DAYBREAKERS Trailer – Sci-fi Vampire Movie Stars Ethan Hawke and Sam Neill

     June 25, 2009

darbreakers_movie_image_ethan_hawke.jpgThe sci-fi vampire flick “Daybreakers” doesn’t open until January 8th, but blood-lust for vampire tales is at its meta-peak at the moment – a fact that has clearly not eluded the smart marketers at Lionsgate.  Yahoo! Movies just debuted the first trailer for “Daybreakers”, and what can I say?  It hits all the vampire highs – the blue tone of “Underworld”, the alternate-reality of “True Blood” and the lush, full-lips of Robert Pattin… wait, no.  I think that’s William Dafoe so, yeah… never mind.

“Daybreakers” stars Ethan Hawke as a brilliant vampire hematologist (blood expert) living (seems like the wrong word) in a society that is overwhelmingly vampire-based.  Naturally, the vamps have depleted their natural source of sustenance and are relying on Hawke to provide them with a synthetic blood substitute – or a cure for the undead-dying thing.  Sam Neill co-stars as a vampire leader who seems pretty unconcerned with preserving the precious natural resource of humanity.  See?  It’s really a play on the environment!  But I’m sure the producers don’t want that getting out… modern audiences prefer sparkly vamps over sanctimonious ones.

Catch the “Daybreakers” trailer after the jump…

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Daybreakers Teaser movie Poster.jpg

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