Rejoice! HBO Is in Preliminary Talks about a ‘Deadwood’ Movie

     August 13, 2015


My dear fellow fans of this cancelled-too-soon, Shakespeare-in-the-mud, 1870s South Dakotan-set HBO Western badass series from 2006, hark thine ears thusly! Garret Dillahunt, who played two characters on the series Deadwood, recently tweeted about rumors of the series returning with a movie. We’ve heard this before, right? Why believe it now? Dillahunt said:

But then, the call to action:

Now we’re talking. Or at least, HBO is. The premium network confirmed in a statement, “In reference to Garret Dillahunt’s tweet regarding the rumored Deadwood movie, there have only been very preliminary conversations.”

That’s enough hope to hang a hat on. Deadwood has long solidified itself in the canon of great television, but its story has always been unfinished, literally. David Milch’s series ran for three seasons, but the wheels started to come off a little bit in the third when Milch seemed to lose interest in the project, and the show ended abruptly (and with terrible bleakness, even for that show). Deadline mentions that though Milch was offered another short season to wrap things up, he declined, but kept the possibility open for a wrap-up film.


Image via HBO

Of course, how many times have fans heard that? “We’ll get a movie!” we say (Fannibals, you know my pain here), trying to keep the hope alive that we haven’t seen the last of our favorite shows. But it almost never happens. Still, as Dillahunt pointed out, it happened with Entourage on the big screen no less, a show that really didn’t need a follow-up. The problem is, Deadwood has never had wide appeal, although in the years since its 2006 cancellation, it may have picked up more of a fanbase through DVD and HBO Go.

So let’s look at this. Since the end of Justified, Deadwood star Timothy Olyphant could be available. Also, Ian McShane will be returning to the HBO fold after his turn in Showtime’s Ray Donovan, as part of next season’s Game of Thrones. Can someone please call Molly Parker, John Hawkes, Dayton Callie, Kim Dickens, Titus Welliver, Jim Beaver, W. Earl Brown, Brad Dourif, Paula Malcomson and everyone else? I don’t care who died in the original run, get everyone on the horn. Dillahunt played two characters, anything is possible. Gather your flock, HBO, and deliver us more Deadwood!

The takeaway from this whole story is not just about rumors, but about HBO admitting that there have been “preliminary conversations,” which at least means someone is talking about it. And now that Dillahunt tweeted about it (bless), it’s our job to hound HBO and try and get this made. I’m really over the whole reboot/remake/whatever trend right now, but this isn’t that — this is closure, and it is deserved. Too fuckin’ right!


Image via HBO