figure out his schedule before committing to the film), but the pic is reportedly “essentially greenlit.”  With the budgetary situation set, Fincher has now run into a different sort of problem: all the actors he wants are not available to shoot until next year.  The report mentions Channing Tatum as one of the names that Fincher may or may not be looking at, which makes sense given that the filmmaker’s buddy Steven Soderbergh is quite fond of the guy.

Fincher is now said to be weighing his options.  He can either go ahead and film 20,000 Leagues this year with a different set of actors, or he can push it back to 2014 and try to shoot something else in the meantime.  He recently signed on to helm an adaptation of the bestselling thriller novel Gone Girl so that’s a possibility, though The Playlist notes that Gone Girl could be a heavy enough commitment that it bumps 20,000 entirely off his schedule, which would be a drag since he’s already spent so long developing the remake.

The sequel to Dragon Tattoo is another possibility, but Fincher has yet to officially commit to that project and Steven Zaillian’s screenplay is apparently in need of a heavy rewrite before production can move forward.  Personally, I’m hoping Fincher can round up an impressive cast for 20,000 Leagues and get that thing going sooner rather than later.  I’m eager to see what a large-scale 3D adventure film from the mind of Fincher looks like, and 20,000 Leagues seems to be a match made in heaven for the meticulous filmmaker.

house-of-cards-kevin-spacey-season-2The report also has a note regarding Fincher’s stellar Netflix series House of Cards.  The show was picked up for two full seasons, and following the immense success of the recently-released first season, production on the next set of episodes is gearing up to begin in March.  However, it looks as though Fincher might not be returning to direct one of the new installments.  He helmed the first two episodes of season one, but apparently after seeing the other impressive group of filmmakers finish out the rest of the season without a drop in quality, he feels like the show is in good hands.

He hasn’t made a firm decision one way or the other just yet, and if 20,000 Leagues get pushed I imagine he’d be able to find the time to direct at least one episode, so I’m hoping he makes his way back to House of Cards for at least one more go-around.

With some pretty big decisions being weighed at the moment, hopefully we heard solid word on Fincher’s near-future plans soon.  For now, enjoy the excellent Justin Timblerake music video for “Suit & Tie” that he recently directed by clicking here.


  • Anonymous

    Ditch this and continue the Millenium trilogy, please!

    • agent_black

      Are you serious? I hope Fincher’s remake was better than the original, I gave up after the 2nd movie of the original trilogy. Barring the great performances from the actors it was boring, predictable, badly written, misogynistic, gutter tripe.

      It’s amazing for what passes for quality product these days, I’m surprised anything that initially had the title ‘Men Who Hate Women’ was even printed, filmed and re-filmed by Fincher. Surely it couldn’t have been for the sake of ‘art’.

  • Josh

    Oh please god make this a rumor. Channing Tatum fucking stinks like the last shit I took.

  • Dominik Klein

    Hmmm, busy guy he is these day with possibilities aplenty.

    I am extremly intrigued by the thought of an CG-heavy, epic-scaled, 3D-shot, steampunky, “empire strikes back”-esque, adventure film from the mindscape of David Fincher, and yep, it does sound like a match made in heaven. This is unlike anything he has ever done before, so I really want him to do this next , as soon as possible. BUT …I dont want a C-List cast that Fincher didnt envision, I want him to make the movies with the actors he had in mind or at least his first proper replacement choices. Channing Tatum im not sure if I want him in a Fincher film.

    If it means to wait another year with 20000 Leauges in order to get the actors that are right, then I say wait and do “Gone Girl” or Millenium II and III first.

    HOWEVER, Millenium II and III, IF Fincher makes them, and thats a big IF at the moment, will most def be shot back to back to finsih the trilogy. This is a heavy commitment.

    And so is Gone Girl. At first I didnt know what to think, cause I really wanted Fincher to do 20000 Leageus and/or Millenium II and III, but when I read the synopsis of Gone Girl I was like….yeah, this is totally Fincher. But this could also take some time.

    So, if Gone Girl would be the nail in the coffin to ever get Finchers 20000 Leagues I say fook it, I dont want it.

    Also, if Millenium II and III are the nail in the coffin for 200000 Leagues I dont want them either. I want them, I truly do, cause TGWTDT was great. But first and foremost I want THAT 20000 Leagues with the best cast possible even if it means that we have to wiat for another year or even two for production and Fincher not doing any film in the meantime. Thats how much I wnat this film.

    Also, the idea to scratcg the character Blomkvist out of Millenium II and III ist stupid beyond belief. Blomkvist is as essential to the novels than Salander, anyone who read the novels will agree.

    at the moment I want it like this for Fincher

    1. 20000 Leagues under the Sea (In his exact vision, with awesome cast)

    2. Millenium II and III shot back to back of course with Craigs Blomkvists

    3. Gone Girl (Not because i think it wouldnt be good, just becaus eit looses to the other 2)

  • timm

    I like the project, but have to admit I just can’t seem to accept Tatum as a real actor. It seems like his facial expression is almost constantly the same and he’s always Chaning Tatum. Side Effects starring Channing Tatum as Channing Tatum, GI-Joe starrting Channing Tatum as Channing Tatum, etc. Nothing against the guy – I think he’s made for romantic comedies and generic action-flicks. But it’s strange to me so many respected directors have taken a liking to him, I guess they see something I don’t.

  • Person

    I like Tatum, but maybe re-team with Craig? Get him between Monuments Men and Bond 24?

    • Zack

      I’d be very okay with daniel craig. Would rather see pitt do it, but craig could bring something different to it that would be nice

  • Chris

    Another movie I will avoid.

  • Pitted_Again

    Eh, every time Pitt seems to be involved with a film about to shoot in Australia, he withdraws and the project falls over. I say replace him with Liam Hemsworth … I’m sure he’d love to go home to Australia for a while!

  • Pitted_Again

    Eh, every time Pitt seems to be involved with a film about to shoot in Australia, he withdraws and the project falls over. I say replace him with Liam Hemsworth … I\’m sure he\’d love to go home to Australia for a while!