Check Out a Great Behind-the-Scenes Featurette for DEXTER Season Six

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After taking this summer to catch up on all five seasons of Showtime’s fantastically bloody serial killer drama Dexter, my excitement for the premiere of the sixth season on October 2nd simply cannot be contained. Therefore, I’m very pleased to direct your attention to this great new behind-the-scenes featurette which delves into some of the bigger plot points that will dominate this season. From Dexter’s newfound interest in religion, to a quick sneak peek of Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks as a couple of creepy new characters, this is a great, informative tease for the sixth season which can’t get here soon enough. Check out the new featurette after the jump.

Here’s the featurette:

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FB Comments

  • James

    So ree-dick-you-lous-lee excited for season 6.

  • LEM

    I hope this season has way less Batista/laguerta BS and more like Dexter season 1 and 2.

  • Jazzy Jace

    I just want this season to be an immense improvement over season 5 – no more Julia Stiles and that fuckin’ Lumen (biggest waste of time and why they killed off Robocop so quickly was beyond me). Oh, and let’s hope Quinn has been eating some big Macs on his break and seen a better hair stylist.

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