David Hayter to Adapt DRAGONRIDERS OF PERN Series

     April 12, 2011


Screenwriter David Hayter (X2, Watchmen) has been tapped to write the screenplay for the adaptation of Anne McCaffrey’s sci-fi/fantasy series The Dragonriders of Pern. Hayter will adapt Dragonflight, which is the first in a series of novels that began in 1968 and continue to this day. Dragonflight centers on “an elite group of warriors who take to the skies on the backs of giant, fire-breathing, telepathic dragons to save the wondrously exotic planet of Pern from a terrifying airborne menace.” McCaffrey had this to say:

“The fans and I have been waiting, not so patiently, for a long time to see Pern and her characters on the big screen. I couldn’t be more thrilled that a writer with David’s tremendous creativity and track record of translating beloved source material into fantastic movies has decided to make this his next epic adventure.”

Don Murphy has come aboard to executive produce the project, which will be an international co-production financed by several distribution partners around the world. No director is currently attached, but production is set to begin in 2012. Hit the jump to read a synopsis of the book and the full press release.

dragonflight-book-coverHere’s the synopsis for Dragonflight:

The planet Pern has been colonized for centuries by humans. When humans first settled on this world, they did not take notice of its sister planet, which had an indigenous life form that attempted to land on Pern when it came within reach. These silver “threads” fell in a destructive wave on the temperate lands of Pern once every 200 years, destroying all life they encountered. To combat this menace, the inhabitants of Pern developed a species of dragon that could burn these threads out of the sky before they touched down. Now, centuries have passed between threadfalls, and the danger of thread is considered a myth. However, a dragon rider named F’lar knows that the riders are once again needed [Amazon].

Here’s the full press release:

“Transformers” producer Don Murphy also joins as
executive producer and Entertainment One to take
several international territories on “Dragonflight” the
first novel in Anne McCaffrey’s hugely popular
“The Dragonriders of Pern” series to be penned by
David Hayter

TORONTO and LOS ANGELES (April 12, 2011) – Steven Hoban’s Copperheart Entertainment has closed agreements with David Hayter and Benedict Carver’s Dark Hero Studios, Don Murphy and Susan Montford’s Angry Films and Entertainment One to adapt the classic science fiction/fantasy novel “Dragonflight” by Anne McCaffrey into a
feature film.

In “Dragonflight”, the first in the epic “Dragonriders of Pern” series of novels, an elite group of warriors take to the skies on the backs of giant, fire-breathing, telepathic dragons to save the wondrously exotic planet of Pern from a terrifying airborne menace.

Hayter will pen the screenplay. Hoban and Carver will produce the film with Murphy, Montford and Hayter executive producing. Patrice Theroux negotiated for Entertainment One to handle distribution in Canada and is in discussion to acquire a number of other territories including the UK, Benelux and Australia. “Dragonflight” will be an international co-production, financed by several distribution partners around the world in much the way “The Lord of the Rings” was put together. Production is scheduled to begin early 2012. No director is currently attached.

The first book in the “Dragonriders of Pern” series appeared in 1968 and new editions continue to be published to this day. The series has sold millions of copies around the world, won numerous literary awards and spawned many spinoffs, including videogames, board games and graphic novels.

“These books have remained popular bestsellers for over forty years because of their breathtaking adventures, vivid cast of characters and spectacular creatures,” said Hoban.

“The world of Pern is a unique and highly cinematic combination of science fiction and fantasy.”
“This property has an incredible literary heritage and a rabid fan base,” said Hayter. “I’m really looking forward to delving into the majestic world that Anne has created and transporting it to the screen.”

“The fans and I have been waiting, not so patiently, for a long time to see Pern and her characters on the big screen,” said Anne McCaffrey. “I couldn’t be more thrilled that a writer with David’s tremendous creativity and track record of translating beloved source material into fantastic movies has decided to make this his next epic adventure.”

Hoban’s Copperheart has produced a diverse body of work including the Vincenzo Natali directed science-fiction thriller, “Splice”, which was released in Canada by Entertainment One and the US by Warner Bros; the 2005 Oscar®-winning computer animated short, “Ryan”; and the world’s first Imax 3D animated film, “Cyberworld”. Copperheart is
repped by Jon Levin and CAA.

Hayter and Carver formed Dark Hero in 2009 to produce feature films and television programming in the action, fantasy, sci-fi and horror genres. The company has a first look deal with Entertainment One. As a screenwriter, Hayter has adapted a number of celebrated graphic novels to film, including “X-Men”, “X2: X-Men United” and “Watchmen”. Carver’s producing credits include “Doomsday” and the upcoming “Tekken”. Dark Hero is repped by UTA and attorney Dave Feldman.

Don Murphy’s first production was the 1994 Oliver Stone directed, Quentin Tarantino written “Natural Born Killers”. Murphy has produced several high-profile movie adaptations of books, graphic novels and toys, including “Apt Pupil”, “From Hell”, “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” and the blockbuster “Transformers” franchise. Susan Montford’s first production with Murphy was the 2007 “Shoot ‘Em Up”, which starred Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti. They are in postproduction on “Real Steel”, which stars Hugh Jackman, and is scheduled for release by Walt Disney Pictures this fall.
Murphy and Montford worked with Hoban and Entertainment One on “Splice.”

Entertainment One Ltd. (LSE:ETO) is a leading international entertainment company that specializes in the acquisition, production and distribution of film and television content. The company’s comprehensive network extends around the globe including Canada, the U.S., the UK, Ireland, Benelux, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Through established Entertainment and Distribution divisions, the company provides extensive expertise in film distribution, television and music production, family programming and merchandising and licensing. Its current rights library is exploited across all media formats and includes more than 20,000 film and television titles, 2,400 hours of television programming and 45,000 music tracks.

Anne McCaffrey is the reigning queen of science fiction fantasy literature. In a career spanning over 40 years, McCaffrey has won virtually every honor imaginable, including being the first woman to win the prestigious Hugo and Nebula Awards. Her 1978 Pern novel, The White Dragon, was the first science fiction book to make the New York Times Best Seller List. In 2005 McCaffrey received the Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award for Lifetime Achievement by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. In 2006 McCaffrey was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame.

  • Travis Richey

    I’ve been waiting all my life for this. I need to be in this.

  • MetalGear

    He should still be cast as snake in the Metal Gear movie…IF it ever happens.

  • bob w

    What is the release date?

  • HTNatch

    It has been a long time coming, but I won’t be holding my breath. Too many times we’ve been told that we will see PERN in film or on television, and it has not come to pass. Let us hope Gar Hold has at least a small part in the final showing.

    • Dala

      I would love to see Gar in there. Though too bad there likely wouldn’t be bunny slippers if they keep it canon. :)

  • Kirsten

    I am so excited!!! FINALLY! I’ve been hoping for an new adaptation since the small screen plans were scrapped back in ’99/’00 (or thereabouts. I would talk the production website while at college LOL.) I’m so very happy that more people will discover the wonderful, wonderful works of Anne McCaffrey and hope this is a worthy adaptation. Cheers!

  • Ryuu

    It’s been so many years that us fans have been waiting for this. It’s taken such a long time for the CGI to develop to the point where we can see Pern come alive before our eyes the way it’s supposed to look.

    And now, it finally looks like production’s getting serious about moving forward–all the better because of the evident care in selecting staff who are as determined to do this right.

  • ES Bruce

    If this is indeed going to happen, please please please Hollywood do not screw this up! This is one of the greatest series of novels ever written and while I realize a novel can not directly be in interpreted to the screen you must stay true to the story and the characters of the novel, you must or you will more than likely have thousands of wanna be dragon riders banging down studio doors to seek their revenge, LOL!

  • Odille from Oz

    And wouldn’t New Zealand’s south island be the ideal place to film it, a la Lord of the Rings? I’ve actually never thought this would be able to be filmed, until I saw LOTR and got hopeful. I’ll be eagerly awaiting this film(s).

  • Oldman

    Is Tom Cruise to play F’Lar?it has to be him!!1

    • Aaron Sheffield

      Lets hope not, he’s too short.

    • C Preston

      NOT Tom Cruise, no way he could do F’lar justice.
      They are going to need strong character actors to do Annes books proud. So much of what makes Annes books so long lived it the multiple layers of the characters and the society and these need to be projected in strong dialog and the ability to suggest a question thought or mood by the flick of an eyebrow, or gesture of the hand and arm.

      These books are going to be a challenge, I hope they take their time and do it right. Good luck to them.

    • Brekke

      If they were to cast Tom Cruise for ANY part but a disgruntled oldtimer I will NOT see the movie! He is one of my least favorite actors.

    • GeorgeOlduvai

      No. Just no. Too short, too crazy, just not good enough. F”lar is man, not a boy.

      • pottergal

        It is bad enough that Tom the clueless Cruise is playing Jack Reacher! Even mentioning him for F’lar rips my heart out. I’ve been reading Anne’s books since I was in my 20′s and they give me pleasure even the 5th time through them. F’lar and Lessa are characters that need fresh faces young enough to carry through the series. Master Robinton is equally important. I hope to hell that Anne retained the rights to have a say in the final script and casting. It’s exciting to see this happening, but scary that it might not be done well enough to honor the woman who invented this planet called Pern. I’ve wanted to move there since I read the first book….

    • Capt. Guy

      Please!!!!!! NO TOM CRUISE. I don’t want to watch Tom Cruise playing Tom Cruise playing anybody else. Flar is tall, dark haired, well built and about 35 years old in this book. Tom Cruise ain’t any of the above. Please don’t ruin this long awaited movie with the regular old actors. Move someone in from where-ever, make a new star: anything except Cruise.

      • Inapix

        For some reason I’ve always thought of Robinton looking like Ryan Stiles (he’s an American comedian that used to be on Who’s Line is it Anyway). I don’t know why, but he just seems to fit lol. But that’s clearly not going to happen. ;)
        But yeah they have to choose the characters so carefully – they cannot mess this up!! (if it actually ends up happening, y’know credit crunch and all).

      • Cid B.

        Yeah, I could see Ryan Stiles (if they could sufficiently age him). I’ve spent some time wondering who could play Robinton…it’s a pretty pivotal role. Liam Neeson might work well if he wasn’t so expensive. I’d love to know what behemoth they’ll find to play Fandarel!

    • Cid B. .

      Too old, too short! My money’s on Gerard Butler. (Scarlett Johanssen, with a dark dye job, would make a good Lessa.)

  • Aaron Sheffield

    It’s about time Anne’s world was brought to the screen. Was Peter Jackson too busy wth ‘The Hobbit’. Too bad he is unavailable.

    • Cindi

      Maybe the his production company can still get in!

      • macdonaldsfarm

        My husband was found to have cancer and I haven’t been able to do much of anything and I just now found out that Ms. Anne has passed. I have every book that she has written and I have her sons books also. It would have been fantastic if she could have lived to see her books made into movies but she went thru that before. If they can’t make the movie just like she wrote the books, characters right, NO Tom Cruise, maybe folks we haven’t heard of. She was a wonderful writer, singer and horsewoman. She will be greatly missed
        but her books will live forever. Long live Pern.

  • Amanda Wallace

    I started reading the pern books when I was 10. my first intorduction to them was through a short story in a school book. I was hooked from the start. I snuck the book home so that I could continue to read it. and went out to the libarary the next day just to get more of the books. they kept me sane through a very tramatic and abusive child hood, and I am thrilled to see that there is a movie finaly coming. I have chills just thinking about watching this movie when it comes out.

  • joy

    the books got me in to reading. i have not stop reading them. i hope the movie lives up to what all the fans see when we read the book.

  • Christine White

    I have seen the movie so many times in my mind that I feel AT LAST OTHERS WILL BE ABLE TO SEE AS WELL. Thanx for keeping an “Impressionable” abused wife sane through a difficult time.

  • Eski Scott

    If the layers of communication and chemistry between the people and the Dragons of Pern (not to mention the fire lizards and dolphins) survive the movie treatment, it will be a wonderful film franchise, as are the books. cheers and good luck.

  • Lynn Marie

    Anne McCaffrey’s books are the absolute best and if the movie is done properly her works would provide for a dozen sequels. I will be the first in line with my daughter to see the movie. Thanks to all, I can’t wait

  • Mnementh

    28 freakin’ years I’ve been waiting for this. Ohplease ohplease ohplease!

  • booooo81

    oh please oh please, don’t mess this up guys- too many book adaptations (Eragon, among others) really sucked, even though the books are awesome.

  • Moirabh

    This is going to be EPIC!!!!!
    And there are loads of future stories to keep the films coming. DEEP JOY!!!

  • Pixie

    I want Josh Duhamel to play F’lar and Emily Blunt to play Lessa.

    • Meg

      Lessa must be Mila Kunis. Timothy Olyphant for F’lar. Just please don’t let them be 50 year olds pretending to be young!!

      • Cid B.

        Ooh, Mila Kunis is an awesome pick! I hadn’t thought of her. And, yes, no geezers (e.g. Tom Cruise) cast as younger characters. I actually can’t fit Tom Cruise into an Anne McCaffrey scenario anywhere. Maybe Merol?

  • Julie Myers

    If they are looking for a great Robinton they need to look in Torrington, Wyoming. We have a Doctor here who is an amazing singer with a tremendous voice, awesome acting ability and looks almost exactly like the description of Robinton. If I hadn’t known Ms M had never met him I would have thought he was the basis for her character.

  • bob

    The problem is Avatar, and the next two Avatar’s that are already moving forward. No one is going to properly fund another fantasy with dragons as plot devices. I would leave these as books and not go the film route. Television would make more sense than 90 minutes of a low budget film that can barely scratch the surface of the stories.

  • rick

    A friend made a very good case that dragoflight may be the first book, but that it might not the best place to start the story. I agree with him. I think Moreta’s Ride would be a better place for the first movie. It would allow wonderful flashback development of the history of the dragonriders. AND yes I own all HER books. AND yes I’ve read all HER books, many times.

  • rick

    Sorry bob,
    There is enough money in cinema to remake some very bad movies over and over. There is plenty of money to make Avatar ten times over and someone will want to remake Knocked Up and have no money problems. Sheeeesssssh~!

  • Cindi

    For those of us who love Pern please stay true to the books!

  • April

    This will either be the COOLEST THING EVER…. or suck so bad, I’ll be depressed for a year.

    I’m excited but very, very scared!

  • Gail

    I am soo excited and cant wait to see the film when it comes out.

    BUT!!!! I hope they dont ruin the wonderful dragons.

    I watched the harry potter film with the ‘so called dragons’ in it and was sooo disapointed, – it looked more like a giant bat then a dragon

    After all, everyone knows a dragon has 4 legs and a pair of wings!!

    • Cid B.

      They do on Pern, apparently most of its fauna has evolved from 6-legged critters. Much more attractive (and practical) than having forelimbs become wings.

  • J. Gloria

    I like many others hope and pray that the movie does justice to the books. I will be very disappointed if they do not. I also like other hope to see this come to fruition.

  • Linda

    Demi Moore would play an awesome Lessa

    • GeorgeOlduvai

      Too old. Not a bad choice otherwise. Lessa is a young woman. I have to agree with Jaxom91 – Olivia Wilde will do nicely.

    • Cid B.

      The only part I could see Demi Moore in is Kylara’s nursemaid, old whats-her-name. Even that would be a stretch. Actually, she might be an okay Mardra.

  • Cheri

    I recently began rereading my Pern series and was devastated to learn in the many moves not all of the books made it. Of course I immediately ordered the missing ones–grateful they are still easily accessible. The first of what I hope are many more movies is a dream come true! Who would not be compelled to see and hear the wonderful characters — human and animal.

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  • Brekke

    As much as I want to see this movie, they really need to make Dragonsdawn into a movie first. It would make so much more sense to the people who have never read her books before. Plus I would love to see how Sean and Sorka and the firelizards and dragonets get portrayed.

    • Mike

      I have to agree with you I LOVED the book even though I am a new fan I love the series and can’t wait for a movie.

  • mike

    as long as they don’t ruin this book like they did the Chronicles Of Narnia I’ll be happy as a Clam

  • candice

    For so long hollywood has been making movies out of fantasy dragon novels like eragon (which in my opinion the story was detroyed in the movie) instead of Anne’s masterpiece pern novels. These books are the best sci/fi fantasy dragon novels out there, and deserve to be made into a blockbuster movie. I just hope they do not destroy these wonderful stories like so many other book adaptions that are out today.

  • Trisha

    Here’s hoping the movie will be true to the books…I started reading these when I was 12 and reread all the books at least 1 time per year ever since. I was excited watching Avatar to see that CGI has advanced to the point where the movie is possible. I have seen way too many books become crappy movies. I would LOVE to see them done in such a way they are a credit to Anne McCaffrey’s novels rather than an embarrassment.

  • NG

    Hugh Jackman for F’lar!

    • Piemur37

      Now there is a posiblitly for Flàr but remember that they also have to have someone for F`nor and the yhave to look like brothers, with very similar facial features as that is explicitly described in all the books about F`nor and F`lar.

      Also remember that Lessa is a TINY woman.

      I own and have read and re-read all of her books so many times I can almost recite them from memory.
      I truly do hope that they do not destroy the story in thier adaptations.. Robinton is a large man with a booming BARITONE voice.

    • Cid B.

      I think Hugh would make an awesome Fax! I wonder if DeNiro could do a good Lytol…hmmm.

  • Jaxom91

    If this project does take flight it’s great news indeed.

    The 1st Pern novel I read was Dragon Singer, around 1985, and soon bought the rest of the then published novels. I now have all the books published.

    Logically Dragons Dawn should be the 1st to be filmed, but Drangonsflight is where it all started.

    As for casting: F’lar – Nathan Fillion (Castle), Lessa – Olivia Wilde (House), Lord Groghe – Brian Blessed/William Shatner (needs to be somebody larger than life without hamming it up), Robinton – Russell Watson (Uk Tenor).

    • pottergal

      How about someone younger than Olivia Wilde? Plus she has one facial expression, maybe two at best. I can’t see her in a Lessa rage at all. Sandra Bullock could do it, but getting a little old for the role.
      I’d take a new unknown more than an established face. Nathon Fillion, same issue. He plays the same character in every role. Too expressionless. F’lar flies off the handle at Lessa all the time. Passionate actors needed, but sane ones. If we could lose Cruise and Moore in between, i might go for it, but since we can’t….

      Now if you want a nut job for Robinton, how about Robin Williams? He has amazing range and would be far better than Shatner. Plug him in as Lord Grohe!

      • Cid B.

        Good choice for Robinton, thanks for the imagination fodder. I could see Scarlett Johanssen being a good Lessa (I’m not really up on most of the up-and-coming young actresses so my picks are pretty limited). Shatner’s a bit diminutive for Groghe, could you see Brian Denehy?

    • Piemur37

      Robinton is a BARITONE. Try finding someone who could pull that off I am actually thinking John-Reese Davies. He seems to be about right for the part agewise and stature, plus he is a baritone.

      • Cid B.

        Yes but he’s also a pompous ass! Robinton’s sharp and clever and (even when he fakes it) full of humility, biting wit and a plethora of traits that I couldn’t see JRD being able to act.

  • GeorgeOlduvai

    How about Christina Ricci as Lessa, Josh Duhamel as F’lar, Jason Mamoa as F’nor and (if he can sing) Liam Neesson as Robinton? Anthony Hopkins as any of the Lord Holders you like except maybe Fax, Shatner for Groghe, (or Hopkins), and Nathan Fillion as Lytol.

    And if Tom Cruise MUST be in the movie, then as Fax…so we can kill him off right away. Hugh Jackman would be excellent as well. Make for a great fight with F’lar!
    Also…provided it gets that far..Elijah Wood or Daniel Radcliffe as Jaxom…but maybe they’re a touch too old, suggestions?

    • Cid B.

      How about Justin Beiber? Ba-ha-ha-ha! Seriously, what about the guy that played Eustace in the 3rd Narnia movie? He seems to have decent acting range.

  • Наталья


  • Claire

    DragonsDawn should be done first.

    as Brekke said in her earlier post: “As much as I want to see this movie, they really need to make Dragonsdawn into a movie first. It would make so much more sense to the people who have never read her books before.”

    As a screenwriter myself, I’d love to take that job just to be sure the final screenplay remained true to the original book.

    • Killashandra

      Dragonflight should be first, since that is the novel Anne herself says is the one you should read first.

    • Cid B.

      Dragonsdawn might not have the draw if it were done first. The dragons were little more than fire-lizards then (so no riders flaming thread from the skies) and the characters (to me) aren’t as beloved (or interesting) as those in the Dragonriders series. I’ve always thought of Dragsonsdawn as more of an expositional piece (it was great to know where everything came from) but I think the order the novels appeared in could stand just as well for the movie(s). They could have Robinton narrate some of the salient details (a-la Galadriel in LOTR) at the beginning of Dragonflight to introduce the newbies.

  • Shaun

    I think the films should be in the order Published, But that is just me. :D

    Will love to see this on the Big Screen. Just hope that they follow the book closely.

  • Verne

    This will be a red letter day for Anne McCaffrey fans. I hope they do it justice. It would be nice to see the Freedom series also. Good luck to all involved.
    I wonder who they will get for Lessa’s part?

    • J’son

      I agree with you the Freedom series would make a great big screen movie !!

    • Piemur37

      I would also like to see the Crystal Singer series done as movies, mind you there were only 3 of them they are axcellent novels as well.

  • Fraser

    First off… The person who thought Tom Cruise would make a good F’Lar… you have never read the books. Secondly… All those people you have suggested for Lessa… again, have you read any of the books? She’s short, child-like etc etc. She has Irish ancestors. A Russian actress, it’s people making suggestions like that that will ruin something that is perfect. Find every discription of F’Lar, F’Nor, Lessa and Robinton then work though them. The story is straight forward, the character casting will make or break this film. One of the reasons the Eragon film was terrible was the casting… or lack of.
    Dragonflight is the perfect choice for a starting point, followed by Dragonquest and then The White Dragon. Also, the earlier books (pre Ninth Pass) would make a fantastic TV series.
    I hope they choose actors that have read atleast some of the series. Thankfully, having chosen a scree-writer and EP that have reputations means that it won’t be a low-budget as it otherwise would’ve been.
    All i know if, if Tom Cruise is in it… it will be terrible. Not just because he is a terrible actor, he is WAY to old, F’Lar isn’t over 40 in Dragonflight.

    • Killashandra

      Ha ha ha!!! “She has Irish Ancestors” Are you KIDDING? Like… sure she DID. Ancestors from HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of years ago! First, its Hollywood, not Ancestry.com of the future. You choose a actor that can carry the role and make it be believable. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. And… sometimes… just sometimes… Someone out of nowhere because someone because of a great role. A “current Russian” playing a FUTURE Irish descendant IS possible. And could work.

      One thing I find odd is… why is everyone suggesting only white actors?

      • Clint

        James Earl Jones for Robinton!!! He sure has the voice for it…… anybody that can pull off Darth Vader has my vote for being bigger than life.

  • autolocksmith

    Wonderful goods from you, man. I’ve keep in mind your stuff previous to and you are simply too great. I really like what you have received here, really like what you’re saying and the way through which you are saying it. You are making it enjoyable and you continue to take care of to stay it smart. I cant wait to read much more from you. That is actually a wonderful site.

  • Ronda

    I have been in love with the planet Pern and all of the inhabitants since I read the first book back in the early ’80′s. My fantasy is to be reborn there when I leave this planet. I know, it’s silly, but that proves how powerful a storyteller Anne McCaffery is and how strongly she pulls you into the story.

    It is my most sincere wish that they do not ruin her work as they did with another of my favorite authors, Anne Rice. I remember waiting with anticipation for the release of Interview with the Vampire and how sorely disappointed I was – I wasn’t alone in that disappointment, either – that Tom Cruise was chosen to play Lestat. He was much too old for the part and not even close to the beauty that was Lestat.

    Wouldn’t it be appropriate (and awesome!) to have fans involved with the project? I mean, after all, we’ve read the books and we have a better idea of who should portray Ms. McCaffery’s characters and do them justice.

    All my prayers to Ms. McCaffery, her family and everyone involved with the project.

    Blessed Be!

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  • onethemis

    I wish she could have seen it her dragons soaring on the screen. Although she has probably seen it plenty of times in her dreams. Please do her memory justice!

    P.S. I agree in todays market Dragonsdawn would have been the more logical starting point (as the beginning is) However maybe they felt the ‘travel to another planet and have dragons’ was too close to Avatar? I don’t know, just do it right you people.

    • Cid B.

      Yeah, I find it sad that Anne McCaffrey didn’t live to see Pern come to life on screen. On the other hand, I’m really glad that I might!

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  • lmckeller

    Just heard of Anne’s passing & I am in tears…I have grown up with Pern & all of her wonderful worlds & will miss her very much. I am so very glad to hear that the Dragonriders may be on film soon & hope that they will be just as Anne envisioned

  • Efeektivt Rygestop

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  • alwadifa maroc

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  • Mary

    Patrick Wilson would make an incredible F’Nor.
    I hope this comes to the screen before I die–it didn’t make it in time to honor the living Anne McCaffrey.

  • Mary

    Hugh Jackman should be F’Lar.
    Patrick Wilson IS F’Nor.
    Andre` Rieu as Robinton.

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  • cate047

    I miss her passing and hoped that she would see her words on film…The fan base for Pern is so large that it will be difficult to please everyone…
    Be true to the book and the ages of the chactors , and you will make a great movie…

    We will be watching for news about the film…

  • Gregg Eshelman

    I’ve been reading the 2nd interval/3rd pass books by Anne and Todd McCaffrey. If they were to be made into a TV series one casting that would be perfect is Lani Tupu as Telgar Weyrleader D’Gan. He’d only need to be Bialar Crais – on Pern. ;)

  • bunny

    I hope that when you do this screenplay you remember all the people who cherish this series of books, and do it justuce! You could make this effort a lasting tribute to The Lady Of The Dragons.

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  • Glitchie

    Are there still plans to do this now that dear Anne has gone to be with her dragons?

  • Charky

    As long as the film adaption of these books isn’t as dreadful as that of Eragon, I’m really looking forward to this opportunity to see dragons on the big screen. Its a huge shame that after waiting so long Anne won’t be able to see it, but it gives the producers all the more reason to make it utterly spectacular.

  • bob hazeski

    Just finished the White Dragon for a 3rd time. How about Sarah M Geller playing Lessa or perhaps Natalie Portman?

  • Cep Compression Socks

    I’ll right away grab your rss as I can not in finding your email subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Please allow me recognize in order that I may subscribe. Thanks.

  • redman

    I’ve always thought Angelina Jolie would make a good Lessa and she’s not even really a favorite of mine. It’s just that she’s very good at playing very strong will characters.

  • AJ

    I could see Channing Tatem as F’lar. Or maybe someone a little older. I don’t think Hugh Jackman fits F’lar’s look or personality. Natalie Portman would be my pick for Lessa. She’s the right height for Lessa too.

    I look forward to seeing this movie on the big screen. I’ve read all of the Pern books many times, and this one more than the others. I can just envision all of the epic shots of hundreds of dragons flying in their ranks – this book begs to be made into an epic movie. And the audience is ripe for a movie like this. Lord of the Rings paved the way for fantasy movies. Eragon, Avatar, and How to Train Your Dragon all established flying creatures and dragons in successful movies… this just takes Dragonriders to the next level – of epic proportions.

  • Barbara

    No matter who they cast in what role , they will never do the books justice. Just my opinion but they have ruined every other one they ever did .

  • SaltySays

    Soooooo tired of all the remakes! Soooo looking forward to something new and this could be it! I’ve loved the books to death, now waiting for the movies, but not patiently.

  • jon-david

    to whom it may concern,
    i have been a fan of Mrs McCaffery’s for a long time and have read all of her works . It will be hard to do a movie because as a reader we develope the images in our minds as we read the books. I wish you good luck . i do believe that dragons dawn would be a better book to start with i have seen the movie in my minds eye ,but have never been able to put it to paper . so God Bless and do it the right way lol . P.S. To Ann’s Family sorry for your loss it was felt far and wide i remember i wrote her and she wrote me back and sent a card it will stay with me forever . God bless all of you . sincerly Jon-david

  • Raven Whitehawk

    Could we Please have an Update on the Progress of “Dragonflight”, or is it dead in the water … again … and not happening? Almost 1 year since last post about this, I think myself and the Fans would like to know how it is comming along.

  • Chris Witte

    Late to the party (as usual), but I just have to say that after reading and re-reading the novels over and over again for more than 35 years and having my hopes dashed more than once, I’ll believe it when I see it and not before.

  • Chris Witte

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Les

    Ellen Page as Lessa?

  • Les

    Hugh Jackman as ROBINTON. That man can Sing!

  • charles lancaster

    since anne’s passing it’s all up in the air again!!!
    rest in peace anne.

  • Mystisch

    I am saddened every time I read of Anne’s passing but know she is a shinning Soul/Spirit in Heaven and is telling her stories to the children and all else who will listen there. ~ I met her some years ago and gave her a pair of Hair sticks when I saw her once at the Georgia DragonCon. ~ She was a very sweet and Special lady who is missed by so many of us!! ~ I pray that her books, if not all, at least some, will become made into Movies as I and so many other Fans would love to be able to have that lasting visual image. ~ Thank You to whomever takes the task, and God Bless You in all you do with Anne’s Series!! ;)

  • Lianne Mather

    RIP Anne. We love your books and truely hope that any movies or productions made from them are done justice. Please let me add my voice that Tom Cruise is no F’lar!!!! We are probably going to need a fresh face for all three major roles. I would go see the movie any without a big name drawcard!
    Please let us know when you are going to production and keep us up to date.
    Lil (New Zealand)

  • Lianne Mather

    RIP Anne. We love your books and truely hope that any movies or productions made from them are done justice. Please let me add my voice that Tom Cruise is no F\’lar!!!! We are probably going to need a fresh face for all three major roles. I would go see the movie any without a big name drawcard!
    Please let us know when you are going to production and keep us up to date.
    Lil (New Zealand)

  • brownie

    I must agree with Rhonda(Nov.17,2011). It would be appropriate to have the fans vote on the actors for each character…and I gree with some of the others…don’t pick the established actors-choose new ones as well as the unknown…and not just white…there were asian, dark skinned, native american. But let’s get started!!!!!…please
    Blessed Be

  • Beth M. Cameron

    I can not wait! I have been waiting for most of my life to see this happen. I would love to even be an extra in this movie, but I am content to know that I am even going get to watch it! I have ALL of the books in the series and have read them so much I had to replace them a few times! I will never grow tired of the world of Pern!

  • Moreta

    Just please do it right!!!! Brings back bad memories of how they made Clan of the Cave Bear. The only thing they got right was the casting for Ayla. And NO Tom Cruise!!!! Definately William Shatner has to be in there as a Lord Holder.

  • glenn oxendine

    I am. 62 and would make a. Great oldman in. the

  • C’tian

    Sorry about the triple post, it kept telling me I had entered the wrond security code!

  • Christy

    HURRAY!!!!!!!!! with all the CG and stuff now days this can be awesome! Just please don’t ruin it like they did Eragon..

  • KCsamurai

    I think, with the success of Game of Thrones, that Pern would have a
    better Telling as a series with ALL the interweaving story lines

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