David Morrissey Cast as the Governor in THE WALKING DEAD

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Prepare yourselves, Walking Dead fans: the Governor is coming. The fan favorite character from Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel series has long been anticipated on the television series, and now it appears that Kirkman and Co. are planning a big arc for the Governor in season three. AMC announced today that BAFTA-nominated British actor David Morrissey has been set in the coveted role. While the name might not be super familiar stateside (he starred in The Other Boleyn Girl), Morrissey’s British TV credits include State of Play, Meadowlands, and The Deal. It had previously been rumored that producers were looking for a big name to play the Governor (John Hawkes had been mentioned), but it appears that’s no longer the case.

In the comic series, the Governor runs a settlement in Woodbury with a stern hand and serves as a very dastardly villain. Rick and our current Walking Dead survivors will encounter the Governor during the upcoming third season of the show, which AMC expanded to 16 episodes. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if he makes a cameo appearance during the second season finale as a tease for viewers. Hit the jump to read the full press release.

walking-dead-the-governorHere’s the full press release:

AMC announced today that David Morrissey has been cast in the role of The Governor in the networks’ critically acclaimed hit series, “The Walking Dead.”  The Governor, a character from Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel, is the leader of Woodbury, a small settlement of survivors, and becomes the chief antagonist for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his group.

The Governor will appear in “The Walking Dead” season three, a 16-episode order from AMC, which begins production this spring in Atlanta.

A BAFTA Award nominee, Morrissey has appeared in many acclaimed British series including “State of Play,” “Meadowlands,” “The Deal” and “Blackpool.” Along with his celebrated work in television, Morrissey is also known for his leading roles in feature films such as The Reaping, The Other Boleyn Girl, Centurion, The Water Horse, Nowhere Boy and Blitz. He recently wrapped Welcome to the Punch opposite James McAvoy and Mark Strong. Morrissey is represented by The Collective and Troika in the UK.

“The Walking Dead” season two airs Sundays at 9pm on AMC.

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  • monk

    I wouldn’t necessarily agree that John Hawkes is a bigger name than David Morissey. Anyway Morrisey is a great actor and an interesting choice. Can’t wait

  • Bruce

    Here’s a thought… How about adding a spoiler warning Before the jump on the homepage? I have read the books, and would like to still be surprised by the show. Why don’t you go ahead and tell us what’s gonna happen to Shane? Oh yeah, that’s right you did a couple of weeks back.

    • Leo

      I completely agree, when it first said that a major character was going to get killed off of the show I tried to avoid that at all costs, (btw why is that even news for collider, they shouldn’t be focusing on spoilerish news for tv and movies, but more of the production of it, that seems to be more their focus) and I thought they should have put it as major casting change in the Walking Dead hit the jump to here more rather than character to get killed hit the jump to find out.

      Then They say walking dead star to join LA Noir show by Darabont, Well Shit I wonder which character would fit a gangster themed show. At this point its pretty obvious its Shane, but we can hold out from clicking the article to confirm.

      But then I was reading their review of the premiere episode of the midseason of season two and expecting spoilers on the episode which was fine because I already saw it, but they just say something like “and a major character will die, (Cough Shane Cough). So thanks for confirming it for us.

      Seriously Collider I like your site but you can be shitty writers. This site focuses on following the production of a show or movie, they shouldn’t be spoiling everything for us just like they spoiled the big midseason finale of Sophia. Collider get your shit together.

      Sorry Bruce I think I got off topic. but ya, collider should add spoilers if their going to spoil it.

  • Mr.Rich 316

    @Bruce&Leo, Maybe you two should stop complaining about spoilers,get of the internet and wait to be surprised each week by watching tv? I was hoping for more discussion about other characters from the books that might be getting cast. You know fanboy stuff…not the typical “Oh no collider spoiled it for me again” garbage. The writers are supposed to bring the latest news,not shit that’s a week old or in this case not report it until next season.

  • Mr.Rich 316

    OOPS meant off the internet not of the internet.

  • Bruce

    You know what mr. Rich, I agree with you. I won’t get off the Internet, but I will stop coming to this site. I urge all who are sick of having their favorite shows and movies spoiled to stop coming to this site and all like it. I’m starting to realize that it’s not movies and shows that are the problem, it’s sites like this that take out all the fun in being a movie and tv show lover. They take away the “magic” that these forms of media used to bring to all of us. They give us the behind the scenes and the business behind them that takes the fun out of movies. I will use the Christian Bale incident as an example. Remember when Christian Bale was recorded screaming at a grip on the set of Terminator Salvation. That was the big news on this site and sites like it. I don’t give a crap if Christian Bale punches a grip, I just want to see him do the thing he does best, act. Good bye collider. It’s been fun. Just to be clear I do not condone punching grips.

    • Strong Enough

      LMAOOO @ him posting bye like anyone gives a sh*t lmaooooooooooooo

      • Leo

        At Mr. Rich, youre right Collider is suppose to bring the news, not the fucking plot.

        And At Strong Enough, I find it hilarious because I recognize you from a comment you made before, and it confirmed that you are the alias used for Matt Goldberg (FYI, thats the guy that is universally hated on this site by everyone else). Just knowing that as a “reporter” for this site, you have to steep to comments like that thinking no ones knows that it is you is absolutely hilarious and really shows alot about your character.

    • cloxlider

      oh oh, somebody has poopy diapers!

  • LEM

    WOW that kinda of sucks for Michael Rooker. I really thought they were setting him up to be The Governor since he lost his hand due to Rick.

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