HARRY POTTER Director David Yates to Next Helm Adaptation of YOUR VOICE IN MY HEAD

     December 21, 2011

Director David Yates was understandably a bit tired following the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. Having directed the last four films in the franchise, the director told Steve quite a while ago that he planned on directing a small-scale feature after Harry Potter in order to decompress. That “small feature” has now been revealed as an adaptation of Emma Forrest’s memoir Your Voice in My Head. The book chronicles Forrest’s troublesome and self-harming behavior, as well as her relationship with her psychiatrist. Hit the jump for more, including Yates’ thoughts on the project.

david_yates_01Yates talked about what attracted him to the project (via Variety):

“It’s a small film, hard hitting and with elements of magic realism. Compared to Potter it would cost tuppency ha’penny, and for that reason it would be incredibly liberating to make.”

Forrest is writing the screenplay herself, and Warner Bros. will be partially funding the film which takes place in New York, London, and Istanbul. When we first reported on the adaptation, it was revealed that the film will focus more on Forrest’s recovery than her relationship with her psychiatrist. The director was previously flirting with an adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand, but subsequently walked away. WB is keen on having him direct The Imitation Game which has Leonardo DiCaprio attached to star, and he’s also (apparently) developing a Doctor Who movie.

your-voice-in-my-head-book-imageHere’s the synopsis for Your Voice in My Head:

Emma Forrest, a British journalist, was just twenty-two and living the fast life in New York City when she realized that her quirks had gone beyond eccentricity. In a cycle of loneliness, damaging relationships, and destructive behavior, she found herself in the chair of a slim, balding, and effortlessly optimistic psychiatrist—a man whose wisdom and humanity would wrench her from the dangerous tide after she tried to end her life. She was on the brink of drowning, but she was still working, still exploring, still writing, and she had also fallen deeply in love. One day, when Emma called to make an appointment with her psychiatrist, she found no one there. He had died, shockingly, at the age of fifty-three, leaving behind a young family. Reeling from the premature death of a man who had become her anchor after she turned up on his doorstep, she was adrift. And when her all-consuming romantic relationship also fell apart, Emma was forced to cling to the page for survival and regain her footing on her own terms.

A modern-day fairy tale, Your Voice in My Head is a stunning memoir, clear-eyed and shot through with wit. In her unique voice, Emma Forrest explores the highs and lows of love and the heartbreak of loss. [Amazon]

  • David

    I wonder if this was the film Yates had Emma Watson in mind for. I recall him mentioning that there was a role he had told her about a while back.

    • Mr_Bungle

      As soon as I read this description, I pictured this movie’s poster with Emma Watson and Paul Giammati’s names pictured over it. I don’t know why but having those two together in a movie just sounds good. (-:

      (Note: although judging by the physical description of the psychiatrist, I suppose Kevin Spacey might also work.)

    • Sam

      David said this about Emma recently

      “I’ve got a really great script for Emma Watson. I just have her voice in my head for this part, an amazing role and she’ll knock it out of the park.”

      Choice of words coincidental?

  • gsdfhf

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  • Michael

    Good. Hopefully it’ll keep him away from butchering Doctor Who like he did Potter. I also see the obsession with Emma ‘eyebrows’ Watson he shares with Steve Kloves hasn’t dissipated. They’ll be convincing her she can act if it keeps up….a terrible disservice to her and the film audience community.

    • Tarek


      He’s made me hate the Harry Potter franchise.

    • David

      What a idiot. Seems like you didn’t saw Emma’s acting in Deathly Hallows Part 1, she had her best acting in the saga. And Yates didn’t butchered anything. J.K. Rowling said that she was proud what he’s done, and he made the HP films much more realistic and darker. The acting, special effects, the emotion of the scenes, all have been improved thanks to him. He deserves appreciation, not the backlash of annoying purists.

      • Mine444


        He’s made me love the Harry Potter *film series*.

      • Sam

        Fortunately not all Harry Potter fans are whiners. Yates is the reason the last Harry Potter film was the best reviewed of the series and is being pushed for well due Oscar consideration.

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