Exclusive: Producer Dean Devlin Talks INDEPENDENCE DAY Sequels, STARGATE Movie Sequels, GODZILLA and More at the Saturn Awards

     June 24, 2011

Dean Devlin Saturn Awards slice

Earlier tonight we got a chance to chat with producer Dean Devlin at the Saturn Awards where he was accepting the Dr. Donald A. Reed Founder’s Award.

Devlin and director Roland Emmerich have long discussed the possibility of a follow-up to Independence Day and tonight Devlin confirmed that there is a concept and at least a written treatment for not one but two sequels.  He also discussed a pair of sequels to Stargate as well as staying at The Shining mansion while filming season 4 of Leverage and his Godzilla remake from the 90′s.  Hit the jump for the video.

While specifics on the Independence Day sequel were scarce, Devlin was more forthcoming on the possible sequels to Stargate saying that the films would continue the story with the original film cast and focus on other places Stargates could go and other places Stargates might be on planet earth.

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  • Ryan D

    Stargate?! Wow that is a surprise one. I would be very happy with a sequel. Especially if they brought back Kurt Russell and James Spader.

    • RA

      AMEN to that!!! LOVE Stargate the movie! (tv series was pretty good too at times) but the film was fantastic, with a great score. Kurt was brilliant in it so yeah, hope he returns.

      Godzilla is also a guilty pleasure, great film, just not a great Godzilla. If the same film was called “THE BEAST FROM 20 000 FATHOMS”, it would have been a win! As thats essentially the film Godzilla became.

      ID4 2 and 3 could be great, though theres some horrid cheesy moments in the first one, with some ropey FX. But still, fun popcorn flick.

      Dean Devlin seems to be a nice guy, and humble too, great in my book.

  • BatNips

    sounds HORRIFIC.

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  • Jeff

    I really enjoyed the Stargate show. And it did cover where the other gates are and who made them. I would rather see a movie that uses those concepts(maybe like the star trek reboot) for continuity, and just uses a younger cast.

  • Kyle

    I really don’t think Stargate sequels are necessary. What more is there to tell that the 10 seasons of SG-1 wouldn’t have covered already? The SG franchise seems to be on hiatus for now with SGU’s cancellation; let’s let it sit for a while before starting it up again. It had a good run, and I don’t like rebooting things right after the previous run finished.

    • Alfredo De La Fe

      I remember a website some time ago by the original creator of Stargate. He was NOT pleased with the show or the direction it had taken. So a sequel will probably deviate considerably from the show.

    • hjr

      There’s a lot of Stargate Universe fans, but I honestly cannot stand it. The TV show destroyed any plausibility and/or any sense of “realism” that the film had in exchange for cheesy lines and a few rubber suits. The reason that the sequels never took off was because of legal rights.

      If you ever listen to the audio commentary of the Stargate film by Devlin and Emmerich, towards the end of the movie, they discuss that they had plans for sequels. Their reception of the TV show was quite obvious by the tone of their voices when discussing it. They certainly did not appreciate what had been done to their story.

      The sequels were suppose to explore other ancient mythologies and connect them all together. Questions like, ‘why the Myans and Egyptians both built pyramids,” was an example of ideas they’d explore. They wanted to go into Greek mythology and other notable mythologies to tie it all together with Ra’s universe.

      Finally, some justice will be done for the bastardization of this great original film.

  • Scared for Movies

    Wow. Whatever happened to originality. These guys don’t have a clue.

    • pnamajck

      SfM . . . you hit the nail on the head . . . those runts are, simply, feather-dusters.

      • Sean Kalel

        You idiots, these are the same guys who brought you the original movies in the first place. They don’t what they are doing? Its called business…

      • Scared for Movies

        Wow Sean. By your comments it sounds to me like your a troll who is going to enjoy watching Risk, Monopoly, Asteroids, and other such business decision movies. They made the originals…so f***king what. That gives you a right to leeching off old success. If you’ve go nothing new or original to present move aside for someone who does. Your exactly what the movie industry loves. An idiot.

    • Cartouche

      I am guessing you are not a fan of sequels then.

      You most certainly are not a fan of movies that arent indie flicks, especially with the landscape of Hollywood currently..

      Name and Brand recognition triumph all..

      I do disagree with the fact they are “unoriginal” because they are sequels..

      ID4 could have been made every year just like the SAW franchise but the movie has become a signifcant movie within pop culture and they chose not to mess with it. Hopefully with ideas of a worthy sequel..

      You can make several cases for new movies borrowing or directly ripping off their predecessors. Avatar is the name that directly comes to mind.

      It was original and visually striking but the story itself was not original by any stretch..

      Usually I would agree with you on the originality topic but being that he helped create these ideas I think we can give them a pass..

      However the finished product will let us know if it was just a cash grab or a legitimate shot at furthering the story and characters that have been created.

      • Scared for Movies

        Making sequels to movies that were made over 15 years ago reeks of desperation. Just my two cents. Granted the story to Avatar was generic but at least the 3D was amazing. And 90% of the time sequels are unoriginal and inferior to the sequel. I don’t mind sequels if there made within a relevant time frame. Spiderman 2, Batman 2, Xmen 2, and a few others but the sequels came out not long after so that made sense. Independence Day and Stargate do not need sequels this far after the fact. Everyone has their own opinion but the future of movies is getting worse and it’s a fact. Less people are going to movies but it doesn’t seem that way because of the inflation rate. People can defend the movies I attack and have every right to but I’m not going to sit back and say nothing when the movie industry is obviously struggling and thus trying to release sequels now that should have come out 15 years ago.

  • pnamajck

    i really bowed down to the original stargate movie . . . nothing compared to it.

  • Ian Z.

    Please, NO! Do not ruin stargate with your movies. Face it, the franchise moved on with out you. The show didn’t start til ’97, you decided to do the typical thriller that is Independence day. Leave Stargate alone!

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  • SeixoLady

    I loved the original Stargate. It was the mythology that did it. SG1 with its squirmy things and Gouald never did it for me. The return though to that mythology in Stargate Atlantis, linking our history to space, was a brilliant move.

    I can’t see how sequels would work. With the original cast? Isn’t Kurt Russell too old? And Stargate fans were led to believe that all three Stargate shows were cancelled due to flagging audiences? Who do they think are going to watch? Stargate fans? Hurt and reeling from the implication that their shows, their favourite characters weren’t any good and these sequels are going to be far better? Or movie goers, the general viewing public? Aware of 14 years of TV shows, who we are told, if that is to be believed, will be sick and tired of the sight of yet more Stargate?

    And as a Stargate fan I’m puzzled. MGM hasn’t enough funds for the proposed DVD Stargate movies and yet can find something in the kitty for this?

  • Louise

    Devlin is proposing to make this movie with MGM. Which lately pleaded poverty and didn’t go ahead with the promised Stargate movies as based on the TV shows.
    So I find this a surprising announcement.
    As a fan of the TV shows, in particular Stargate Atlantis, I would not be interested in a Stargate movie that takes off again from the point of the original movie.
    The three StargateTV series took the original story and ran far enough with it to create a new solid mythos. I sympathise with Devlin’s creative spirit, but he waited too long for a sequel. You can’t go back.
    But it would be terrific to see Devlin take over the Atlantis movie project.

  • Phil Beta

    May be he ran out of originality, or it hasn¿t served him very well. Stargate doesn’t need another movie since the series have already extended the concept. As a fan of Stargate, I oppose to the sequel idea.

    Independence Day is one of my favorite scifi films. But it’s best as it is. A standalone movie. Levave it at it.

  • Brett Bergen

    I am a huge fan of the Stargate Universe and if he does decide to make sequels to the original movie I really hope it doesn’t go against what the tv shows built over the years. I think they made the Stargate film so much better and yes there is still so much to talk about. All I can say is that I really hope it is done right.

  • Steven Bell

    I’m also a huge fan of Stargate Universe it was so was awesome…
    Nice to have more Stargate movies…

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  • Mac

    the problem with the Godzilla movie was that it was call godzilla instead it should have been Jurassic Park 4

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  • Bud

    I loved the Stargate film and all three of the TV shows and I don’t think more movies are necessary. There were some great show stories that could have been worthy films but the opportunity has been missed (I think the SG1 episode ‘lost City’ was a prime candidate). Think of the opportunity lost to ST:TNG when ‘Best Of Both Worlds’ was deemed to be the best movie never made !
    If they make sequels with the original movie cast or whatever pretty boys and girls are currently fashionable, loads of people will watch them and they will make more money…all of this is academic.

  • Morada

    I’d much rather have the third Stargate SG-1 movie than the sequels Devlin is talking about. I noticed as the Stargate TV Series aged it got more and more dark like Battlestar Galatica, which is the main reason I never watched the new BG even though I was a huge fan of the old one. When RDA bowed out of SG-1, I loved the way they inserted both Ben Browder and Claudia Black. It brought back the light-hearted moments that made the first four seasons of SG-1 the very best. The thought of exploring the other mythologies somewhat interests me, but I don’t know if I can go back to Kurt Russell and James Spader. The teams on SG-1 were too good. I watched SGA, but noticed it had the same “going dark” problem – not enough light moments and the dark ones were very dark and foreboding. By the time they got to SGU I couldn’t get through the first episode of it. They seem to have forgotten what made SG-1 so great and replaced SGU with some Battlestar Galactica imitation. People in today’s world want hope, not doom and gloom all the time. I might go to the movie theater to see a new Devlin SG movie, but more likely I’ll just stream it off Netflix. It will never be able to recapture the magic of the original, nor the great chemistry of the SG-1 TV series casts.

  • Rod

    Any new film should continue the ‘canon’ of the well established TV series. I really don’t see how they can revive the old film when so much has taken place in the series.

    Stargate has been the most successful Sci-Fi franchise since Star-Trek and It would be a crying shame if this exciting concept ceases to exist any longer.

    MGM knows there is a huge fan base. They also know where they went wrong with SGU. I think its about time they put things right and brought us a new the Stargate franchise that everyone is expecting and hoping for.

    Come on MGM, bring back Stargate!!!

  • Mark K

    I would very much like to see sequels to the original Stargate film. Being a huge fan of both the film and all the TV series, I would have no problem seperating the two different storylines. We’re talking about entertainment here, not true history. As far as the actors are concerned, I liked both Kurt Russell and Richard Dean Anderon as Jack O’Neil(l), for completely different reasons….Russell’s strict by-the-book military strength and angst over his son’s death, softened by the events on Abydos, and Anderson’s wise-cracking, pretend lack of intelligence every-man, thrust into extraordinary circumstances kind of guy. Here’s hoping Devlin gets the go ahead for his sequels, and the SG1 producers also get to continue their storyline featuing RDA. I, for one, will be able to enjoy both for what they are…..great sci-fi entertainment.

  • Melinda Calkin

    It’s been a few months since this was first posted. Which of these are official? What’s the projected release dates?

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  • Aceleron


    I’m still waiting for a Stargate sequel. Make it now!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good movie. I hope that sequel bring back Russel and Spader again.

    I can’t wait any more.


  • AuroraMarija

    Got to agree with what Mark K said up there. I am an obsessed fan of both the movie and the show(up until they got that annoying black haired bimbo in there- she’s so annoying I can’t even watch those episodes).

    The movie Stargate has been my favorite movie since it came out when I was 8, and I followed the show religiously.

    And yes we do have SG-1 as a continuation of Stargate…but as Mark said, it isn’t real history, so why can’t we separate SG-1 from any sequel to the movie? Kind of get the best of both worlds here. Since it isn’t real, there’s no problem having 2 diverging storylines. Those who love SG-1 and don’t want movie sequels can ignore any forthcoming sequels, those that love the movie only and have been waiting years to see it continued will finally have their storyline, and those like me and Mark K who love both will have both- one day I could have a movie marathon and immerse myself in the movie continuation, and the next(since this is a story, not real life), I can sit and watch SG-1. BOTH can be enjoyed.

    Some people(myself included) have been waiting years for a sequel to the movie. Let’s give it a chance.

    And as to those saying a movie would be darkerthan SG-1. Maybe it would, maybe it wouldn’t. I for one would like the sequels to be a little dark- because if I need something lighter, thankfully we have SG-1 for that. It’s not as though a sequel suddenly makes SG-1 and everything that made it great go away people. It just gives us 2 options for enjoying the Stargate universe as I explained above.

    I pray to God these movies get the greenlight. I’d do practically ANYTHING for the chance to finally see them.

    And the movies can work because supposedly the first sequel was supposed to be set around 12 years later.

  • Ezra

    LOL at the SG-1-only fanboys. “Stargate” is “2001″ compared to “Stargate SG-1″, which is little more than a “Star Trek” ripoff with a cheap budget and crappy villains that make stormtroopers look like skilled professionals.

    That being said, I think it’s too late for these sequels to work. How and who would you market it to? SG-1-only fanboys won’t see it, and the casual audience probably would be lost, so they’re out too. No, a safer bet would be to go the “Prometheus” route, and make the final two films more like spinoffs set in the same universe as the original film rather than making them be direct sequels. That, or reboot the franchise completely and start from scratch.

  • AJ

    I agree with the previous comment. It ought to be pretty easy, actually, to keep the continuity while still delivering a completely original story, new characters and all. The whole premise of the stargates allows for almost anything to happen, anywhere.

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  • Joseph Upton

    If they do Stargate again they must bring back Mili Avital (Sha’Uri).

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