New DEXTER Promo is Erotic and a Little Awkward

     July 9, 2012


Though it feels like something that could easily be straight out of American Horror Story, a new promo for the seventh season of Dexter goes under the sheets, teasing the end of the sixth season in which (spoiler alert), our favorite serial killer’s sister sees him ready to take the life of the Doomsday Killer. Though there’s no new footage (unlike the flash of a ton of scenes in the last quick promo), this is quite an erotic and peculiar thriller. Not only does it hint at the struggle Dexter will have with Deb learning of his dark passenger, but it also gives a bit of a strange feeling because of the incestuous plot that also blossomed last season before that finale twist.

You can watch the new promo after the jump, and stay tuned for our coverage of the Dexter panel at Comic-Con later this week.


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  • Ben

    no no no no no no no no no no no. Please drop the incest plot. It’s WAAAY out of character.

    • dogg

      Yep, it’s a totally ham handed plot development. Deb’s character would NEVER jeopardize that sibling relationship which has been repeatedly portrayed as the most important constant in her life. Not to mention she would be the very first person to be grossed out by the incest factor. I hope they’ve got something else up their sleeve.

  • Ed

    this is a rare instance where “it was all a dream” cop out would be totally fine with me. how embarrassing for a once beloved series to fall so deep.

  • patl

    I dont think the incstepst (step/incest) plot will continue, my fingers are crossed. I was disappointed when i heard the main plot of the new season wil be Dexter vs. the mob, i miss the Dexter that hunted down wrongfully released murderers. Anyway, i’ll keep watching.

  • Matt

    Yeah I was NEVER on board with the incest plot, it creeps me out and just leaves a BAD taste…in fact the entire last season left a bad taste, except for Mos Def’s awesome character in Brother Sam, who got killed off so prematurely and arbitrarily. I’m really hoping this show gets good again before they end it…

  • LEM

    They’re not even related and Debra doesn’t even know who Dexter really is. I’m glad this show is ending after the next two seasons because it just keeps getting worse with every season yet I still hae to keep watching because of Michael C. Halls great portrayal as Dexter.

  • tarek

    Yeah…They are taking it the “House” way. when they run out of ideas, they use this voyeuristic dirty tricks.

    it began with this shitty shrink at the end of the last season.
    If you listen to a shrink he will convince you that even the innocent kiss that you give to your beloved daughter is subconsciously motivated by a sexual desire.

    I hate shrinks. they are all sexual perverts. Beginning with Freud and Jung.

  • Sugreev2001

    This show has really gone downhill from season to season.The incest plot is just grasping at straws.Aside from being disgusting,Debra has never shown the least bit of sexual interest in her step brother from the beginning.

  • Ryan George

    You guys oughta look up the definition of incest.

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  • Proud scientologist

    get er done dexter !