DEXTER Prop Auction Features over 400 Props from the Hit Showtime Series

     January 6, 2014


No matter how you feel about the controversial finale of Showtime’s Dexter, it remains one of the most popular shows in television history.  Now, you can get your hands on some actual props used on the set of the thrilling series in an upcoming auction.  Want to bring Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and Rita’s (Julie Benz) couch home with you?  Want a prop from Miami Metro, or Deb’s (Jennifer Carpenter) apartment?  Maybe you’d like to peruse a 49-page forensic report signed by Dexter himself?  Whatever you want, it’s probably up for auction.  The auction will be split into two days: January 11th and January 12th.  Hit the jump for more.

Head on over to the Dexter auction site to take a look at some of the props up for auction.   Here’s the full press release for the Dexter auction:

dexter-prop-auction-dexter-rita-pictureLOS ANGELES, Calif. – Set 2, with much more iconic props than the first set, of cable drama Dexter‘s prop auction is poised to be one of the largest TV prop auctions ever held.

Highlights include Dexter and Rita’s couch from season four, a complete 49-page forensic report with Dexter Morgan’s signature, photos and artwork from Dexter’s apartment and house (including photos of Dexter and Debra as kids!), Debra Morgan’s “Lieutenant Morgan” door plaque, and multiple Miami Metro signs including the ubiquitous parking lot sign. There are also assorted lots of items from main characters’ homes. Doomsday Killer artwork from season 6 is also featured in the auction. Prop knife sets are available as well. All were used in the production of Dexter… and that’s only the beginning! Almost every prop is a major prop from the series this time around.

dexter-prop-auction-knivesHundreds of incredible props will be auctioned off across two groups in the second set of the  “DexterSlice of Props Auction” ending January 11th-12th, 2014. 170 of these props are major props, now sorted for browsing ease.

Fans can immediately purchase original set-used photos from Zach’s studio in season 8 or Jordan Chase memorabilia from season 5. Books of crew photos with 20-30+ pages featuring never-before-seen photos will only ever be visible to the winning bidder!

The biggest Dexter fan will want a very special prop knife engraved with their name along with Dexter Morgan’s signature — only 1/1 will ever be made with the purchase of a $10,000 gift certificate. Gift certificates are also available in increments of $50 and up.

dexter-prop-auction-trinity-killer-pictureThe “Dexter Slice of Props Auction” follows fellow cable TV drama favorite Breaking Bad’s October prop auction, which generated over a million dollars in revenue — with less props than will be ultimately auctioned off in the Dexter auction.

- A portion of each sale will be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the world’s largest voluntary health agency dedicated to blood cancer. (Dexter star Michael C. Hall recovered from the cancer hodgkin’s lymphoma and is a major proponent of the LLS.)

- Props are from Showtime and related studios.


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  • BigJimSlade

    I’ll probably have to make do with my “Dexter kill shirts” I got from Amazon. Comfy shirts and in many fashionable colors.

  • LEM

    They should just dump it all in the ocean with debs body.

    • Leo Spaceman

      Come on, who wouldn’t want a stock family portrait of the Trinity killer hanging on their wall?

  • Leo Spaceman

    My question about the finale is what are Astor and Cody supposed to think of their step dad dying? First their dad, then their mom, then their Aunt, and finally their stepdad. Its not like their grandparents have a whole lot of time left either. Aren’t they going to be wondering about what happened to Harrison? Are they going to have to go on living the rest of their lives thinking their step father brought their half brother out into the storm to die along with him? Dexter really is the prime example of a show that stayed around for far too long.

    • LEM

      It’s not that it stayed too long but the people making it didn’t give a shit.

      • Leo Spaceman

        Good Point and I think they lost their Showrunner after either season 4 or 5 when he left to go do Homeland. As far as I’m concerned season 5 was their last good season, so I really think that he had a big part in its quality.

      • LEM

        You nailed it! I think the show runner and most of the original writers left after the fourth season.

  • Raptor Jesus

    They made an ending for an ‘alternate world’ version of Dexter, not the show we’ve been watching for eight seasons.

    It was a betrayal of the shows fans.

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  • Beth Adams

    Thanks for the information about the