David O. Russell No Longer Directing UNCHARTED

     May 26, 2011


David O. Russell has dropped out of directing the adaptation of the video game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.  The news doesn’t come as a total surprise since a couple weeks ago we learned that O. Russell was keen to adapt the novel The Silver Linings Playbook with Mark Wahlberg attached to star.  Deadline reports that Sony is hiring a new writer and they’re still determined to make the movie.  A new writer makes sense since O. Russell’s take on the material wasn’t a straight adaptation of the video game but rather recast protagonist Nathan Drake (played by Wahlberg) as part of a family of treasure hunters that would include his father and uncle with Wahlberg keen to have Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci play those roles.

Presumably, if O. Russell is out, then Wahlberg might leave the project as well and he has plenty of other movies he could make instead.  If that’s the case, then expect fans to renew their cries that Nathan Fillion should play Drake.

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  • Peteara

    Great news! After all those stories about De Niro coming on board, and going way into Drake’s family backstory, it became clear he was the wrong guy for the job.

  • Mike Cruz

    Thank. God.

  • TheTrickster

    I think everyone saw it coming…

  • Bruno

    How could Sony have listened to the fan’s demands, the PSN network is still down :)))

  • mr. z

    Does that mean he’s taking marky mark with him??!

  • yessss

    This is AWESOME! Made my week! So glad this tool is gone!

  • GreatNews!

    This is spectacular news. I love this franchise so much, and cant wait for the 3rd game to drop. Going to be amazing. I REALLY wasnt looking forward to this movie adaptation AT ALL. They were really just ripping off a couple ideas, instead of doing a real adaptation of it. This makes me happy. Not to be a broken record…but here goes…cough cough, Nathan Fillion…cough cough.

  • Ryan

    Hahaha That’s funny cause yea, my first reaction to the headline was “Oh good take Wahlberg with ya so we can get Nathan Fillion where he belongs!” He’s a great actor, his name is Nathan and he actually looks like Drake! How the hell is that not a slam dunk no brainer! Even to these brain dead Hollywood executives it should be an easy call.

    • saintmike

      maybe because he’s too old and fat for the part.

      • Ryan

        Your one of those ppl that just sits home alone repeatedly kicking the cat into the wall aren’t ya?

      • Ryan

        Oh and just for everyone’s information, Mark Wahlberg and Nathan Fillion were born on the same year. So when it comes down to an either or, of course I’d go with the better actor. And as for fat..umm no he’s not and even if he were there are these things called gyms..you should look it up. I know its hard to believe but ppl don’t pop out of the womb sporting six packs…unless your a redneck. But that’s a whole different story.

    • Dred

      Wow you’re all over the place but regardless He’s too old and Wahlberg was too old and too short. They’re both bad choices but I agree if it was between those two, even though neither should even be considered, I would want Fillion 100%. I like Fillion and he would have been perfect for this when he was like 30 or so but now I would rather they stick to the character, who in “Drakes Fortune” is 28 I think.

  • Captain Tightpants

    Nathan Fillion FTW!

  • LEM

    YES!!!! Now just take Wahlberg with him and we can get some people in there who care about the game and its story and sorry but Fillion is too old to play the part. If he was early thirties he would be a perfect choice but he’s just too old now. The best bet is to look for someone in the 28 to 32 year old range who looks the part and has acting ability. I also wish they would get Edgar Wright to direct because I think he would stick closer to the actual game.

  • Dred

    Jared Padalecki from Supernatural would make a really good Drake.

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  • Grayden

    Actually, Jensen is a better match for Drake than Jared. Jared is too tall and lanky, and doesn’t carry comedy as well as Jensen does.

    • Dred

      I mixed them up….you’re right Jensen Ackles would be great for the part.

  • GerryA

    Nathan Fillion to star, Joss Weadon to direct, Steven Spielberg to produce. If they want some star power, give the role of Sully to George Clooney and have him grow a ‘tash and absolutely ham it up a lá ‘O Brother where art thou?’ Pierce Brosnan would be choice #2 for Sully, and we know he can ham it up after is great turn in ‘The Matador’

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