David Spade Will Throw JOE DIRT All Over Your TV Screen

     January 28, 2010


Audiences have been clamoring since 2001 for an update on the life of lovable(?) redneck Joe Dirt, and David Spade has finally found a way to satisfy the demand.  Spade, who co-wrote and starred in Dirt, is teaming up with TBS to produce an animated series based on the mischievous character according to The Live Feed. The logline indicates that the show will depict the shenanigans of the “mullet-sporting, muscle-car-loving loser with a heart of gold.”

I do have one (and exactly one) fond memory of Joe Dirt: Christopher Walken.  If they find a way to incorporate his wacky brand of non sequiturs into a weekly television series, count me in.  Although, the same could be said of any other show, movie, play, commercial, or audiobook, really.


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