Sony Ditches David O. Russell’s UNCHARTED Script; New Details on His Departure

     May 27, 2011


Yesterday, we reported that director David O. Russell had left Sony’s adaptation of their hit video game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.  No reason was given at the time but it looked like O. Russell was moving on to direct an adaptation of The Silver Linings Playbook instead.  Today, 24 Frames has new details on O. Russell’s departure from the project.  It appears that O. Russell’s script was so long, ambitious, and perhaps most damning (from Sony’s perspective), it added plenty of characters who weren’t in the video game.  As we reported last year, O. Russell had apparently changed Nathan Drake from a lone adventurer to a participant in a family of treasure hunters.  That change wasn’t totally surprising considering that most of O. Russell’s filmography explores family dynamics, but for fans and for Sony, such a change is probably anathema to what they want: their video game faithfully transplanted to the big screen.

Sony will hire a new director and screenwriter to work from an earlier draft by Conan the Barbarian screenwriters Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer.  Mark Wahlberg has most likely left the project and a summer 2012 release looks doubtful.

  • Drew

    All the talent has left the room. Movies going to blow so bad.

    • GreatNews!

      There is plenty of talent out there, and plenty of talent at that, that would be able to do a more faithful adaptation of the video game. The video game itself is a brilliant story. Lets leave it at that.

    • Guns Of Navarone

      What talent exactly?!

  • drew

    maybe they can get nathan fillion and make it more of the three way dynamic between nathan victor and elena hopefully it can be a prequel to the games to give more backstory to the characters

  • Tarek

    Sony trashing the place as usual. They did it with Raimi before.

  • Chris

    Sony only messed up by not canning him the second he brought new characters into the family and wanted to cast Wahlberg as Nate Drake.

    This should hopefully make this a much better adaptation and not just another video game cash in.

    I don’t think for a second that Naughty Dog will let this be a bad movie

  • Tarek

    I am afraid it will be another Lara Croft movie.

  • Kevin

    I was afraid it was going to be another National Treasure movie from all the changes that were being made.

    Obviously Russell is a much better writer then that so it was probably more of an original story. But then why connect it to Uncharted?

    This is for the best… if they can get a good script and Nathan Fillion to join, it could be a real fun movie. Perhaps the first good video game to movie adaptation? One of these days that has to happen, lol.

  • Michael

    Sony please bring on Nathan Fillion!

  • Tarek

    Agree. Nathan Fillion is the best choice. He is a rude funny guy.

  • 1AngryMan

    So instead of having an actual film the fanbase wants another piece of shit videogame movie that they can rip to shreds for the next decade?

    Way to go Fans!

  • Hannah Torres

    Director Ewing Miles Brown says Sam Botta has lost 74 lbs (now 150 lbs.) for Movie Tech Studios pre-production of “Live Fearless” Sam Botta Hosts the upcoming reality TV show. :) in Pre-Production now with guests like Betty White, who says “Appreciate life while it’s happening!” Also “get over it” (referring to aging) and “I’m swimming as fast as I can” in reference to her work.

  • Maryjanesuncle

    Agree on Nathan Fillion….pulled off Firefly and Castle in a grand fashion…good mix

  • tarek

    There is also another good choice for the role of Nathan Drake: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. This guy is talented.

  • Tarek

    Or Aaron Eckhart.

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