Dennis Farina and John Ortiz Join Michael Mann and David Milch’s HBO Pilot, LUCK

     February 25, 2010


Michael Mann (Heat) and David Milch (Deadwood) have cast Dennis Farina and John Ortiz to star in their upcoming HBO pilot, Luck.  The project centers on the world of horse-racing and gambling and is set at a racetrack with the story told from multiple points of view.  Here’s how THR breaks down the premise and new casting:

It centers on Ace Bernstain, who, after three years in prison, teams with Gus Economou (Farina), his longtime chauffeur and muscle, to craft a complex plan involving the track. They recruit Turo Escalante (Ortiz), a successful trainer with sordid reputation.

Mann and Milch are a potent combo and Farina and Ortiz seem like perfect fits for this world. While the world of betting on horses isn’t one that currently fascinates me, Luck could very well have me craving for the episode rather than mocking the names of the horses.  [Thanks to THR for the image above as well]

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  • thebearpaw

    Milch is a genius, can't wait for this show!

  • Rorschach90

    Anything with Farina is a must-see

  • lulu

    Still no word who will play 'Ace'. I'm still hoping for Ian McShane.

  • lulu

    Still no word who will play 'Ace'. I'm still hoping for Ian McShane.

  • Dansmap

    While I was in San Diego for a conference last week me and my wife meet Dennis Farina in the hotel (Residence Inn across from the Broken Yolk) elevator and he was nice guy to talk with. He was staring at our pizza slices after we return from a late night of party hoping we would give him a slice which we did.